A you fi shut up, you ugly like, man tells RM Pusey
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with Tanesha Mundle

A man who had been stalking and blackmailing a woman with nude pictures for the past 10 years, despite going to prison, told off the magistrate after she remanded him in custody when he appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court recently.

“Ga lang whey you ago, yuh ugly like,” 48-year-old Dale Stavrose said during his outburst in the court after Senior Magistrate Judith Pusey told him to stop his noise.

“Nuh tell me fi stop me noise. A you fi shut up!” he continued.

“You know how much money me give har?” the accused man shouted out. “Me buy har a dozen draws!”

“Is me giving har money,” Stavrose said as he was hastily removed from the court.

The accused man, who hails from Munroe Road in St Andrew, was earlier remanded in custody by Pusey after he pleaded not guilty to extortion.

The court was told that he was trying to extort money from the complainant by threatening to publicise her nude photos which he got hold of years ago when she was an aspiring model.

Interestingly, Stavrose had just finished serving a nine-month sentence for throwing raw sewage on the complainant, in relation to his obsession with her.

He denied the latest allegations, claiming that he has been giving the complainant money and that they had rekindled their

“love affair”.

“You know say I have my work and this lady send three police to beat me up,” he said.

The magistrate then asked the complainant if she was involved with him and she denied the relationship.

“You and I know each other very well by now, Pusey said, while telling him not to bother to work his brains on her.

“Suh you don’t want to hear what I have to say?” he complained, and was told to speak his mind.

“This lady send me go prison for nothing at all and I came back with a vengeance in my heart,” he said. “But she started calling me and talking to me and start back making love to me so I forgive her.”

The complainant then told the court that Stavrose has been making her life a living hell.

“He calls my workplace 20 times a day, he talks to my boss, he follows me everywhere, every bus stop I change he is there,” she said.

The complainant said that he keeps demanding money from her and has threatened to disfigure her with acid.

“You don’t learn anything during you time in prison?” Pusey asked.

Stavrose however insisted that he has been giving the complainant money. But the magistrate told him not to waste his time and try and disgrace the young woman.

“I have been giving her my money,” he insisted.

“You too untruth. You must stop it, “Pusey told him before remanding him in custody until May 2.

Stavrose and the complainant, who was then a 19-year-old aspiring model, met each other in 2004 while she was working at a store in a plaza in Half-Way-Tree, St Andrew.

He then promised the complainant that he could get her involved in modelling, and as a result she allowed him to take several photographs of her, including nude shots.

Subsequently, Stavrose began asking the young women for sexual favours which she refused, the court heard. It was disclosed that he then enlarged her nude photos and started distributing them in the plaza where she worked and even left one on the doorstep of

her home.

The young woman was forced to leave her job and some time after found another, also in Half-Way-Tree. But she again encountered Stavrose, who resumed stalking her and harassing her for money, lunches and sex, the court heard.

Stavrose also threatened to start distributing her photos if she did not comply with his requests, but she declined.

In March of 2011, the complainant was on her way to work when Stavrose accosted her at the entrance to her workplace and demanded that she give him her BlackBerry cellular phone as payments for the gifts that he had given her. When she refused, he doused her with a container of raw sewage but was held by men on the complex and beaten.

The complainant reported the matter and he was charged with assault at common law and assault occasioning bodily harm, which he admitted to and was sentenced to nine months in prison.

However, it is reported that since January of this year Stavrose again began stalking and harassing the complainant, demanding that she compensate him for injuries sustained by him during the mob beating, or have sex with him or have a child for him.

It was reported that he demanded $8,900 and threatened to publicise her nude photos if she did not pay him or have sex with him.

Following that, it was reported that he told the complainant that he wanted $19,000 for his injuries instead, and promised to throw acid on her and “turn her into a monkey” if she did not comply.

She reported the matter, and Stavrose was held at his home during a sting operation while collecting the money from the complainant.

Nude pictures of the complainant were reportedly found in Stavrose’s possession and he was charged with extortion.

Wifey and matey clash

A woman who attacked her lover’s wife and caused her baby to fall and hurt himself, broke down in court when she appeared for sentencing.

Ashima Rankin was taken into custody after she pleaded guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm and unlawful wounding.

But the tearful young woman told RM Pusey that she did not want to go back to prison, when she was asked if she had anything to say before the sentencing.

Rankin, who had only spent a night in jail, told the magistrate that the experience there was terrible.

The magistrate, before ordering her to pay $10,000 or serve six months for the assault occasioning bodily harm offence, and $15, 000 or six months for the other charge, told her that no one wanted to go to prison.

According to Rankin in her defence, she attacked the woman after she spat on her foot.

The young woman told the court that the complainant has been constantly provoking her because of the relationship that she had with her husband.

“She is married, she had an affair, had a baby outside of her marriage and I moved to Jack’s Hill and had a relationship with her husband,” she said.

“She was put out of her house but he took her back,” Rankin added.

However, Rankin said that when the complainant came back and saw her, she began to “throw words” at her and to spit whenever she saw her, which caused more than one confrontation between them.

She said that the complainant first confronted her after she (the accused) kissed the complainant’s husband on his birthday and extended best wishes to him.

However, she said that the complainant saw her in February and started to “hawk and spit” and it caught her.

“I went for a machete, confronted her, we fought and I got a cut and she got two cut,” Rankin said.

Neighbour caught with stepdad

A young woman who was reportedly involved in a cross fight with her neighbour, claimed that she was targeted by her neighbour because she caught her with her step-father.

The woman, Jodian Granville, is charged for unlawful wounding, while her neighbour, Tracey Stewart, is charged with assault occasioning bodily harm.

“What is the problem between you two?” Pusey asked.

“I catch her with my stepfather and after that she a tell me say me deserved fi get a beating,” Granville said.

“Then you did affi come tell the whole court that you catch har?” Pusey enquired.

However, Granville said that she was going into her yard when she saw the accused, who started to say that she deserved to get a beating. She said that she went inside her house and came back when she saw Stewart pointing at her.

“I was on the phone and I said, ‘hold on Tracey me nu have nuh time fi you is a money me look inna de Friday yah’,” she said.

Granville said that Stewart then attacked her with a “rusty piece of steel” and hit her with it and they began fighting.

“Tell the judge what you catch me a do,” Stewart then demanded.

However, Granville did not answer, and their matter was subsequently rescheduled for mention on May 14.

Bail was extended for both.

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