Mavado’s son to be tried for murder

The teenage son of dancehall deejay David Brooks, more popularly known as Mavado, has been committed to stand trial for murder.

Last year, Mavado’s son was charged jointly with 23-year-old Andre Hines for the June 5, 2018 murder of Lorenzo Thomas, otherwise called ‘Israel’ or ‘Trulups’, in Cassava Piece, St Andrew. Both were charged with conspiracy to murder, arson, shooting with intent and illegal possession of firearm and ammunition.

The teenager had also been accused of giving his co-accused, Hinds, an order to behead Thomas.

Reports were that a witness statement given to the police had alleged that Mavado’s son gave the instruction.

“Memba di boss want him head,” the juvenile allegedly said to Hinds.

The statement further alleged that Hinds attempted to carry out the order but only managed to partially sever Thomas’s head.

The teenager denied the allegations when he appeared in the Corporate Area Criminal Court on Wednesday, June 27, 2018.

Attorney-at-law Bert Samuels yesterday told THE STAR that the younger Brooks last appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court in December 2018, at which time it was recommended that the matter be sent to the Supreme Court for trial.

The teen has repeatedly been denied bail since he was picked up by the police in June 2018, and remains in custody.

“The problem with getting bail for him was that he came before the court with murder and three other charges,” Samuels explained.

In June 2018, the police had ordered Mavado to turn himself into the authorities for questioning. His son, brother and other relatives were detained at the Constant Spring lock-up in relation to the flare up of violence in the entertainer’s Cassava Piece, St Andrew, community. Mavado’s other relatives were subsequently released.

It is said that violence sparked in the community last year after Mavado was shot at following a dispute.


  1. Beheading? And they were comfortable caring out the act? Don’t even give them a trial, just hang dem!

  2. Who notice that while Mavado’s son is sinking, Mavado is rising?

    Somebody did haffi get sacrificed and unfortunately had chose his little troublemaker son!

    1. Y’all need to stop with that Illuminati $hit. You think every celebrity is involved with that. His career is at the same level it was before.

  3. This on the father. I always had zero ratings for him. He’s phony. Instead of guide di yute you allowed him to get caught up. Whether directly or indirectly.

  4. I swear every comment is just pure hate. The young man has mind of his own. He made the decision to pick up badness how in the fuck could you people blame his father? What’s his father supppose to do stop his life behind this he must continue to keep rising he has lawyer fees to pay for his son now, he has other children a wide house holds and bills, you people are unbelievable and God see and know that man has lectured his son several times about the badness but he chose that path no matter what his father has said. You people need to be more realistic and stop hating so damn hard!

  5. FOH you didn’t hear ?!?!! “The “boss” I.e Vado said deal with the yute”

    Yu need read with understanding. Someone’s tail is singing and saying VADO issued the order to kill and behead the yute . Ain’t nobody blaming Vado unjustly . Had he provided his kid with a better upbringing, he might have had a fighting chance at living a life free of crime AND MURDER. If you disagree with THAT statement , then I’m sorry ur just An ASS


  6. Invisible…. YOU WERE WITH MAVADO AND HIS SON? You sound stupid. First the young man used to live with his mother and was keeping up bare foolery wanting to life the bad mind life, Mavado was not in the country at the time and couldn’t be there, the young man wouldn’t listen, so Mavado removed him from his mothers house and had him move to the mansion where even if he’s not there he would be easier to supervise. Mavado told his son many times the street life is not it but the he wouldn’t listen to him. He can not control that while he’s away working and with his other children and family his son I still wants to live the street life. Mavado did not and would not tell his son to kill anyone for what? He has a billion men willing to do that for free why would he send his son? You don’t know anything, come out of people life! Stop assuming things! That’s his first son and just like most children sheltered or not sheltered in JAMAICA no matter what they grow up seeing things, you can’t always control a child with their mind made up! BTW Who said his son did anything, he’s innocent them doh find him guilty yet, that’s why it’s a case with a trail!!!!! Go get your hating ass life! AND THIS IS ALL FACTS NOT HEAR SAY OR THINGS PEOPLE MAKE UP FOR SOCIAL MEDIA AND NEWS PAPERS.

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