Nuhbaddy nuh have nuh 411 pon da girl yah, she been MIA fi months now, a weh she deh. Her name is also Simone, come on smaddy spill di beans.



    1. She’s Jamaican I’m sure she have ooman ah lick pon her when she all free like a bird hahahahaha. Starting to think the reason why lesbianism is so big in Jamaica is because when these likkle scamming, drug-smuggling, tiefing gal dem get held, locked and dipped them get swiped inna di jail and prison and come ah road wid dem batty gal antics.

  1. Anon 10:12 look here switched at birth bitch I am highly homophobic but inna real bldclt life nuh sadamite nuh dehya more Dan nowhere else..look pon Africa suck u mada n don’t use u sticky fingers n write mi country bomboclaat name pan yuh suckhood fine. Fi guh si u n hear u bldclt deeds mi hate unu eno shithouse Marcus Garvey talk bout unu

    1. Only undercover homos are homophobic you undercover Doctor fish!!! And how the phuck you know bout other places when you never left the island you unexposed coconut. I can bet you haven’t even driven through much less visited all the parishes yet, you hungry belly waste product. Go suck yuh madda 20 times. In Africa (which is a continent btw not a country you ignorant basztard) they stone gays and lesbos, in Jamaica all gal dem ah explore gal panties w id dem tongue island wide!!! And the man dem ah hide and do it for fake/cheap clothes, old factory refurnished phones and a little bit of liquor money for dances. Go outside and walk around the country you love and see for yourself, ediot!!!

  2. Raas douchebag, stink and brite nuh bloodclaate, like coconut is an INSULT. TONKS MET FOR ADDRESSING DAT STRUMPET AND WAR MONGER. HER COMMENT AGITATED ME…

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