5 thoughts on “MARCEL WET DEM AGEN OH

  1. This gal walk and f**k every man and she live wid har baby fadda Jason wah use to par a seymour.. She just wah see u wid a luxury car she run in… Shakki is a nobody if di baby fadda put har out a him house now she homeless.. SHe was f**king figgamastermind (ig name) also.. dis gal want a hype so badly.. face though like yam.. Anybody knows Jason Hall notify him please lmaooo… F**ky f**ky and nuh have shit poor thing… She have 3 pitney and live a long island weh she get time fi reach a wet wet yard a bronx lmaoooo.. di big hood trick har another victim GET USED

  2. Big waste gal Shakkii.. Har life sad yes.. Yes a she post di picture a marcel through him nuh wah have nothing fi do wid har everyday she stalk him page… when cocky good gal do the things dem lmaooooo.. Shakki di cocky bring u go a mad house.. But met how she tek dem big hood deh and go home to har babyfada.. har pussy mussi big di man nah notice lmaoooo

  3. Him luv too much likes him and him mother friend the gal dem fi things I wonder of him get tested cause one man a f**k so much gal no sah

  4. The f**k sweeter when u ah thief it.. soo what ah nuh gal ah f**k next people man & nuff man Ah f**k next people woman Nothing new…

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