1. I am not being funny here suh Yakini must have yeast infection twice a month neva see a ooman weh like inna cat suit nd tights …plus why yuh neva as Dog Leash fi help yuh fren duh hair baby shower from hair tuh decor.

    Guh see how dat germs of a germsamite shawty chat yuh like dead dog weh half eaten by She de johncrow vomit

  2. Yakini and shorty not even know each other more 5 yrs. If them know each others 3 years them know nuff. Them walk and chat them one another like wow.

  3. I totally HATE when we blacks pick up other people culture and run with it. When in this life time would you ever see a Chinese do a AFRICAN theme anything. GTFOH but chinese baby shower

  4. My question is her friend must be carrying a 10 pound baby or twins because she is huge and big, just out of control, mi wonder if this is her 1st baby because this baby stretched her out completely.

    As far as Yankini I’m looking at her white cat suit and I see that she seems to have a waist trainer hidden but you can see the print though the spandex cat suit…

  5. Better if Yakini did go Dr. Bronx, she wouldn’t have to be wearing body armor all year round. Yak don’t listen to yuh ugly friend and seek a consultation from Dr. Bronx fi release yuh poor shackle up body.

  6. Anyday yak yak return back to misses clump dancehall empty CAUSE the fat returning but she fighting it very hard .

  7. Shawty have 1 ovary suh don’t do well on her getting pregnant no time soon or ever,in her case it’s hard to breed .

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