People help mi sen a message to breanna chue… this girl a tek a f**k r two outa mi man n she start hype n pass har place, girl stop it ok… because he’s only around u for the cocky sucking n batty lick out.. this gal who had been a selling her p**y Fi years now, longtime escort n still caah find a man Fi her self… Corey nuh want yu suh build ok b**tch…

10 thoughts on “MATE KNOW YOUR PLACE

  1. Wooiii Simone, ah weak, I love this comment here ?
    Yuh man doh name Corey though ?
    – smile –
    Morning Love.

    1. No sah, never been with a Corey. I just wanted to know who the sender talking since they didn’t send in a pic with Corey :hope

  2. Does that mean ur a second hand batty sucker? Why r u mad at the chick when ur man is a dog and if it wasn’t her it would have been someone else. She couldn’t suck ur man cock and lick him batty if he wasn’t available and I would evaluate the kinda man I have because he sounds like he has an ass fetish

  3. An I got this girl on my fb seeing her posting pictures an saying to myself she’s a nice girl so let me gwaan like up har pics dem an even poke her thinking she was a saint

  4. Talk to ur man tho.. a him allow himself fi be taken. Bet seh if yuh go all check him phone to him niuh stop run dung the girl. MAN A DOG.. u stay deh

  5. Sender you have no respect for yourself else you would drop that man and find a man who love and respect you enough not to cheat, you are embarrassing yourself fighting with the women he is sleeping with.

  6. Why argue with the girl? Why not your man? I will not lower my standard to argue or put any female on blast who a f**k me man. Cause obviously the man don’t seems to have a problem with her.

  7. Well if she a sell pussy fi years n u man still a f**k her that must mean her pussy good r she can f**k good!!!! Y other woman love talk bout sucking dick…..oh please!!!!maybe u need to start doing it since u have a problem wid di girl doing it

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