Hello Metters.

Mi seh mi affi call dah one yah Matie reunion.

Afta Tiana(in multi color dress) Fukk weh Curly and( breed fi him) from Tamika( black top) dem link up fi Tiana neice Kaka(yellow dress) birthday.

Di funny part of it is di pimip of the year was there to foot di bill yup Daymeon. Daymeon a sleep wid 3 out a di 5 groupies here. Mi still a wonda how dem live wid demself afta all the pretending they do around each other while sleeping wid a confused man.
Quewanna please stop trying to be Sweets cause you cah walk inna har shoes. Everything sweets do you run go falla. You and Kaka made it offical yet are not?. Di whole a unu teck till unu get bored and start sleep wid trisexual ppl. unuh sick mi stomuckk seh mi and unu come from di same country. go give unu self to the lord now, cause a him alone can help unuh.

Sabrina it’s fine time now you stop hide and teckk ppl man now and claim a real man. The sad part bout it is you always find the man whore dem and then you play victim. Eric was more than a lesson why you should stay a way from ppl man all together. If you no ole and you cah find a man imagine when you touch 30 plus.

0 thoughts on “MATIE REUNION

  1. Leave these ladies alone.. Y should tiania and Tamika war over curly. Obviously they are over it, maybe u should be too! Just because dem tel pic no mean dem all bff, dem probably mutual frens of kaka.. Grow up. Que y u bleach out ur skin like that, u look horrible, u weren’t ugly at all smh tiredof u ladies ttrying to be ppl that u are not! Sender which man u seh Sabrina ah tek. Don’t step half way wen uno send in story. Uno luv Mek up ting..

  2. Good mawnin Metty Metty, fam fam :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk …Sender, one thing mi wa fe know is this…if she ah hide ana tek people man, what dogs that haffe do with you and how does that affect your daily livity? How are you so certain of these occurrences? We’re you in the closet performing voyeurism or were you underneath them bed while the humping eena te place? Ah hope you were underneath the bed so that the bed action ah mash up yuh big face. Ah truly feel sorry fe some ah unu pusseeeyy watch gal and ma ca unu life sad really bad smh :ngakak …..*screams out n’ waves*….METTTTTTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY :peluk

  3. I have no clue who any of these people is I feel so out of the loop but I know I’m not missing a darn thing in the philly dancehall life.

    1. If senda did ah know who did ah f**k daymeon dem woulda seh it.. Kmt wit dem fake stories, conclusions and allegations

  4. Anybody that sleeps with battyman Daymeon is a mad person. Him just to nuff. Everything him do him haffi post it as if he’s not supposed to be doing things for his son. Him and his groupies sick my stomach.

  5. That gayness print on damion.i can’t stand his ass .he is so ugly and ever think him look good.him and his groupies need to go hide.

  6. There must be a shortage of men all bout… I wonder why one Philly come send me message bout him want to get to know me try talk big talk bout him have restuarnt ah Philly him sister sell to him nd ray ray nd bout him single nd I said u have bunch of women dea bout Philly talk bout him don’t want dem no dem don’t want you… Caught that broke nigga in a lie nd stop talk to him… Smdh

  7. a tameeka a fuk off old man screechy still? if i laff today. This crew wack AF fi young girls. smh do betta quenna fava duppy photo dwl

  8. Dutty hole Shelly, weh call are self yea she nice pon Instagram stop call mi man phone dutty gal. Nuh Matta how much suck yaw suck him hi. Nuh want yuh. Bitch lady time mi check tuh nuh married to one big man.

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