Dem artiste ya fi feel like dem have nuh career without fans. Thanksgiving night me and pure woman go a Mavado party at Club Renegade a bawl fawod fi him whole night, so him exit di stage and mi seh “WA GWAAN GULLY GAD” di man ago seh “Don’t Do Dat Yute” and a frowns at the sametime mi did tek out mi phone fi snap a pic an di fool ago put up him hand a block him face den a alert security like him waa push violence towards mi…But wha him nuh know seh dis is not a groupie ting, mi give him a hail because mi a family of somebody wa him (mavado) ring dem phone everyday so is just a respect situation Cause mi nuh know yu personally, mi just know u as a Singer wa mek good music. Mavado man a nuh batty follower A pay mi pay fi go inna di club and bring mi gal dem wid mi But the bottom line is yu a Artiste and a fanbase put yu which part yu deh so yu fi chill. Mi live a florida fi 16 years as a hardcore yardman wa been to many shows and interact with many
artistes but blessed love to you and your career. FAN NO MORE !!!!!
***Blessed love is right because fi him river is not silent and it dow have no deeper running or going to………..Him figet him hungry dayss***


  1. I’ve never spoke bad about movado. But if a dat him really gwaan with he’s an A$$hole, loose of u smfh. No wonder y certain things happen. Keep in mind that the same ppl them that put u where u at can bring u back to where u was at. U didn’t do it all by yourself yute bill. I’m so heated at u for this. Very disappointed!!!!

  2. Mavado is from the slum and its the fans put him wey him dey. Hard working poor people wey teck dem last dalla fi buy a ticket. Not surprise, him ungrateful to Bounty killa who introduced him to the music scene. Him tell Winford williams say bounty killa a mix crack wid ennessy. 7 times rise, 7 times fall yankee wannbee mavado.

  3. Watch him bout him a put up hand a block him face and di security dem look like dem out fi rush di camera man fi true DWL. Him fi memba seh if killa did block him nuhbody wouldn’t pay him badmind. Dem afi gwaan too much yaa

  4. Thank you Diva,Bounty Killa always say poor people. Supercat spoke of poor people when he arrived in jamaica last year for sting. ” dem beat fence fi mi an bawl forward” Big up Supercat.

  5. Blah blah. Don’t talk bout killer. Cause u can’t hail killer inna real life. It simple not every artiste want fi bagga spotlight in them face every min. Deal with it !! Ohhh n matey hope u counting down the days wha u say him have leave a foreign. Keep wishing. Dem pon mi name wid a bag a garbage a litter’ ” all a who want mama son pop down first class pon a flight strap down”

    1. Truth. In terms of artiste who unapproachable Killer is the worst. Bounty rude and will dis yuh, man or woman boys or girls. I memba inna di 90’s Bounty and Beenie puh dung a war a Arrows studio, and police di waan arrest him and di Kirkist dem guh fi him. Because a dat Killler did a free show a Dunkirk, all di pickney and people run towards him, and di man put out him hands and brace back di crowd and seh, ” yo easy.”
      Wid dat said Mavado and all stars fi big up dem fans and show respect fi who put you where you are. Teka page outta beenie book, dat man know how fi treat fans.

      1. Beenie Man is the absolute best when it come on tuh personality and just being an all around great entertainer, artist and person…Beenie came tuh Atlanta one time fe a regular Round Robin weh Keisha Platinum keep one time, and Beenie stand up inna the crowd wid everybody…no star attitude or security and he mixed and mingled with everyone…very cool guy…

        1. I believe yuh, beenie is a ppl person. Mi go passa passa one time and beenie waa there wid di swizzle baddie girls and me an im puh dung a piece a dance off. Lol.

          1. Itsme, yu tink Beenie nuh easy atall lol…Beenie love dance ah will dance tuh anything…im is ah man weh fullup ah good good vibes!!

  6. Mavado also took lots of pics that night with ppl. So it go u think messi can sign every autograph. Artiste take every picture get over it my girl. A mean my yute.

  7. I dont think some of you read the statement correctly,the person said “wa gwaan gully god” mavado frowns. Artist cant frowns at fans. Fans feed dem.

      1. Wid all di cut ah chop inna Movado face, him cannot afford fe frown…always di stay bad people weh have di **WORST** attitude…

        1. :ngakak Yep u have no behaviour howdy Met is wah duh Mr. exotic? he reeks of ego wid him fugly self bout him a put up hand wen dem tink dem reach that’s how some a dem behave mek him gwaan fi him time soon dun

          1. Riches, but ah di truth…imagine, the patrons dem ah support yuh *$$$$$$* and that is the kind of gratitude you show them?!

  8. Careful how u send in story pan gully gad because him full a asslicking gal wa can’t READ. DI yute give him a hail him coulda seh “bless up” or something and dats it..

  9. What Vado did was a no no. The person simple gave him hailings he could respond in a different manner. We know how bounty is so we know how fi deal wid him.

  10. as bad as ting maybe. vybz kartel woulda pretend like him know him. I still like mavado if a true mek sure say u stock up.. cause the same ppl dem weh u see on your way going up, will be the same ppl dem u will see on your way going down


  12. All a di Alliance man dem fashion demself offa Killa, apart from Vybz Kartel and Busy. Mavado did what Killa woulda do. Mi see Killa diss a man wicked one day. Man deh pon him scooter and ride pass with him girl and turn back fi hail Killa and Killa jus have him head down inna him hand a roll him spliff and nah acknowledge d man. Kartel reach the heights of dancehall because him deal with the public good. Dem man deh will start a conversation with mad man.

  13. This story is a bunch of bull crap. Yute u sound like a groupie so it go. Dat mi say nah take it back. It not the hail wha u give or never get. Nuh man nuh want u jus a take out phone and take picture jus so. Gangster setting. Deal wid it. U find a next artist fi rate. Say gaza etcc. Careless

  14. Vado hail ppl all the while everywhere him go n if u did ask him fi a picture u woulda get it. Anyways move on in life. Vado took whole heap a picture that night and next year party will be full u or met can’t stop that. Oh and met foreign it a keep to!

  15. None but unnu a try style bad press because one yute nuh get a hail. Yaaaaaaa fishhhhhhh” Corey voice. ** is dat u try make story bout. Maxfield park jus collect 250,000 n Christmas supplies from mavado charity. Highlight dat!

    1. A maxfield park fi mek di world know that…it look like a true di person a talk why it a hurt up nuff head..a people mek him deh which part him deh so he should always be humble and show appreciation. He lacks that n God dont like too much pride

      1. The person spoke and there is a photo to support his argument so he cannot deny what is said here…u can all see the security a move to the man in the picture. Mavado is really disgusting though

  16. Met u always act like everything movado do is wrong & u cant even hide it, so stop bout dem act like everything movado do is correct. U hate di man bad, u hate everything bout him all di gyal dem weh him f*** u hate all him nice clean pretty wife u hate & di gyal dem nuh do yuh nutting. Yuh seem like yuh cant wait fi see di man fall flat pon him face, like u jus a wait fi dat day come. In all honesty go ova all a yuh mavado post dem di hate os obvious

    1. What I hate is dunce people with one track minds who cannot find anyone to link with and show them differently than people who pan di same dunce mind like them. I couldn’t hate Mavado because I do not know him. As to falling flat on his face it shall happen because that is how he thinks and what he wants for others hence the reason why he thinks people want to see him fall. When you think positive so it shall be. He should have greeted the man its simple or say another time. He isnt above anyone

  17. Truth sound like a dick rider tho. Like yu a spend some a Mavado money because mi nuh see weh di yute a voice him opinion bout a violation from an artiste have nutn fi do wid Met ,Foreign gangster setting or Charity money..

    1. I want to know who a di gangster because mi never hear Mavado pan a boss move yet …Kartel who shot offa him, him hail so mi a wait fi hear di real gangster

      1. Why couldnt they come on and say sorry boss sometimes a go it guh maybe he wasnt in the mood..Everything is a personal attack and they have nothing for anyone to attack them for or about. I could never be around such people because I hate people that sit everyday thinking or saying people are against them or want bad for them because you only arrive at that frame of mind when you are of that frame of mind. And those are some of the lowest people one can associate themselves with.

        1. And tuh think that some people are star struck and will really spend dem last fe guh support artists lakka dem…no ma’am! :hoax2

        2. you comment dem sweet like when mi put too much condense milk inna cornmeal porridge! mavado too good doe.. him shoulda hail di man. maybe the man use him last dollar buy ticket and say by any means necessary me a go get a autograph or a one pic. maybe a him food money him use buy all the ticket.mavado memba when u usually go a the studio dem.. memeba weh u say u usually do fi mek a one tune.. sometimes most of these ppl buy ticket fi see ooun and hungry a kill dem after the party.. dats why mi nuh idolize or go a dem stage show not me

  18. Again we all know met hate Vado. N u can’t live fi see Vado drop flat pon face. Mansion in the hills ..u might have u degree but Vado money well invested. Annu killer this wha bank come back fi house u brite eee met! U can’t live fi see dat. Big assets round here. Mansions apartments. Money well spent. Clean u little website making money off ads badmind out u. Time to highlight the good all the artist dem a do.

    1. No mi hate everybody. Please say it right. Killer was not in the club, someone explained and say a may so killer teach dem and that is accepted by me as the reason but not the solution. Clean heart and a healthy mind before assets because good will always conquer evil. This a the reason he and no one get along for long. When you correct him you are against him. He needs to read more.

    2. Clean mi website making money off ads why is that your problem? I dont know where Mavado money coming from nor it is my concern so why u worried about where my money come from? Mi cyah badmine who is badmine first and last name. Mr Vegas is putting on a charity concert and is endorsed by me..BTW he does a donation to that charity every year. Tell Mavado fi keep going to his bed thinking what bad I want for him and he will see just how far it gets him.He hasn’t climbed any further since.

  19. U live off negativity met.. U stories are 95 percent of them. N this is not jus about Vado. Most artist except Beenie once in a while. So we kno ur life negative.

    1. No 100% of them but it is you who realize the negative and consciously decide to read and participate in it. The site isn’t negative when it isn’t an artiste you like but it is when it is Mavado or someone else you like. This is the reason why the world cannot exist without God because our thinking and decision making are corrupted and we cannot decide fair judgements. It is people like you who will lead Mavado right into hell and stay outside while he burn in the flames. The focus is always on who said what, not that it was true or he was wrong. God is not to be mocked nor does he see through one eye or excuse the wrongs we do knowing it was wrong in the first place. You ready fi style the man bout him saying what mavado did…when u could even ignore it. I know nothing of mavado concert and u add everything that never entered my mind in it. Yuh see why when unno a get a beating it is delivered harshly?

  20. The Truth yu a man or woman ? Yu sure sound like a ride or die duncebat groupie. MET u can’t win a rass, it ago tek too much outa yu fi diunce when yu bright already leave it alone yaa Smh

    1. Mi nuh waa win dem because the race whey dem ina nuh have a blessed finish. Dem mek mi sick the way the process information, I wonder with all the backlash how mi never yet think this one against me and want to see me fall. I get up I start my day I thank God for life and I keep it moving. But these people they are like demons, they came out of a dark place and can only exist in darkness. No matter how much they get or own there will never be light in it for them.

  21. Stick to the point folks, fans make artist. Di youte family owns half a jamaica according to what i heard from a whistling bird. Mavado assets weak. So it wasnt about money, hype or fame. Its about fanbase and respecting fans.

  22. I like movado musically, i do not think he handled the situation appropriately. I have seen and observed in his own down time. My view is that he lacks social skills. This is something that he could work on, instead of remaining in the same mindset.
    Your fans mean more than you realise, for true big up beanie he always ‘mixes’ without any difficulty with his own.

  23. Movado probably not even seh dat is just another person a look trouble.
    Who inna dem right mind a guh believe seh movado put up him hand fi block a picture from so far? Afta the man nah hide.
    kmt… story

  24. Who gives a flying if the youth own half a jamaica. We. Uh care nuh want know him! Nah use dem! Careless carezero. 0. -0 -0

  25. @met, the convo always ends up this way when Vado involve. He knows nothing about being humble but dem seek to blame Killa, for Movado’s behavior. ANY seed u sow u shall reap.

  26. my family and i went to Jamaica back in 08 and while we where on Hellshire beach Movado and his so called body guards was on the beach and my Niece approached him for a Picture and one of his so called bodyguards pushe her “wrong move” they almost got they ass whooped! long story short a year later he came up to do a show at a club my Uncle owns and his sorry ass have the nerve to want to take picture with us and we ran him away like a dirty stray dog! i wouldnt go to any of his shows ..not even for free! but Beenie man!! very humble and nice guy!

  27. Truth is f**kry yu talking cause if you a go court go talk bout wah yu nuh know that mean a str88 lie you a tell, 1) mi deh yaad and my link bring mi go grants pen and mavado deh there everyday, when him ting get tun up likkle mi deh a auto vision roun a garth and we a eat and mavado walk in and mi say see your bwoy vado him put up him hand and a hail him and all now the man nuh gi back nuh hail till mi feel all f**k up how him deal wid it so yu neva see when it gwan so stop talk, 2) mi deh fordham road inna a fitted store and fat joe did in deh a little bwoy him nuh more than 10 a walk wid him madda and say “mom there fat joe can you ask for a picture”, the lady go to him and say hey joe my son like you very much can he get a pic?, the man “no lady im not on that shit” how yu think the woman feel yu know say she done wid him and mi nuh rate him from dat. So hear this plain and str88 all that dick riding you doing like you is mavado public defender just know all the bread weh he got or spending its f**king his fans pocket that coming from, is we buy him cd dem and go him show them so respect is due to us as well so same way you wanna pass the message on to us pass that message to him.

  28. I don’t know why met arguing with f**king retards enuh she neva inna di club she’s just emphasizing on the story she got! So please whole a seat truth!!! Why u neva send in a story but movado and him work (charity) etc…..I am a fan of the artist but he was wrong though if he didn’t wanna hail the man just wave or a one word. Can know the people dem weh neva brought up properly. Just try and look on things both ways negative and on a positive note. I’m kinda new to met Site and I love it. Look how much rass category deh pan the Site other dance mix up and ppl business? Or yuh neva Tek notice a dat? Show more the 95%? Everyday onuh come yah come try nyaam up the Oman and talk bout JMG but unuh deh yah 24/7 a watch out the Site gwaan through yah met yah beat them bad

  29. A mus one a di dawg face battybwoy sowa pussy gyal dat caaz nuh man wouldn’t a go so hard fi a artis not even if him is a family memba …..met yuh should gi truth di ward fi groupie a di year kmrct.

  30. Sender ain’t lying lying the ole gully pad do the same thing over Roy Wilkins to me.. N wen me don’t cus n class him I never buy another piece a music. Evening metty :peluk

  31. when you at a show thats ur job take pictures with as much fans as possible…when you chilling its different…people must respect and understand the guildlines of them job which in movado case is entertain the crowd and in order to entertain the crowd you have to mingle with a few of them

  32. mavado coulda bush it off by saying yute! u know say me nuh too like when nuh body come too close to me face. but you alright doe.. gwaan enjoy yourself mi bad charge.. and walk way.. dat would mek di yute night. me caah believe say mavado a deal with poor ppl so.. smh

  33. Well personally something similar happened to me with macado. He had came in to my work place years ago with a bagga men he didn’t even say hello or nothing just state what him want mind you I was the only one there when it came to me giving him what he ordered the birch Neva even turn him have one of him men tek it from me and give it him like I was too dutty. It’s true what met says some artiste fi realize it’s us the people that put them where they are at and should at least smile and not be so f**king miserable

  34. Ok ok ok weh mi want know IS VADO BRAIDS I MEAN DREADS REAL?? Me a look pon a picture him post on IG and I swear a braids mi see weh no even braided go. Him too ugly feh a shun nobody, the bwoy a hail him step_brother hik too rude.
    Mi affi LOVE Beenie man, rate him 100% the man show respect to all his supporters. I met him years ago in the Hawk when they used to have stage shows there. I was backstage talking and flirting with the lil cutie pie. You would think I was a celebrity like himself the way him a vibes with me


      1. Yuh nuh see someone comment say him go somewhere fi buy something and wouldnt tek it from her directly him mek give him honeydo boy n den di bwaay give him.God nuh like ugly…and it look like him get di two a dem …interior an exterior ugly. All me now mi put down pan di counter an drop every one a dem and den when him a head choo di door mi style him bad and talk up bay sinting sinting

  36. Met I had something similar happen to me…the difference is I wasn’t trying to get a picture I was at Norman Manley airport upstairs where they have all the restaurant…me and a older gentleman was standing in line waiting to get serve and in come movado and his friends push me and the man out of the line … I was so ashamed to see how they were acting… from that day until now I hate him from 2012

  37. Give me Beenie Man any day. A few us went to Koln, Germany for summerjam in 2007 and was backstage with Sentinel sound. Beenie whole a vybez with us, him get front shot, back shot, side shot from all us three girls. Beenie let us feel as if he knew us for years! love dat man!!!!made us serving in the military feel real good. nuff respect!!!!

  38. This story is probably false. Mi neva know seh suh much ppl csn wish bad fi one man suh.
    Nuff a unno just a wait fi him land back a Jamaica and cant fly but just memba seh if dat happen, him still a guh better off than 98% of artiste dem financially.
    Suh instead a unno wish fi him downfall, wish fi him do better.

  39. @Zeen either you illiterate or something, everybody wishing he do better, humble himself like beenie and others in his field. His shitty attitude won’t get him far smh, vybez kartel deh prison and he still getting respect b e cause of who he were as an entertainer not for what he has done to land him there. Stop being ignorant , if he’s treating people that way you as his defender won’t stop him from shitting on you the same way because he’s ungreatful

  40. All some a dem shit house ya do is sit and watch artiste pocket but yet dem hungry like frawty dog. Di sender clearly a emphasize pan how foul di artiste treat a fan wa him money have fi do wid the post yu dumb f**k? Unu mumma shoulda abort some a unu to rass…smfh

  41. No, his locs are no real. They started off real but he wanted them longer quicker than they would naturally grow. He got them done at Jus Natural.

  42. Mavado has no fans!what damn fans? LMAO
    Saw him in NEW YORK other day and him come inna d restaurant a chat very loud on him phone so me look up from me very palatable guava wings fi see a which dutty bungle come inna d ppl dem place of establishment wid dem loud rahtid mouth when me look up me see seh a him but i wasnt sure. Anyway back to my wings me only see when him walk past me walk up d stairs walk round the bar and through the passages as if him want ppl fi acknowledge him like my yute guh tek yuh seat nuh … anyways NOBODY acknowledged him. He sat with a man and a girl then got up started talkin on his phone again and switched to a nearer seat to the crowd and stilll no one would even say HI lmao I was watching this entire thing like me really did feel sorry fi him and then him finally go back go sitdown wid d girl and d man and deh pon him phone di entire timeeee sitting down at the table pretending to be about business … MAVADO YUR SOOOO LUDDDDY ! :ngakak

      1. MET NOT EVEN HALF A PERSON … i put down one piece a laughin wid me drunken self suppose u see how d man a walk bosi like him deh pon runway! I mean people still pretend to talk on their phones??? lmaooo he was really trying but it never work.
        :hoax2 nobody nah look! Him coulda use one mike and talk likkle louder.

          1. I dont even know why dat man even bother! Ever since dem start fck mavado wid broom tick all of a sudden him feel seh him inna di illuminati
            im not lookin :cool

  43. WOW 1 person dnt get a pic nd the man is a bad person. Whining because u didnt get a pic. I wanted to take a pic with him once when he was in JA nd I made sure I asked another artiste I knw to ask for me, cuz a jus suh star ting guh, but true him ring dwn him family phone him feel him is a link. Yes artistes should show straight love to their fans , bt its the timing nd the way u do it. They have feelings nd emotions too dnt forget tht.

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