A married couple who recently consulted a fertility clinic after failing to conceive got the biggest surprise of their life. The Jackson Mississippi doctor who the couple went to for IVF treatment was shocked at the similarities in their DNA after doing routine test to see the relationship between the two samples.
A lab assistant was said to have been the one to summon the doctor about the eerie similarities in their DNA and after further testing it was discovered that the couple were indeed fraternal twins.

The pair were born in 1984 were both adopted by separate families after their parents had both died in a car crash. Close relatives were unwilling to adopt them and had signed them over to the state. The couple met in college and told the doctor that people often commented on the similarities in their looks but had no idea that they were brother and sister.

Marriage between siblings carries a maximum penalty of ten years in the state of Mississippi.


  1. What a sad situation,lost parents,family members don’t want them,came together only to find out they been committing incent. The horror.

  2. The hospitals and birth registrar here in the U.S do not state on birth certificate “first born” or “second born” of twins (at least the one where I had mine). Secondly, the adoption agency should have placed them together. Thirdly, the couple upon hearing that they resembled each other should hsbe took a DNA test.

    This is a big preckeh

  3. Boy how dem supposed to feel? No amount of water could wash that nasty feeling off me. Good thing a child wasn’t involved because it look like they couldn’t get pregnant the natural way but it didn’t work (God works?). This is why genetic testing between couples is necessary.

  4. They were both born in the same year; both of their parents died in a car crash; they went to college where they met and were told they look alike and these weren’t red flags enough ??

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