Ice wid di stay bad silicone lopside breast!!!
you ah walk & f**k di whole ******* Florida and have no shame …yuh chat too much yuh tell yuh friends all you and di man business how him rent big cars,wen things ah come in,how him have money,how him nuh want relationship wid you but yuh like get things from him yuh name it she seh it Ice tell di man how you a f**k him friend !!!!! And Gucci don !!!! yuh like boast and brag about things that don’t belong to you why yuh always ah chase party and not take care of yuh pickney whoring gal close yuh legs because di people a wlk and talk bout you even dem pop down girls yuh hang wid ah chat yuh


16 thoughts on “MELTED ICE

  1. This is funny yo, yuh know is Sunday ma mind ran on this girl and was searching instagram to see if she’s on it but couldn’t find her. Lo n behold here she is as mi enter the site, bout 3 years now mi nuh

  2. Lave har she ah f**k her way tru … Gucci don paid for them breast.. this Gyal f**k Eric the so call manager of Popeye lol who she say is her so call bredda

  3. Y’all hoes so wack get f**n life…matter a fact kimmy get a f***n life,u f***n fat bitch u only mad cause they only hanging out without u bitch…tomorrow bout to be a year ur mama die hoe go f**in worry bout dat pussyole ediat bout dat? Bitch u is one pathetic fat,don’t have a life broke ass bitch..Girl bye!

  4. Marsha don’t have shit to do with this. Marsha ain’t the only one that don’t like Ice. Wtf she got better things to f***ng do.

  5. lol she did try start her own “tazangels” with chyna and did rob her. ice use to be on backpage all the time

  6. Chynna is still there walking around infecting everybody man n woman from florida to jamaica. She n shoota the guy that keep the day rave party vip a play infected game she infect him and him infect the gyal dem.Florida need fi bomb up a bay disease deh deh

  7. Ice nasty and stink like sell pussy di man from la nasty to bloodcloth ah walk round and model wid her pon him shoulder ice like f**k everybody man and act innocent thats all she known for in fl

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