me babyfada and me have 2 kids and we live inna orangefield district, and this married woman come tek me man and she have har husband live wid har……..d woman stop mek me baby fada stop give me pickney them food money………..the reason why me tell you fi post this is because this woman is getting out of hand she all a cuss me and a diss me up…….me just hope har husband all see this……

just share plz n thnx

me man name morris

6 thoughts on “MAN TEEF

  1. You know I like dis mixup. Suh a dis church lady wid har requisite Pentecostal hat teef di man? :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Wen church ppl ketch pon di wall you know di coming is near. Church ppl need fi roll een pon dah one yah. Holy ghost fire fi all man teef :ngakak :ngakak

  2. Do woman nuh teif u man if u an u man live together an as u seh di man stop giving the kids things a him a di rass problem him a dutty man. Gwaan go sort out u dawg problem an leave Ms. Lady alone.p.s maybe u need fi buy a leash fi him.

  3. Sender, it sounds like yu soon die from having yu blood pressure hit de roof because of 1 cock. Then after yu burial, the appropriate wording to put on your headstone should be: STUPIDITY AT ITS BEST.

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