Me seh met da gal yah a tek Har fren dem man n then she a gwaan like a goody two shoe…. she name aliyah aka scrumbie.. she a 18 a go 19 and she f**k roun 50 man weh live Ina the area. … she deh wid a likkle artist Ina the group name CPR and she a f***k one gun man name (Edited)… she cum frm gordon pen Spanish twn…


3 thoughts on “MAN TEEF ?

  1. Senda it look like dis young girl underneath a gi u heartburn, mardigripe and fluxy complain or nah? U a har underneath watchman? si yah…kmt

  2. F@#K dey gal yah bout 2 months ago……and her p&$$y good, veery good and you say she f**k 50 man…you and her in competition? give mi your number so i can compare which pu$$Y better

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