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Y you’ll mad tho unu talk dis unu talk dat n i’m still standing firm n so what if him have a wife so bloodclaat what me nah pay no cacki pardena n nah get no draw cause all unu have good job unu still a worry bout me n how me live unu need a pu**y n come a me class make me teach unu how fi keep a man unu sad nuh bloodclaat nuh gal or boy caa say me beg dem a night sleep me well comfortable u stop walk n beg fren fi look a hype no boy or gal never buss me all unu a try buss unu caa buss u come in like iron balloon unu run wid dat since unu sit down a talk n di boy weh a talk unu come like unu have pu**y n not cacki

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Dabosslady Firstladii Simpson Dem sad like dem pu**y

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Fácẻƀooĸ Séƈurîƚỹ No man dem ppl yah get out hand tonite dutty badmind always worry bout the wrong this time dem sidung a worry bout u getting ur dem a starve

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0 thoughts on “MATIE LASHES OUT -_-

  1. first of all let me say that both you and the man are going str8 to hell…..for adultery and fornication respectively……..secondly, were we still in biblical times you would be stoned to death…….thirdly…..since yuh so big and bad when dem hold yuh and buss yuh raas no badda bawl bout it…..and last but not least…….since di pum pum tun up beg yuh piece a it no….. if yuh got di good up good up pussy whe can hold di man dat need fi share…..cause like bounty say…..di pum pum come inna two half…….

    1. mi like yuh 1st and 2nd entries caw allesia lik har raaws hed..suh caw yuh mine di man mean yuh haffi fuk em to caw a dat mi noe fi be cacki pardnah yuh ole sad if you can a blatantly fuk a wife’s husband n freely play di second role yuh morals warped an isdat wat yu teaching yuh daughtah? a wen yuh dun yuh bawl out gud mother foh

  2. you need fi guh back iinna a dark corner. Cause the man wife,sweetheart babymamas,gal fren, fcuk pon da side, etc all look better thn your ugly bad shape ass. Real talk why the worst one outta the bunch always a try look a hype. Left the man wife outta your mouth cause she look 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times better than you. Nah nuh class except fcuk n suck class. worthless bitch.oh did I say that the wife look 100000000000000000000000000000times better than you.!!!ugly ass badshape bitch guh siddung somewhere in a dark corner. cant stand uglay bitches acting up.

    1. Oh god, but they always do..the ill shaped , big farrid, sumo wrestla body lookin ones dem always nuff..yet still look tuff. I just don’t get it…I really don’t get it!!! :bingung

  3. no sah look pan har head is that a head or a peal breadfruit!! fcuk and the hairline no man and then have the nerve fi bring attention to that the bowling ball head with the lipstick. My girl need head reduction and with a head that size she nah nuh fcuking sense. what in de rocks for brains.. I hate dumb bitches

  4. Two things Auntie….Three 1) Good Mawning 2) although she look like Alligator ah NY she from and 3) gimmie 3.5 minutes mek I show yuh something and it ah go shet dung the wall :cystg

  5. Ugly allesia go sit ur fat stay bad self.stop walk and mind man.go get a life and a job.u flop .u always talk about good life what good life were u born into wealth.r u paris hilton etc everyday you’ll get up cursing out people stop thief and go find something to do.u need to find a job cuz what ur lazy ass gonna do when u can’t thief no gosh you’ll some crazy uneducated bitches

  6. Alicia need fi stop cause Dr Spock call n say him want back him forehead who ever do u hair so seeing say u no have no rass hairline needs to be shot with shit #realtalk

  7. What a gal full a nerves?? iggle much, she nuh different from shawna-stargirl, iggle bad..Fava sum heavy-artillery-made-for-war… :exclamati :exclamati :exclamati

  8. When a woman has no respect for herself & low self esteem it makes for all sorts of mess, hence Alicia. Getting between someone’s marriage only brings you crasses & God’s judgement. Women need to do better. Unless the man rape you, you still have a choice to turn him away.

  9. The contractor look better than her 🙂 what a woman look like Patrick from sponge bob 🙁 :marah :mahongintip :alay

  10. I agree with you all ur not no type of women to complain or boost about u and anotherd women husband, if u were that good he would leave the women completely, if you like to share and be the matey just so u can brag and show up the wife go right ahead let’s see how long that last, I’m sure once he finds another side piece all what u think ur doing fi keep him his not going to want anymore… God don’t like ugly Nd ur going against everything God put in pla d u better hope god has mercy on ur soul.. these types of women need something to do get ur own man and truly call him ur own and stop being second best that’s a slap unna di face… Smdh

  11. lady u look like me grandfather ,bullcow a country if u are so noice and fine why are u not the wife .dam ediot :

    1. Nikki, please give us a description of your grandfather’s bull cow in comparison tuh disya one cause I GUARONTEE you, that your grandfather’s bull cow would be highly offended!!

  12. I wonder if the man in question approve dis mechiz? :bingung
    Auntie metty mi need yuh fi help me cast some ppl for my new reality show :Luv and Dancehall
    I’m thinking Scamini, Dogg leech, Shanna Star Girl, Ally dont cute, Ramping Town, Shorty Spenders, Caution and his Wife (of course) and Wayne Lots weh yuh seh? you wid it? :kimpoi :kimpoi :thumbup :2thumbup :cystg

  13. Dem Eva fi tell Alesha get a job Alesha go find. Man to marry you and sort out your status. But so unno mumma grow unno seh fi thief and f**k other people mon.

  14. Allesia dont cute muma love talk bout ppl nuh look good n she n are daughter them stay baddddddddd the muma n Allesia walk n thief together Allesia a mind the woman husband buy all red bottom shoe fi the man n nuh live nowhere all them n them muma know fi do a watch ppl wey a live better Dan them you all need to go n look some paper same way them live a Jamaica a same them live a America u all need to deport unh self RUN DUN FAMILY


    1. No girdle, duck tape nor body binder can Help dat deh shape deh. She look like the Pile of snow weh dem pile up ah road side, when dem ah try fi clean up road after a bad snow storm. Dat man brave no rass, he must have a strong body fi manage she…

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