WHEN residents of Washington Mews in Newlands, Portmore saw a mongrel dog dragging a bag with an object in it they grew curious and investigated. To their shock and horror the bag contained the head of 36-year-old Dane Cross, also called ‘Vigilante’ or ‘Vigo’.

Cross was one of two men killed in the community. His friend, 26-year-old cabinet maker Franklyn Robinson, also called ‘Married Man’, was identified as the other victim. Robinson, the police said, was employed to Courts Jamaica Ltd.

The remainder of Cross’ body was not found up to last night, despite of the best efforts of the police yesterday. Robinson’s body was found in the community, but with his head intact.

According to the police, residents reported hearing loud explosions about 10:45 on Monday night. Police believe the two were the victims of those gunshots as the head and body were found about 7:00 yesterday morning.

Yesterday, the police went into the community and took several persons in for questioning in connection with the murders.

At the same time, the St Catherine South Police have named Andre Love, popularly known as ‘Duggo’, as a person of interest in the macabre murder of both men. A police source said Love has been linked to more than a dozen murders in the division.
“This is not the first time beheadings have taken place in the Newlands area,” one policeman said. Sections of Newlands reportedly has links with the feared Klansman gang, known for the beheading of its victims.

Residents of Newlands — a depressed community with unpaved lanes snaking off both sides of the main road which leads to Braeton and has had its fair share of violence — were yesterday tight-lipped and preferred to speak about the lack of street lights rather than the latest round of violence to beset their community.

They claimed not to know the identities of the murdered men.

“Them must be cousin but we don’t know them name,” said one woman who was brave enough to answer queries from the Jamaica Observer.

As an Observer vehicle negotiated the narrow dirt lane in the area known as Washington Mews, residents could be seen peering nervously from behind fences and none seemed willing to even engage in casual conversation.

People’s National Party councillor for the Southborough Division, Ainsley Parkins was clearly upset at the latest round of violence to occur in the area.

“Those two men were angels compared to the man who is suspected of doing this. He killed ‘married Man’ step father about a year ago. It is not good for the community,” Parkins said.

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      1. I’m sure it is much more than that. They only know about 12. These guys love to make “duppies”. His days are numbered and it is just a matter of time before the police corner him and extinguish his light.

  1. Maybe him hard fi Kerch and have BIGGA guns….look PON the old murders back in 2005, weh live in a the bush. This sad tho. 12 ppl

  2. Morning Met and Crew,

    Is how him sleep at nights? How he lives in peace? how him walk street? how him stay in the same community and face the family of the victims? no mannnnnnnnnn!!!!! One smaddie can so cold hearted and wicked!!! Good God, he is a terrorist and a threat to the Jamaican people, the army should extinguish his ass. Real talk!!

  3. De Police dem fe deal wid him case as soon as possible. One man can instill fear inna so much people??

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