Matterhorn vs Bounty Killa before di war did get dirty and matrix did haffi dip out because killa draw fi di hoozie

Met whappen? The Madman and the Warlord at it on IG. Seems another selector ‘dust’ Matterhorn at Beervibes and Bounty commented on it and it was all systems go.
Matterhorn do up people whole heap pon him page so him must can ten a little doing up to.

****Sender agreed but Killa know him and Matterhorn nah gree so him know what him was doing calling him out pan dat page. Why him neva jus big up di man and done,him neva haffi say Matterhorn.****


  1. Both a You just need to Lap up unuh frock tail, Bend over and show unuh Bingo Baggy draws and skin out like some old cornation market Venda pon the street side. From I was birth me neva see nothing like this, Two Man a cuss bout who fah Panty hitch up in dem arssse.

  2. good morning gingeration a mix up readers,peepers,sneekers nd others…..adim ooooooo
    nooooooooooooooooooo dis sweet mi bad a de chuet wat a piecea dip up unda de battigina tuk place :ngakaka
    killa drawz did a superb tuck tuh de dick cuz him typeth straight from him split dwrcl…no maggie yuh get duz yuh up bad yah suh

  3. Mawning Met, sorry Matty this round goes to Killa…big an serrus uno galang worse than Shebada suh uno nuffy dear eva cuss him caz uno cut from di sammme crotches.Killa u came for Matty, suh he had to respond and got shot down

    1. Morning it look like killa go draw fi him exercise book wid all di notes pan matterhorn ..i neva _______________________

  4. Mi Bloodclatt!!! No sah Killa do him up wicked to rass claat. Mi usually laugh after how Maggie son class up people but nuff ah weh Bounty seh up deh ah true, mi know cah mi inna promotion. Matterhon shoulda leave Bounty alone, business dash outta road deh now. Dwpcl.

    1. Nobody cannot trace like bounty no man no ooman no shim nobadddieeeeeeeeee is like him did a wait pan matterhorn and lean to di side tek out him book and guh shhurrrrrrrrrrrruhhhhhh

  5. And Killa is correct him entitled to him own opinion but him know why him run in so because him did a laywait matterhorn from di last time

  6. Not even bird live in the sky Tony dem find a place fi rest. How yuh rest your wings sir? lawd have mercy

  7. Do bwoy killa can trace eeh but Maggie run hinstagram so dis naw done fi now… Kmft. Bounty u nah come eat u dinna? Inna mi Matterhorn voice. Also me think kills wrong do draw in poor toniann name bout kick out of house Causen which house Rodney own? Further request a time bounty trim him hair cause dat nah grow from when. And dufton fix dem 2 front teeth deh.

  8. Dem need fi stop. It don’t look gud. Maggie IG page full a bare cussing and ish some kinda funny some borderline market woman cussing. And Mattheron did well in Negril dunno why Bounty saw it necessary to call him out he probably just want to stay relevant

  9. No met yuh wrong bout nobody can trace like killa….nobody can’t trace like matty a nuff ppl shell dung killa all di time but nobody Neva shell dung matty him win every mout war him enta…..killa may start it but best believe matty a guh dun him dwrcllll

      1. Matty a go done him fi him way but killa cuss in a different sort a way him mouth nuh long fi nothing ..but as someone say it doe look good fi di main reason a two man a trace

  10. A suh tings bad pon Matty now him a kotch wid ppl..mi neva tink seh Matty own him owe place.See a want uno left Ele creamy corna palace caz at least him own it.Him and Bounty nuffy talk cause either one of dem own nuh weh…1 point to Ele, Lol

  11. Come ya Bounty..Weh u seh bout ToniAnn, a she put out Matty outta di place weh dem did live weh him was paying for?.but dat nuh mek sense killa

    1. its called alimony lol
      for all the cheating Toni ann put up with she deserve at least out of it
      mek him go kotch wid his bishesss

  12. Jah know, Matterhorn I expect nothing better from you but killa I am disappointed in you people like matterhorn you ignore man, this man is not in your class why you stop at him gate, oh sorry he has none, but seriously killa you all of forty years spend your time making music and cuss the system, matterhorn you stop again comon man

  13. Batty boy Matterhorn killa done u go sleep and go fix you yard you run off u mouth and u no live no weh. Matterhorn everyday u on ig a talk how u a fly here and there Matterhorn stop full the people them because when u fly 3 time on jet blue u get a free ticket. The wy. Gone u should a have a big house go sit down pls cause u just a kill u self.

  14. Onoo stap it bout Killa doan own no where, him own di apt at Oaklands and di East Road one. So even if is not house pon di hill dose 2 r his.
    Is Green Card Faggahorn have mek him live a foreen more dan him live (kotch) a JA?

  15. but killa nuh sound much better, me did think killa bigger than this but him an matterhon a d same ting dats why dem can’t gree. kmft make no damn sense plus a match vanity fi show money…..oh brother.

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