Go into hiding after tape released

Two Manchester men who were taped doing things have reportedly gone into hiding after the release of the video which has since gone viral, receiving thousands of shares on various social media sites.

Information reaching THE STAR is that the video was shot in bushes in Porus and starred a well known ‘hype’ socialite from the area, who has children with at least three women.

According to a source, the men, hell bent on getting into England, had concocted an elaborate scheme, claiming they were gays and were being sexually harassed. They were seeking to get asylum in the United Kingdom, using a UK-based contact.

The British contact, who turned out to be a fraud or a plain mischief maker, instructed the men to make a video to prove their sexual orientation and send same to him.

Therefore, the two, along with a third party who operated the camera, put on a pornographic show before uploading the video to their British contact.

However, instead of the expected British visas, the contact began to share the video on every available media, including phones, Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media sites.

“Me know the two boy them, a same place a Porus them come from,” a female viewer shared with THE STAR. “Da one deh in the cap is the bleach out face hype-up boy from round a (street name deleted). And look pon them size, no sah.”

A male viewer expressed his disgust at the video, saying: “Me hear that him say a kill him ago kill himself.”


  1. Lawd Jesus, mi hear bout gay fi pay,; but dis ya a di first gay fi stay I hear bout.
    Met mi see pon Buzzfeed a woman a England send a man she meet online a million dollars outta har inheritance. She neva meet him, but ckaim it real cuz him use poetic language. Met a yuh deh catfish di lady cuz mi know yuh well poetic.

  2. Met

    Where is the video… Poor thing the boys/men will do whatever it take to get out of JA but to do that is really crazy… I guess maybe now since their life are in danger they can get the visa by a legit person… That man played them boys….

  3. Mi kno d one that was takin the backaz from him a baby … Frm him ago basic school dem a ketch him n man duggu duggu dem neva did a f**k fi not a visa further more him say him neva kno di otha boy did a hide n record dem…. Him have nuff gal all a dem suppose to shame

      1. Met I saw the video. Me can even send it to yuh. Mouth ah Massi, nobody never a hide and record them. They knew it was being recorded. they kept talking to the person videoing them in the start too and the person even threw a pack of wipes to them.

          1. Met me say it gross bad and di boy don’t even a use condom. You a talk bout how it reach in deh, me a wonda how him manage fi mek the boy a ram out him batty so. It look like a something him do on a regular

          2. of course it haffi be regular thats why him able fi tek dat sorry if people seh dem things deh normal it doe normal as mi click it and see di two a dem naked i had to stop it and delete it from mi computer

        1. Mi ask him and him say him neva kno di boy a record him …mi all ask him why him stop if it hot or him feel it neva right n him say cause it hot

  4. Put it up Met…cause de unda cova batty bwoy need fi get call out…nastty rass doo-doo chasers..smdh

  5. And dem think seh that woulda work and get them a visa? dwrcl!! If that a di case then every man woulda start do that, not to mention every lesbian lol…By di way, every weh me go mi see the same STAR article but no video…cho

  6. Dem is batty man because if you dont have batty man intentions you wont push yuh hood ina man batty fi no reason.

  7. I’m sure there are way more problems in Jamaica than a tape of two adults have consensual sex. People just need to mind their own business. Pay attention to the murder rate and how pretty soon if not yet the Jamaican dollar will be as worthless like the Zimbabwean dollar.

  8. Biblically Its as sinful as lying, lusting, fornication and murder. Most of those stuff you’ve all done. In fact some may even sing songs in support of murder, or even watch a lustful porn video on your phone or computer and feel good inside instead of equally upset and disgusted.

    However, unlike the other sins mentioned, the persons in the video did not go out of their way to share the video or impose their act upon other people’s lives in a negative way. In fact, they clearly went out of everyone’s way so that no one else would see or be affected.

    It is because of oppression why so many gay people marry or have sex with women they do not love and then end up being unfaithful and spread avoidable STI’s to the women. These women then cheat because the men can’t get an erection or isn’t sexually attracted to their wife and the diseases spread even more and this is because of thoughtless prhudices that exist. You did not choose to be straight, gay or big. It is something that develops at an early age and stays with you. How can I prove this? You decide to stop having all sexual desires for the opposite sex and let all your sexual desires go toward the same sex. You can’t do that. Its impossible because your sexuality is already set. If you can’t change your sexuality, force yourself to cinstantly have sex with a gender you have no attraction for or go without sex for the rest of your life, then why do you expect this from others or hate and kill them because they cant.

    Because you shun these people many develop twisted gendee identities and it spreads because of your rejection of them. If you were around to accept and guide them how to behave many of them may not have developed a twisted gender identity or sexuality. Think beyond the surface and be sensible.

    Nationally, there are things that clearly affect many or all other Jamaicans in a begative way like crime, rape, murder, corruption, poverty, unemployment, absent fathers, bad man behaviour, bullying, the economy, stealing, unemployment, cult worship, lodge business, oppression, community prejudice in the job market, high taxes, adultery, unfaithfulness, fornication, inaccessibility to effective education and so much more.

    I have not watched the video and don’t intend to, but what concerns me is the backward and undeveloped behaviour that exists among many Jamains, especially those who are living in poverty or barely even educated past high school. Let’s think deeper as a people and see what our actions and inactions create. Take responsibility through sensibility.

      1. well past thirsty to how this post is months old and dem ah request video..this is not a gay porn site…begging for sah? a nana dat ah request it? lmao

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