This is the big party that keep at temple hall the other night a man name matlock and a this him woman wear everybody a talk about her how she stay bad and need a make over,, plz post for me met..


13 thoughts on “MELLOW YELLOW TUH @#$ MNL

  1. Sender why people talking, what she do to any one of you, she’s a grown women and she looks decent and it looks like her man love her… I don’t see what problem people would have with her, she could be someone’s grandmother… I don’t even know these people personally so more information to mek me understand the hate would be great…

  2. Oh that awful disgusting shade wig again!! For the life of me can somebody make sense of why ladies wear dresses that hide their shoes??I mean what’s the point then!

  3. Mi see them put up ockro Mi did live a grants pen Mi deh ny now ockro go war an come back Matlock from nothing to sum thing Mi ni envy Mi on face book ockro a beat them back Mi see wagi daughter an Valerie hype gal a dem put up the pic them y uno a use ockro old picture dem wagi gal memba u a germs Mario softsoap f**k u a ur friend a foreign u a nobody ockro a foundation .

  4. Remind me again what looks have to do with personality? Se look like an average woman of her age range before this ridiculous surgery to look like a plastic doll came about.

  5. Dutty Matlock you belly big bad about you ah look woman gone Matlock mi don’t want no big belly uncle looking grandfather
    Good body girl like me gone Matlock you and your woman look ah mess
    But big up yourself bring your money and come

  6. All big dutty stinking. …Jordan ..Yes Gully Bop family .Yes Ms Norma grandson Sell out Him dancer friend dem weh him used to dance with freaky Shanoya weh suck and lick out the whole a Utech/Uwi …Everybady knw bout this bitch Inna the f**g streets …Jordan a Freak him self mi hurt how the youth fool ..Just because the gal a GI him Likkle money fi fix up him self …Suck u mada Jordan yaa bowaz like Uu family dem …Shanoya need a wash out …Freaky blc Gal …Weh Shanoya get money from a mine u suh ..kmft a freak …Jordan Suck shanoya upa sight when Rr mada did gone …UNO SOON BBC DEAD …

  7. Jordan ms Norma grandson ..the dancer 1 waay dem Call Bop …Suck Shanoya pussy upa sight 2 bomboclaat freak dem …Sell out him dancer fren dem dun a 5 fi bomboclaat freaky nyam pussy ,nyam batty,nyamm cocky Shanoya …Jordan freakyness Inna yu blood freaky boy …Barba dem a chat sayy yu eat Shanoya dats y yaaaa get so much things from r. ..nyam pussy boy …Him did a look me 1 tyme BT hym anyh femme type …F**g freak .Freaky boy Shandy dem a say yu eat the gal …The hold sight a chat bout u ..dat y non a weee caaan si yu …Guh nyam yu mada

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