Really Tracy… man government with ppl man for 10 years?? After the world see Paul bring him women out Sunday night you cry bout single.

8 thoughts on “MATIE MAN GOVAMENT

  1. Dwl ah nuff gyal ah play matie for 10 years. He wasn’t your took you 10 years trying to secure a position? Girl you lame.

  2. That’s a long ass relationship for a man that’s married, his wife is very strong!!! His wife must not be Jamaican and don’t know of pink wall or even have a social media account.

  3. Might as well get a mental tuck up too honey. I believe loving someone more than you love yourself is a sin. Unless it’s your child of course or that person loves you the same smh stay strong

  4. She should shame to claim another women’s man for 10 years. Bitch don’t have any quality about herself. Just another vanity hoe getting Fuck for $$$$$.

  5. All dat deh man nuh deserve him wife issa big dutty tinkng man… Fuck a wife role mi hudda leff him God know.. 10 years?????? No man a wickedness.

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