1. a tonight mi ago get put out enuh man mi seh all a nung mi a laff weh bounty guh bada dis caan cure germs fah i am weak and is not in de knees :ngakak :ngakak

    maggie fling on de wing nd a call killa fe cum eat nd drink him bed wata meal ..deading to bloodclaat set up wan more deh maggie :ngakak

  2. mi nah lie a more dan wan time mi watch it killa,fe chue chue chue nd as maggie kiss him teeth nd draw the shet oba him a d’angel behave him a remind yuh a immediately rite deh suh …mi did need dah laff yah

  3. Dats why u nuh FI buy out ppl argument ….. See bounty go chuck eeen and Matty done him Rass Now Bounty one lef in a di batty hole Where is Nasheen ? How him nuh chuck in now FI defend killa? f**kin idiot

  4. Mi summen tongue ooooooooo
    No killa u cannot touch this tongue lmaoooooooooooo
    Matterhorn u haffi behave mi bellyyyyyyyy oooooo

  5. Mi a gawh mi bed and mi affi whoppi back and watch dis again killaaaa Mattie gih yuh whey yuh a look fah F**kaaa yuh yuh too rass nuff!!


  6. How a next big bloodclaaat man fi a mek video a cuss a next man bout nam pussy and batty fuvking….Childish nuh bloodclaaat. Matterhorn, real men don’t get into them Terrianne and Melessa video cuss cuss f**kery yah. Big and serious my youth, a you a behave like a fish. Me lose affa yuh my youth. Look like yuh music career pap dung and yuh a look a “shock” hype to me.

  7. F***kerymata whey moutbiglikemissbertadonkeyfaghawn fi GWEYYYYY a caw abide dis he/she. A caw wait fi Bounty put u outta u B****CLAT MISERY. Stay in u Puppeteer lane GAL an CHUCK OOOOFFF.

  8. so how it look like unno a endorse Maggie faggot argument????????
    ” a man inna one wig a tell a nex man fi eat him” mi no play dem deh kind a joke wit NO MAN!!!!

  9. Thisa is creative comedy. Him step outside the box and give bounty the diss of his life. When overseas person change there persona there isnt an outcry but soon as a Jamaican do it a problem. What matty has done is taken a whole new approach. This 16 sec slam bounty harder than if him did mek a 3 min song

  10. Tyler Perry dress like a woman (closet gay), Marlon Wayans/ dresses like a female (closet gay), Eddie Murphy (closet gay), Jamie Fox dresses like a woman (closet gay), Shabada (gay)
    enough said….

  11. Yuh know say i have a big problem with this pussy nyaming propaganda video. Like say is a bad ting :malu

  12. nashine no fire a look a come back, matterhorn mek her video why miss nashine tek it up, and every body know miss nashine was a big bitch ina jail,nashine a look knowing because is a lil hand full a florida know her, mi left fl from 2001 and all know miss nashine stuck same place, miss nashine a rapes gizzie wey know mind den picney fi guh hide dem naked self

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