70 thoughts on “MEET KERRY AND MS LOU

  1. Met a who dem two idiot yah a gih finga? Ah yuh?
    Senda what’s the story? More than what everybody whey know Kerry ann already knows.


  2. Had the pleasure of meeting Kerry, lovely to speak to. Loves her children, her youngest son such a cute fellow.
    Ms. Lou……what a mess, very crafty thief. Now if she can just put together a good outfit from what she borrows from the stores……and hey please be careful removing the sensors, her clothing always has the holes :tkp

  3. leave kerry alone she nah worry bout yuh unno……. yall need a rass life kerryann is happy an she nah worry bout yall unno to rass bad mind unno fi be happy fi ppl god dont like ugly stop hate pon har everything she do a problem to unno jamaican ppl a the wost dutty heart ppl…….

    1. No need to elaborate on your comment. However, I was just wondering if you are AWARE of YOUR STATEMENT? After observing your texting style, I can conclude that you are a JAMAICAN as well. So lets just all conclude that YOU ARE A DUTTY HEART PERSON TOO!!!! :hn Dumb rass, yu ah cuss ppl an ah cuss yu damn self too.

      I don’t know this Kerry creature, personally, but her defense line (lovergirl) need some common sense/education.

      :kr :kr “watch yu frens, watch yu frens weh yu keep!” Cause some ah dem ah big hypocrite :travel

  4. Anybody know if ms Lou legal yet from when she land a America and still and all now she nuh get tru mi nuh see at wit money man like Kerry and apple how she survive

  5. Mi want to know if miss.Lou legal yet from when she come a America and no get tru yet wa she a do wid ar self and how she survive cuh mi no see har wid money man like apple an Kerry

  6. Kerry Ann is a wanna b,following Apple along with her man drew following j icon .This young girl look like big woman Miss Lou is Little miss sister.She use to live in Florida with her sis Black Beauty Michelle (Little miss sis also).Since Michelle got deported to Ja miss Lou has been back in Ny kotching all over,have no abiding home to rest her head.She also had a baby. By a dead beat “buoy”(boy).Miss Lou lives in the store stealing everyday and selling to survive n to try to keep up withKerryann them.Its a shame these ppl are all living a lie.Wake up Ppl……..That’s what Jmg is for wake up.

    1. SAAAAME SO IT GO!!!!! But you see how God work. Banck in the day you couldnt even call to Miss Lou.. She did hype more dan Flippa… God bring har down to nuttin and she still not even realize seh she fi humble harself!!

  7. Kerry ann thank god for jue because no man never take u up as them personal woman yet kerry ann is a dog u breed for shushana baby father ball head kirk) and give donna brother di little boy people if you look and kerry first son and look and on ballhead (kirk) u see what am talking abt shushana did talk how kerry f**k her babyfather and breed fi him

  8. Fake body Kerryann ya reach di pink wall no more walking inna rotten apple shadows. Tell mi mon JUE I said Muah Muah Muah Muah Muah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mi love mi JUE JUE nah left him fi nothing. Ottay! :ngakak :ngakak school fee payed #Check. Rent payed #Check. My vehicle insurance #check. What more can I say besides I’m loving your man and there’s nothing you can do about it stinking pussy Kerryann abayyyyyy

  9. lalala .I don’t know kerryann but I like her very much seems to be a nice girl :cool let me back to my movie

  10. @met Miss Lou and Kerryann are irrelevant they sent in the picture them self to gain status; ain’t nobody got time for them. Miss Lou need fi call Little Miss a Jamaica so she can send some money for her, shi need a place fi live. Kerryann want ppl fi talk bout har like how them talk bout apple. @met these are waste materials don’t waste your time on dem FOOLS. MIMI have bigga story fi tell wi bout Bready and LA. Dem gal deh a look attention. Anyway Little Miss did buy house already ah Florida fi Miss Lou and she run left it fi goh back a NYC worthless case. Tek dung them picture a fame them a look ;(

  11. Bombo hole then a miss Lou get suh black? not even when shi deh a sunny Florida shi did look suh tarry, mi couldn’t recognize seh a she, she look pop dung, as to the Little Miss part a nuff time di sister stay a yaad and send money fi har room & board, miss Lou nuh have nuh ambition, always live off her sister them coat tail, miss Lou inna har 30s now, from mi know miss Lou when she just have 1st son, miss Lou live wid Michelle, from Michelle get dip miss Lou nuh stop walk and sleep pan ppl floor, a weh u name miss Lou? vacuum or swifter sweep, or mop which one, as to the sister I won’t go there, miss Lou a big rass woman a tek man long time fi guh fend fi har rass self

  12. Kerryann know what time it is when Shushanna come out cause kerryann, apple, and Shushanna was friends and kerryann tek Kirk. Some gal just nasty. Anyway @Met these Bronx gal all them do is send in dem own pictures pon yu site fi gain popularity; whonu come off a di Pink Wall and goh look a Black Wall fi stick pon ole jerms Met stop gi them recognition Miss Lou and Kerryann plan this jus thru apple boots deh pon yah. Met yu fi mek a BlackWall fi de Germz dem; and leave the PinkWall fi Worthy News.

  13. Quena is which Kerry am you av di pleasure meeting?? Not di nasty dutty brawling spread wey mouth one up a top. Di gal mouth nasty not even garbage waah store in deh, I jue ever lef dat mi sorry feem cuz Bronx tear dung. Fashion police yuh good to rass fi f**k afta Kerry an a hope yuh a use condom oh lord. :kr Money makes the world go round… Bands make your girl go down. Who Kerry breed fah?? Ball head??? Histreeee. Anonymous come wid facts man cho!


    1. @Buble…..Can’t lie, she was pleasant when I met her, matter of fact if she reads the wall she can confirm I AM PUERTO RICAN……Kerry please come confirm. I don’t know her personally but we met in passing.

  14. It is hereeee! Fashion Police so yuh no fraid Jue realize a you pon di Pink Wall a talk up di tings? Mine him tighten di purse string!

  15. Mi nuh believe @Fashion police a f**k not a Due, she just a hot up Kerry, merry guh roun the circle head, she brawling like wow! mi nuh think Shushana aguh war har fi Kirk, cuz every baddie know seh Shushana only need Kirk when she inna problem, but Merry guh roun Kerry ann shouldn’t tek him cuz along time them frens, from them aguh school, them a guh jail from them time deh and me use to guh act as the mother fi one of them, mi nah call nuh name, Fashion police behave u self, u a talk u straight, stop mash up Kerry ann head cuz it good from long time.

  16. kerry ann use to f**k kirk before she and sushana a friend when kerry use to live across bronx after she f**k kirk she friend sushana kerryann always f**k her friend them man alll dwayne Keira baby father look how she friend tamika babyfather shit house kerry ann

  17. @Sketel bam. JUE know how mi feel bout him sad bitch already dat never stop him from sharing him sweet buddy.

    @4:12. Fraid fi wha?? I have JUE exactly weh mi want him :2thumbup :2thumbup :2thumbup

    @quene. Mi good :thumbup :thumbup

  18. Woeiiiiiiiiiiii. Met you neva hear rotten apple and sour pussy Kerryann ah give me big big shout out :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak t @kerryann every real woman know seh yuh can’t swear fi yuh man. Don’t worry bout weh mi deh cause mi know weh you deh. :thumbup Enjoy your likkle cheap get a way trip cause my rent (Check) Tuition (Check) car note been (Check) and last but not least my one wk vacation to curaƧao is CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK! still traveling in the states I see :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak you can’t talk to me cause JUE well mek sure SEH my trip is payed for. While your enjoying your Tri-state getaway me and my friends are enjoying ourselves out the country illegal fake body gyal. Don’t worry ya soon meet Mrs.Fashion police in due time
    :cendol :cendol :cendol :cendol

  19. fashion police lie dwrcl sa! Kerry is brawlin and LOVE FIGHT! last time i saw her was at a baby shower and she got into a big brawl with ppl.

    puertoriquena .. u are likkle dancehall termite u aint low ..

    1. @Glam…….I didn’t meet her at no Dancehall, my Son’s struck up conversation with her son’s and she was very pleasant.
      I don’t really party in NY as I stick out like a sore thumb, my last time out was in LA mansion….keeping low like fo’ flat tires šŸ™‚

  20. @glammity. Pon har Instagram yes mi love :ngakak :ngakak :thumbup mi have har feeling some type of way :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  21. Matter of fact she deh pon JUE Instagram she and rotten apple a comment unda him picture bout where is fashion police F**king idiot gyal dem.

  22. @Fashionpolice yuh look like u really serious bout this thing here wid u and Due, call when uno ready fi put on the gloves because mi waan ring side seat. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  23. Fashion police y u doing that an she nu know Ntn bout u just keep u ass quiet an take what u getting from the man a so unno bright just gwan take what u getting an go easy my girl u is a rass fool

  24. So if a suh Fashion Police a loud up di ting and nah back dung then it stick pon Kerry Ann. Because if Jue a read JMG and FP nah tell nuh lie, him mus know a who. Fashion how long yuh deh wid Jue? Weh him tell yuh bout Kerry? A caan mi alone een yah puzzle!

  25. Nuff nights :thumbup :thumbup @BIG ASS- JUE is my care bear/ sugar daddie what part of that dont you understand my girl? JUE ah mi baby :kiss :kiss :kiss and yes I have all right fi broadcast it cause Kerryann can’t do nothing bout it ah me name kitty kitty jue love this sweet kitty kitty and him nah stop f**k this pu**y neither. So deal wid it stinkin pussy Kerryann.

  26. Mi shock because di amount a own dem two yah own up dem one anneda pon Instagram mi frighten when FP say she naw lef Kerry Ann man. Real laughing stock.

  27. What we as women fail to realize is that ownership means Zip Zero Because at the ending of the day a dog will always be a dog…and thats her dog to deal with not mines :ngakak :alay My Expenses Every month is the only ownership I’m seeking kapeache! :thumbup Kerry Ann and JUE can parade as much as dem like pon social media that doesn’t phase me. Kerry looking publicity and popularity mi ah look money fi stock and pile inna my saving account love you JUE see you when I get back! Thanks for my vacation pape :kiss :supermaho

  28. Morning Met an Greetings one and all!
    Normally I just read and enjoy the entertainment without commenting but there are times when a bish need to throw a question or 2 in the mix. So here goes:
    @Fashion Police: I find your comments extremely interesting, because you are one bareface MO’FO. That is why mi just have to ask you dis, Isnt it easier fi just take di man completely over fi yourself and done? I believe that you with the guy fi true, you not just a fool round di girl head. So y dont you just take him for yourself? You obviously love him and put yourself above the other girl, so y not just Tek a gal man and mek she see how its done????

    ..And dont tell me you dont want di man because if me ago f**k a man just because him a pay me bills and mi KNOW mi no want him, NOBODY NAAH know say mi a f**k him, Not even that man can say me a f**k him. mi f**k dat tonight collect and in public pass dat like mi no know it.

    Talk up Fashion Police Answer mi baby cause you cold like ice mama.

  29. I know kerry she aint no good girl from she f**k her friend man kerry use to f**k lot of little boy in the Bronx but FP if u fu*k jue make Kerry know a you, why woman love talk say them f**k gyal man and cant be straight

    1. thats the thing, I think if u going to be bareface about something, why not just be 100 wid it? dont hide and talk, talk up and take di man because she is talking like it is a walk in the park to get the guy.

      on another note, from my experience in this world, no matter how a man is a dog, if the the man serious about a side chick, and that side chick have that man weak in her hands, best believe wifey will KNOW who the side piece is, she dont need to guess, spell and assume who itcould possibly be, because the man NOT going to hide the sidepiece or he is going to get careless with keeping her a secret. So im puzzled as to how Kerry dont know who Fashion Police is, the way Fashion police going on. But let Fashion Police explain herself im sure there must be a good explanation

  30. FP mi see Apple post pic wid Jue and Kerry Ann say dem gone pon vacay. Mi waan know if a everything dem haffi put pon Insta. Anyway FP how yuh no gone? Or fi unin vacay different?

  31. I’m in curaƧao enjoying my vacation I’m in another country not Puerto Rico which is another us state. Kerry Ann and apple fi upgrade dem documents dem can’t chat to me no day no time. Ah curaƧao mi SEH goggle it Dutty pussy Kerryann . Thanks to my JUE bear :kiss :kiss ah me SEH education and ambition with perks to it :thumbup :thumbup

  32. @fashion police I cannot cross it :ngakak :malu :ngakak it is too much weh u say u have jue lock upppppppp :alay :ngakak

  33. Fashion police ah tell lie .. I see right through it but really & truly who brags about a faggot?? … Fashion just say u hate kerry Ann fi whatever reason but I mean jue is gay though.. & the way you’re raving is just unreal ! I don’t buy It.

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