The police say an investigation has been launched into an incident purportedly involving a child in Portmore, St. Catherine.

In a voice note, which has been circulating via whatsapp, a girl who gives her age as 12 years old, explains that she was followed by a man driving a truck as she made her way home from school.

In the detailed account of what occurred, the child gives a description of the man, and the licence plate of the vehicle.

She said she first observed the truck as she stood at a bus stop.

At that time, the child said the man beckoned to her while speaking on a cellphone.

She saw the truck again after she alighted a taxi and was walking in her community.

This time the man struck up a conversation, indicating that he liked her and then suggested that the two of them should “get together”.

The child said the man then drove off.

In a release on Thursday, the Jamaica Constabulary Force Corporate Communication Unit said progress has already been made in the investigation.

5 thoughts on “MAN TRIES TO ABDUCT 12YO

  1. A lot of the men in this country are perverts. My 12 year old that has a very small frame and hardly any breast showing, can’t walk in the town of Mobay in peace. She was stalked on more than one occasion. It’s sickening

  2. Smart child @12 years old, head no giddy, and man was certainly not on this child’s mind. Unlike some of these young girls in Jamaica these days. God go with her always,keep smart young lady. I hope they catch this bastard as well 12 yrs old, he may even have a child this age, or even a sister.

  3. I have a 12 year old and can arrest to the fact that a lot of perverted men seek out little girls, I had to curse out a guy at a gas station recently who kept walking her down even though she ignored his calls to stop and talk to him, he had no idea I was watching her from a distance and had the nerve to say she’s a big girl. We have to watch our children like hawks because the perverts are preying on them.

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