Hi met, this is mad ooman Monica wey dey pan fb wid er madness bout ppl husband, now it really get to mi how dis mate yah mad and brite, and er fb fren dem wey look like dem nuh know di story need fi know, now dis man rite here wey Monica a put up bout er man is a married man wey him and him wife joy dey fi 18yrs, but di ppl dem had some problem like everybody do and was apart for a while but are living back together again, but it look like while mr.
Poser was apart from his wife he needed some free ass as wah man do and give miss Monica some time and now him gone back home Monica think shi can put out poser out there bout er man cause it a mad er, now Monica how does poser became ur man?

U nuh see sey u is a patient wey need fi check inn, di ppl dem married and live a house, how u feel fi a call him mi man, u is one stupid grand mother wey need fi hold a seat, Monica poser coulda walk from now till a morning and f**k him not leaving joy him jus a do wah him think him can do and get away wid it, but it jus puzzle mi how u became him ooman smfh!!!


I want all di 200 fren dem wey u have pan ur page a hype u up and a talk bout ring fi know sey this man who u a call ur man is a married man wey live a house wid him good good wife and children, and is bere lie u a tell bout poser tell u fi put up pics and shut dem up cause wi done know a u jus want put it out cause ur free papers bun and poser cyan control u as a mate, Monica fi a big Ole ooman is why u fool fool suh???? Is why u cyan find a man????

Why u settling for 2nd, 3rd or 4th best and proud a it, u really mad enuh Monica u really mad!!! Poser fi a rass big man a time now u behave ur self and go sit down wid ur diabetes belly and stop mek ppl have tins ova joy, all if a mi mi f**k u up long time, joy my advice is nuh mek nuh gal mek u leave ur man, jus go rest, try and get ova dis and wappy back pan dem cause Monica a gi u a run fi ur money, but jus gwan hold tight wi know a u a di wife fi life!!! Mad ooman Monica u need some rest to, every pan wey knock u dey wid ur Ole self, u must lonely when u go home after party wid out poser.


  1. Good Morning Met, Metters, Peepers nd Others. …..

    Well she duh a 1/3 out a de 18 weh him duh wid Joy suh she av common law mate rights it seems :ngakak :ngakak

    Ms. Joy anuh she a de prob yuh nuh mi lub any tawk she a tawk up a bcuz a weh UNNO man allow her to sum chuet mus deh deh why she a gwaan suh hard.

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  2. Time now unu Lowe di mate them. Does that man look like somebody weh respect him wife. Feb 28 no few days ago and the pic proves they were out all a busses kiss. Time now some a unu wife go sit dung cause marriage and baby mean a thing now a days.

  3. Poser nuh have nuh respect wid
    Him shit belly
    Him need ah wash out
    Joy really lol cause poser
    To damm disrespectfull
    All de gal weh him did breed
    While married
    An make de gal know weh dem live
    An come ah joy house ah dat time
    Mi woulda done
    Stay gud up joy
    But poser fe gweh

  4. But it still remain that the man is not er man and him live a house wid him ooman and they are together, suh why call him ur man?? Poser nah lef joy fi nuhtin suh all unnu a talk it nah happen, only a fool would call a man who live a house wid him wife and family would call him ur man, Monica jus a get played like di rest, cause she had the chance to tek him and she didn’t he still went home back to joy, suh Monica if u a tek di man tek him but why putting him up on fb and a call him ur man now afta 6 yrs as shi sey now afta him gone home, mad shi a maaaaaaddddd!!!!!!

    1. Only a fool would knowingly stay with a man that’s been up and down styling and profiling with other women…. 18yrs

      You women always want to say “Di man naw left me… ” of course he won’t leave a damn fool!!! This “Poser” species has no respect for anyone… his chirldren, “wife” in-laws etc. He’s a selfish man that will do whatsoever “Joy” ALLOWS him to do….

      1. This is what you call intelligence. These females are some shameful set a creatures. With Low self esteem, who naaah fight over worthless men are no difference from the ones who take their hard working money and a mine these fools. I told my husband it seems like I fell asleep and woke up in the 21st century cause from I was birth I never see so much woman a pick up careless man and a spend them money on these so call kings. SHAME.

  5. But Ms. Joy nuh look bad…now that husband of hers need a full body makeover.

    All di while mi see di girl inna pics and while mi might a have some thoughts about her questionable outfits she neva seem like di mixup type…smdh…but di girl say a 6 years dem together…sender u sure him live wid di wife.

  6. He looks happier with the mate and him look like him really love of the so called mate, it’s about time these so called wives learn fi have respect for themselves because how is it your arguing over a man that you supposedly live with but yet him out regular with a next women in public to the point that he is comfortable to kiss her in public…wife needs to move on with her life and find a man that will love and respect her coz this don’t look rite.

  7. I dont know which one is bad, Two old people a fight over old man or Two old people a fight over dead hood old man.

  8. That man dark eyes looks like he’s going into Kidney failure ‘ both u ladies soon have a dead man cause his diabetes seem to be very bad . Serous note look how them circle dey dark & spreading around them eyes to his ears ‘ that man have some health problems.

  9. A man gets away with what a woman allows. Joy girl dig up you self esteem pack you husband poser bungle, and send him back home to him woman Monica. This is no passing affair 5 yrs a relationship. Wives should be respected. Pickney outta road till all baby Madda knock you matrimonial door, no sah dat pass disrespect. It is far better to be single than live with disrespect and misery.

  10. monica how you with the man for 6 years now , and 2 years ago you did a buy out Blacks in a palm beach dick,

  11. Is it just me or did any a u see the ring pon dis man finger ,some of u so call wife need to stop tek back these shit house of a husband dem out a road a f*k he,she and the old lady RAW bare back at the all a eat out dem pum pum and a come kiss put pon u “wife” is a thing when u don’t know ur husband a sex out a road a shame on him but when u do know and still have him in a u house worse if a u a pay all the bills it now makes u stupid and shame on u ,by the way “wife” what u holding on to ,fi help him pay child support for him outside kid/kids KMFT

  12. Too much low self-esteem-buddy-sharing ooman ah plague di land :sorry Nuff respect tuh all di ooman dem weh nuh sample buddy weh still ah dip up enna ah skank Wishing Well..:travel

  13. This should give all the matey dem hope. Continue to f**k people man and sleep alone one day you get to keep him all to yourself cuz nobody else want him but you

  14. some gal just cah never find a man fi dem self. Always a tek smaddy man. a suh unnu dick hungry cahz das all unnu a get so-so dick.

  15. joy a big woman.. and di raas woman nuh carry harself in no respectable ways… di woman a bout 60 and when she deh a dance you fi see har up inna video light … a some woman like unuh mek unuh man stray…. bout 18 years together and for the 18 years him a f**k pon she.. a shame she nuh have… all have pikney pon u.. everytime di man dem disrespect unuh .. unu tek dem back and talk bout he aint going no where… when unuh ketch some disease under unu raas dats not gonna go no where either… joy you and you friend must go retire cause i know its you and lady june come put up status.. a same so she did think purge wasn’t going no where .. please come tell me … met and di rest a pink wall weh him deh…. unuh need fi tek care of unu self and body…. and guess what to the other females if he do it to the wife/person he is living with then what makes you think he aint gonna do it to you … men are like wild beast.. they are hard to tame.. and you can’t change a man unless he wants to be change or when he is ready to .. come to the realization or when something hit him like some aids…. real talk.. check the stats in florida for the amount of people who have aids.. people are malicious now a days because as soon as they find out they have it.. they gonna give it to like 5 plus people.. you all need to chill .. make money and live life until father go ready fi unu

  16. Well said sparkle dem a beat dem chest bout wife wife bull shit and a put up Wid the nasty dog a mean husband dem f**kery,dem gone pon road almost every night and a reach back in all hours a day when Sun “tired”(in a mi wally British voice)cause it out so long a night a come down,butlike dem always say him muss come back home right “wifey”SMH

  17. It’s a damn shame that this man is married supposedly live back home with the wife and kiss but at the same damn time he cheating with this other women and pictures say a thosand words she’s not lying him and har have something going… if I was the wife I would leave his dumb ass because that’s too much embrassment she’s getting from his bullshit..

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