Den Melissa nuh know say dem have white filling now. No man. Is like she a try be the female Mattie bout she have talk up video page. But har video dem whack wid noooo sense. Kmt. Plus only pretty mouth ppl must do talk up video. She a get too nuff now cause Nicki naw see har again. Kmt.


  1. Di time she a duh talk up video shi need fi go attend to har child whea a call out mommy in a di back ground,careless attention seeking,duck.

  2. But But she used to be a mate ‘ her man woman no stop call her from Jamaica. Mellisa put Kevin pon the phone & go fixed your lobster color teeth Kevin come to the phone mate on the phone. Lavish stress a kill u with Kevin cause that gal not going no where that’s kevin woman in jamaica ‘ and u can’t travel abaaaay .

  3. Illiterate waste matter
    Da katty yah nuh have no sense
    Post something constructive
    An positive.

  4. We as always love overdo di ting. She a ride di ting too hard now cause this “don’t look good” (ina mi Melissa wannabe Matty voice) Lol

  5. She had on that wig for 4mos now come on now Melissa dash away the dirty wig. And please go to a dentist mouth look like you eat ass .

  6. me lik she me woulda try sort out me life….her man no stop kill her wit bun…kevin no stop f**k don’t ny and Jamaica…him a f**k nuff man gal but him undercover wit him whorines

  7. y is she talkin about mate wen her man has..a bag a gal weh him a f**k raw…kevin a f**k dwn de whole a Jamaica an ny…lavish matey dem get more from kevin dan lavish…..kevin no ramp from run money pon gal…

  8. Omgosh! This is embarrassing. I honestly don’t think this girl care what anyone say about her. Kevin did a F one of my friend and him tell har him love Lavish and him nawh give her up for anyone. So, I don’t know cause my friend did love him and was trying really hard to win him. Him tell my friend say him and har married since the little boy born. Also, him say a har behavior him can’t stand but she have a good heart cause if him fall a morning a she alone him sure him ago see. He even tell har how him did live pan road and a she tek him in and when that happen them did break up so him really rate her for that. Only dem can tell the story. That’s why Terrian never get him cause him nawh leave Lavish fi nobody. Him basically will sleep with you and give a few $$ but nothing more.

  9. Its funny how them a say how kevin won`t give a girl nothing more than a few $$ when kevin pay a girl wey me know rent and make sure she live comfortable……. some a unu fi stop chat wey unu nuh know bout n kevin and lavish nuh married if they were married lavish woulda straight and would’ve been able to travel long time. Lavish need fi shut har f**king trap cuz she nuh mek it a rass.

  10. Lavish need to go sit down stop play like kevin want her after she go give the man jacket baby melissa a one dutty whore from long time she just ghetto and don’t have no sense go look after the little pikney and stop promote foolishness.

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