Mavado should have never stayed in a restaurant where he was not wanted. A things like dem yah why black people continue to look spineless



  1. Poor ‘tink, tink’ they thought you were a common nigger, not knowing you are really a gully rat! lol

    Must have been acting up from jump, and from you a get walk to the toilet seating (lol) you should have objected and if they insist then you leave…dumbass.

      1. Contact Met and mek she direct you to where you can find me…you ago spit twice, once in me face and yu teeth dem out a yu head afta dat.

    1. You racist black F**K!!! U ARE ONE OF THOSE SCUM RACIST GAINST YOU OWN KIND WHEN WHITE PPL SEE YOU BABY U ARE A NIGGER and gully rat WORSE THAN MAVADO cause atleast he makes decent music…you on the other hand make pure noise and stink up the air with your hazardous breath…go suck u mother and drown in deh BITCH!!

  2. It’s true Restaurants and high End clothing stores always treating black people like shit, They automatically look at the color of your skin and declare you Broke. I don’t know how some of those Bleachout illegal bitches so brave to step up in the people store..Remember all Operah get discriminated against the other day.

  3. Even if he was not a celebrity (and he his, his has garnered a certain amount of fame), they had no right to treat him that way, even if him ah gully rat Phantom Phoenix (mi fren, but the truth is the truth) and others him ah spend him money! When Asians go fi prejudice dem prejudice more dan white people, no matter what a person feel or do not feel for Mavado, we ought not to even criticize even in jest his ordeal.

    I can just imagine how anyone would feel if treated sub-humanly.

    The upper hand these people have against our race, our beautiful black race is that we do not stand together, if it were Asians, Europeans or any other ethnic group, treated like this, they would support each other, but we mock, jeer and criticize him and his family’s ordeal o ma se o!

    Even in the write up, who ever wrote it was cynical with these lines;

    “we gotta say that is what Asians restaurant do, but that’s his story”

    When Mavado referred to the fact that the food came out quickly, though it maybe so, the writers cynicism sullies the story and makes me smh!

    Trust and believe a person KNOWS when they are being treated in a discriminatory way, I do not believe he or his family imagined this or are seeking attention!!

    1. Thank you. Best comment! :shakehand2 As the the restaurant manager said he did not know he was of some importance, hence the reason why he was treated that way. Regardless of fame one should be treated accordingly. taking a pic in a restaurant doesn’t mean your acting out of place.

    2. it guh suh OB. straight, right is right, and yuh have to stand up for truths and rights. No discrimination round here because of personal dislike


    1. EXACTLY!!!! I cannot remember seeing any non-Jamaican Chinese or Indian buying Jamaican food from any Jamaican restaurants in New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, Miami/Fort Lauderdale, or any of the other states I have lived/visited. I could never understand why Jamaicans/Blacks like Chinese food. Not only that, they are some of the nastiest restaurants around. You don’t want to go behind the counter or kitchen area and see first hand how they handle food prep and storage.





    This is it, WNPP, you are correct, look at it,Asians have taken over the sale of west Indian products, yet dem nuh like we, and we support dem, If a black person open such food market selling the same products, west Indian products they would not get the same support, but as PP said up top,from he saw the treatment at first, he should have left!

    I am forever perturbed by these happenings which continues to plague my race, many may not love them selves, but I am one proud black woman and it pains me to see things like these!
    Sadly, I do not see it changing, but cuh Asians, whey all spit inna dem house, nasty like wha, an discriminate, kmt!

    1. Obara! lolol…you know me gre wid you, but him accept the treatment from go.

      We will forever get that metted out to us because we patronize de offenders thinking this civil rights shit is concrete. If me a get attitude and lead pass empty tables to the subserevant area me nah eat de.

  7. Mavado is a famous reggae singer from Jamaica so that gives him a celebrity status and I’m very proud of all the Jamaican singers I maybe disappointed with some of them actions but I’m still proud of country men
    and he was not asking anyone to kiss his ass from what I’m reading they came at him and his family as soon as they enter the restaurant and that’s racist


    @Obara, I agree…… I’d like to know WHYYYYYYYYYY the owners of these “high-end” businesses continually treat ppl of a particular race this way, and WHYYYYYYYYYY do we continually allow it, and or put ourselves in the position for such disrespect, and WHENNNNNNNNNN will we take a stand to put a STOPPPPP to it, because TRUST and BELIEVE it COULDN’T or WOULDN’T be so many cases of these happenings if the shoe was on the foot of ppl of a particular race, neither would it be treated SO LIGHTLY!

    Another thing, like the JCF (Jamaica Constabulary Force {which BTW has nothing to do with this}), WHENNNNNNNNNN will these said ppl, of a particular race, who incessantly commit such acts of prejudice and racist grow some compassion and FIND ANOTHER ALIBI?????????? I AM SOOOOOOOO SICK OF HEARING “WE DIDN’T KNOW HE/SHE WAS FAMOUS.” WTFF!?!?!?!?!?!?! SO IN GOD’S WONDERFUL WORLD, THESE INSECTS ONLY TREAT PPL OF A CERTAIN STATUS/RACE/CALIBRE WITH COMMON COURTESY AND RESPECT!?!?!?!?!?


  9. Luk how dh ppl sey dem ah celebrities and dem cann sing or read or write all dem know is scamming f**k an suck ppl husbands tek picta wid hood inna mouth show dem dun hole an dem ugly shape bad bady after all ah dat doings ppl turn around and call dem celebrity but dem aguh sey mavado that sings and makes great music all over the world is not a celebrity gtfoh!!!

  10. Obara & Anonymous is so right Asian don’t like no other race but their own especially us black ppl yet them take all we profit wether gully rat or not everyone deserve to be treated equal my husband always say that them a one set a ppl that he refuse to spend is money with him don’t like them u make one a them guh say wah gwaan to him & them see him say to him it’s an insult cause u can’t do that to them with their language cause the first thing them ready to say is discrimination

  11. First of all from them seat me in the back I’m outta there. I don’t spend my money anywhere I’m not welcome or treated with respect. Me and my husband walk out of restaurants, stores etc. because we were not greeted nicely upon entering. These racist sons of bitches ain’t getting my money.

  12. this is y people always deal with black people so because we dont stand together.. we jus americanized and feel say if u aint hollywood u aint shit.. if it was beyonce, jay z or kanye west and this happened to dem some of u on here would be saying DEM WRONG AND DEM RACIST but a tru a Movado a Jamaican yute weh bus and a do a ting a America him fi go back a him yard or him not hollywood dats y him must tek it so and dont speak out? Racism is racism and wat they did was wrong SIMPLE.. sum a unu too dam good man like unu wah chastise d man because a never Jamaican food him buy..

  13. A male friend told me about an experience he had before at Mr. Chow restaurant in L.A same attitude he was getting from the staff because in their head they assuming your not going to have no big money and they not getting no big tip. It’s so sad how Black people are looked down on in this world and part of it is our fault because we won’t stick together.

  14. SMH! what a reply. Gully rat? he must have been acting up from the jump? woooow what a disappointing stance to take…just the same way when white people say the treatment of black men by the police is justified cuz he must have been thug. this is how that kinda shit starts. we give them the ok to treat our people like that because it isn’t us. taking pleasure in some one elses misfortune is appalling. I guess if the victim has a certain background you are ok with the horrible treatment.lets keep in mind that the man did not know Movado so all this was based on his skin color, the way he was dressed and i’m going to assume the dreads didn’t help either. Let that had been any of your family members how quick you would crying foul.

    such a pity

    1. If a my family member tuff luck to them to because from you a get walk pass the front and middle of a near empty restaurant to the back and dem go willingly and stay and complain after…tough luck.

      Me and me family nah nahme a de back a nobody restaurant, near the kitchen door nor bathroom.

  15. Asians, includings Indians and Pakistanis, Arabs and Jews hawdly ever deal wid black ppl proppa. Yet, wi always waan eena dem place. I went to purchase some fabric at a store and di fuxng teletubby Jew a come show mi di scraps in a one box him a try sell off and meck mi know is ongle $20 fi dem, afta mi dun tell him di pattern mi looking. Him already assume seh mi pocket can ongle aford di scraps. Den he was so kind enough fi meck mi know dat di pattern mi wanted would cost $100 a foot or whatever it was. Mi tell him mi nuh care as long as mi get wah mi want and leff him place. I don’t fux wid Jews and Asians cause dem always acting some ways. But wi is a ppl wah prefer fi buy dan own suh wi will always get treated like shit.

    Good him put dem azz pon blast, but it won’t do shit cause Blacks will still full dem restaurant tonight.

  16. People can be so f**king dumb!!!! Suh because he’s not a “Hollywood Celeb” he’s allowed to be treated like him a beg dem fi some food?!Dumbass I hope this reaches you soon and very soon. Status has nothing to do with being treated with respect!

  17. Celebrated life or not, FROM ONCE A BUSINESS owner is in the business of customer service, then all patrons should be dealt with fairly and treated with respect when patronizing their establishment!!

    This was as we say here in Africa, an ABOMINATION (lol, just like hearing Africans say it, had to use it here just for laughs) How dare them!! These same Asians here in Africa try to treat these Nigerians the same way, acting as if they are better than them, try chat to dem any how but mi leff dem to de Africans dem ,caws dem nuh romp….

    I digressed sorry, but they had no right whatsoever to treat this man or anyone else this way, no right, whatsoever, and to smirk just choo ah Mavado and some may no like him, is just wrong.

    If he took a picture and it is not within their policy to do so then they should respectfully and quietly inform him of that.
    His human rights was violated, and if he was Gay, if these were gay people, then all hell would break loose,when accused of discrimination to the LGBT community, lol!!
    Them is a set ah pigs!

    1. And I don’t believe di picture tecking excuse eeda, cause I see ppl on Instagram upload pictures of their visit to Phillipe Chow all di time showing di food and themselves. Is lie dem telling in dis age a social media. Plus, if such an edict exists it would be fully displayed in the front so the patrons know prior to entry.

  18. Met I don’t know where to post a question could you please include a post about a healthy vagina like what to use etc. also what cremes or herbs are used to tighten the vagina walks and anything about vagina steaming. If u already have a pits please refer me to it. Thanks guys. This is a serious issue most women are having but afraid to speak up about

  19. Hey, my fellow Metters, PLEASE DON’T GET ME WRONG, I am not mad at Movado nor am I chastising him for taking pics Inna NASTY PHILLIPE CHOW ESTABLISHMENT, I am just saying, ppl on a whole have a DISGUSTING HABIT of displaying their EVERY MOVE for all to see on Social Media! And some make it seem as though, they are experiencing an ACUTE case of what we discribe as “NEVA SEE COME SEE”, OR “FRIGHTEN FRIDAY” SYNDROME! Like WTF, Don’t you deem yourself worthy of being in such an “establishment”??? And let’s say, you had goals or aspirations of dining or shopping in the forbidden land/zone, upon finally being able to do so, isn’t it satisfactory to just do the damn thing and enjoy and savour the moment, or nah???? Unnumbered haffi put it up/prove a point, right????

    @Obara and Anonymous 7:59, he’ll yeah, you are both prexactly (precisely+exactly) right! Mek nawsy, dirty teet’ Phillipe and him staff MOOOOOVE dem dutty Bl@@dclaat and GWEHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Of course stinking Kim and di rest ah germs dem guh deh guh tek up uh much pics, and post up, and gossip mags photograph demand deh all different while! Me demand f@ck off and GWEHHHHHHHH! Fats why mi see dem first AVOID DEMAND PLACE! Caws dem tings yah get MI IGGY!

  20. mi eat deh couple times an Neva bin mistreated, as fi di pitcha tekking i wud love if dem Neva allowed dat cuz my lady have a healthy habbit of having to take pics a di food b4 wi Nyam an shi get pan mi nerves wid dat shit kmft…..suh wen mi add dat to missa brooks history of lieing mi need some kinda evidence b4 mi crucify missa chow loll

    1. Me see KimPossible and Sweets dem post up from inside de and a believe KP is a returning customer…so like you say the history of tales and the man 😉 go hand in hand.

  21. A BAG AH TYPOS! *BOUT UNNU*, *such acts of prejudice and racism…*, *unnu haffi put it up….*, *hell yeah…*, *…photograph dem deh all di while!*, *Mek dem f@ck off….*, *Dats why mi seh dem first AVOID DEM PLACE!*

    This phone is acting up badly! Pardon the gibberish!

  22. I feel like ((((SCREAMING))))!!!!!

    Grammatical errors are my #1 pet peeve!

    Typo *Dats why mi seh dem fi AVOID DEM PLACE!*

  23. Sad to see some negative comments about Mavado, especially from black ppl. Racism is a serious matter which I don’t find it funny. Remember his family was there which might include his kids.

    Black race is the only race that don’t stick together and all unno a try fight out the man him still a progress.

    Stop fight him out out fight out the bigger picture which is Racism.

    1. Again, why are we spending our hard earned dollars with a group of people that have zero respect for us as black people? Why spend our funds with a group of people that does not patronize our businesses? I see our black Jamaicans flocking to these Asian-owned Nail Salon and I have to shake my head to think about all those dollars leaving our community on a daily basis. This is individuals who can least afford these types of expense.

      The fact that you, as a patron is ushered to the back of the Restaurant and you are foolish enough to sit down speaks volumes as to your mindset. There is no need to put up with such treatment in this day and age, when we have decent Caribbean Restaurants all over the City.

      1. You are not making much sense. I’m a Jamaican-born woman and I don’t want to eat Jamaican food everyday of my life. I sometimes feel for food from other cultures, such as: Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Mexican, etc. You can’t dictate to people on how or where they should spend their hard earned money. Remember, it’s their money and not yours! He works for his money and he can spend it wherever he chooses to. What you are saying will not stop racism, it will only bring us back to history.

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