FOR approximately seven years the body of a Jamaican who is believed to have served as a pilot in the British Navy has been locked away in storage at a funeral parlour in downtown Kingston.
Doubt still surrounds when the man will finally be laid to rest, and speculation is that a legal procedure will have to be used to settle the issue.
The director of the funeral parlour holding the body, Michael Jones, claimed that he is planning to take legal action against the dead man’s family to recover millions of dollars he said are owed to him for storage of the body.
Jones claimed that for the past seven years he has been left waiting on family members to bring the necessary documents and payments to allow him to proceed with the burial, but they have failed to complete the transaction.
“The man died in 2007 and we made contact with family members,” Jones told the Jamaica Observer, adding that after a series of discussions, burial preparations began.
“The preparations were placed on hold as we had to wait on the burial order and other documents to allow for us to proceed,” Jones told the Sunday Observer.
He said that, despite the discussions, the family members failed to complete their end of the procedure.
Jones claimed that, at the time, family members requested that the man be buried and promised that payments would be made at a later date. But he said he refused to do that.
Jones said that, in the past, he had encountered cases where people were unable to pay for funeral expenses and he offered to cover the costs.
He said if that was the case in this instance he would have had no problem taking that route.
However, he said he was told that the man died leaving millions of dollars in both cash and assets to family members, to which they have access.
“Information we received is that the man passed away leaving more than $40 million and at least two properties valued at close to $15 million, and left instructions that funds should be used from his assets to cover his funeral expenses,” the funeral director said.
The Sunday Observer obtained a copy of the will left by the deceased man. It showed that responsibility was left to a nephew to complete the task of covering certain debts and funeral expenses.
“I appoint Winston Alberga Carby, driver of 10 Barton Aerie, Stony Hill, Kingston 9 in the parish of Saint Andrew ….to be the executor and trustee of this my will,” the document read. “I direct my executors to pay my just debts, funeral and testamentary expenses.”
The will also stated that the man left behind two properties to his nephew, advising him to sell at least one of them “and from the proceeds of sale to satisfy all of my debts and liabilities whatsoever and wheresoever”.
The funeral director said he was concerned.
“This development has left us concerned that the deceased is being treated in such a manner,” he said, adding that this is the first such case he has encountered since he has been running his business for more than 20 years.
The son of the man who was left with the responsibility to bury the deceased confirmed the report.
“The funds were left, but what has happened is that all the funds got messed up,” he told the Sunday Observer. “The attorney who was appointed to deal with the case take all the funds and gone.
“This has placed the family in a spot. My uncle died leaving two houses and instructions to sell one of the properties and deal with the expenses. But one of the houses, my father and the family are living in; the other house is in the country and we are having difficulty selling that one as another uncle is living in it and claiming that my uncle died leaving him that house,” said the son.
“To see mi uncle who used to have him money have to face this after him dead is just sad,” said the son.


  1. Seven years passed and him still nuh bury yet? This story should be logged into the category “Unexplained Mysteries”

  2. Pleasant good afternoon met they all were just selfish & bitter after the man die & only was thinking of there own interest rather than the man very sad .smh

  3. This is the LACK OF HUMANITY I continue to talk about.
    WICKED WICKED FAMILY OF PEOPLE! No no amount of money can BUY me out.
    How can we forget to LOVE and treat someone who was so good to them I am sure. To abandoned a love one in cold, lonely storage ?
    Not even asking the Jamaican government for help, even though u wicked f**kas HAVE d money to bury him?
    Material things worth more than substance and anything else to a lot of people.
    I wish they die and suffer the same faith in a cold fridge.

  4. Den even if all dem stated is true, nobody in di family nuh hab di means to even have di man cremated and give him last rites? Dis a di height a slackness, suh even when u dead wid means, and lay everything in awda u can still end up like dis? Di whole fambly a dem is a set a wuckliss fckas man. Some a dese useless ppl tink fi dem money too good fi spend pon smaddy else. Bet if smaddy did tell dem fi come up wid 100K fi buy a visa dem would quickly find di money. Betta di man di open one a dem funeral insurance policy tings dan fi depend pon dese wucklis bitches fi see him end through.

    1. Nothing but the family stole the money after he died and decided not to bury him because he had nobody else. Wicked pan tap a evil

      1. I fully believe it too, but mi decide fi gi dem di benefit a di doubt in mi earlier comment. Fire and brimstone fi rail dung pon dem man. Dats why God a God and man a man enuh, cause if mi had di power wah mi woulda do di dese lowlife piece a scum wah treat dem own like dis. U can bet seh when di man was alive every call weh money needed a him dem run to, and him dead fi seven rass long years and nobody fi seh meck mi teck him body and put it away in peace and seh two reflective words ova him and geem a headstone suh him existence always remembered. Yet, dem nyam full dem gut awfa him layba and siddung a blame lawya.
        Dutty wuckliss son/nephew what eva u rass be, guh teck di man body awfa ice and lay him to rest. u mout shoulda lack shut bout lawya, nasty lacking in decency ppl guh put di man to rest. Unno hab him in deh a wait fi gov’t geem pauper’s burial when di man wuck all him years mine unno and set unno up in life. Di same wah unno do to dis man fi visit unno 12-fold eena fi unno end..sick tumuck bitches!

        1. The lawyer and family ina it 100% because there is no way dem shoulda get dem hands pan any money till after the man bury and is a hurry come up plan because if dem did lef him ina di government morgue di govt wudda bury him so dem mek di plan after dem move di body..wicked evilous people dem

          1. Good night Met. The funeral parlor owner, should have reported the abandonment of the body to the police, so that the government would have intervened earlier on behalf of the decease and his estate.
            I want to hear say the wretch dem a suffa and the house dem bun dung. Good a dem kill off the man to!

  5. Bwoy when mi si dis mi did a tink seh a something did wrong wid di body why it nevah bury yet, but den mi haffi tek a double take when mi realize seh a di man family refuse fi pay fi him funeral wah him left money fah. Wat a sad piece a story..7 years is a long time fi a man wah dead can’t rest in peace , and is not like seh him dead bruk. Bwoy some families wuss dan u enemy to boxcova..7 yeaaaaars

  6. There’s a scripture in the bible that says that the dead should bury the dead. The man left funds for his own burial so his disgusting family simply need to do their duty. I think all of them are a disgrace. He didn’t ask you to put your hands in your pocket and do anything for him, have some decency and bury him then pack up your belongings and leave his properties. If you can’t even let the man pay for his own funeral then get to hell out of his houses. Also directly to his nephews that treated him like this, well I hope that your children are watching and they’ve learned how to treat you when your time comes. What goes around, comes around.

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