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  1. Too sad he is gay!! Micky yyy ooo. You look damm good. Another one bites the dust! Whyyyyyy mickey oooo Whyyyyyy!!! :berduka lol

  2. Mikey did need to cool down to hype he f**ks with people to much and look who cool down him every own movie star Jason this cocky war needs it’s own movie rip to the top gay lovers

  3. A loudy shuda get de stab inna him belly let out steam ca him tooo nuff and nah nuh strength. Ongle mout and batty strength loudy have. Wen unno ago dash weh loudy.

  4. Yuh know seh in a real life mi nuh tink a over di dicky dicky why mikey get dem stab mi tink all three a dem a just sister’s

  5. A weh Kim and Dougie and the rest a deh how dem nah post nothing if a did anybody else dem run in and start throw shade long time mi coulda tell seh dem boi deh a fish the one Mickey always a throw shade ppl pon SC f××ka yuh Jason a yuh cooler !!! Also shorty yuh put up everybody business pon yuh put up this to nuh ms village lawyer mickey nuh yuh big fren

  6. Some truth to all of this beca the three of them usually live on social media. I haven’t seen any recent posts on any of their pages. Looks like court tomorrow morning fi true.

  7. They’re always writing up bout ppl to bring dem down but now the tables turn they have nothing to say gwan Mike wid yu shitty batty self loudy gay til look bad him nuh stop fuvk off the ppl them husband inna dance hall Jason they’re just hating Mikey n loudy cause of ur courier but the ppl love can yu don’t bother ppl. Poca learn how to dress urself can yu never look good yet yu Parr wid batty that thief clothes

  8. You know what the truely saddest part of this whole situation is? Instead of just f**n sittin back and taking the time to just chill and get their f***n lives together they’re there trying to throw shade and doubt and have people assume that it is NOT true despite the fact that it is.

    Loudy is so caught up in the mix and needs his name to be associated in it so bad that he has to run and comment on any and everything Mikey Mention says trying to big up his importance in the story. Like go and siddung someweh. The story is about Jason and Mikey and because you’re a dancehall duppy/a nobody you DONT get a mention. Stop seeking attention and seek the Lord! I would tell you to go wash and baptize and ne clean but yuh deep dig out battyhole wi sink yuh. Toronto’s version of Shebada wid a tun dung body, no talent and n hype back ah it.

    They need to stop this social media madness and fix their f** lives. Weh Iyanla vanzant deh when yuh need har?

  9. Poca needs to bath..she duty like..jus like har duty life style…batty manno stop f**k har….poca u nu tiad fi smell shil ina u pussy…lol…she love buy out people argument too much…mi feel the whole har enemy them fi get together and beat up a nasty bloodcloth…..bitch…dirty shity pussy bitch…..geow the f**k up already…people tiad a unu now man cho…..miky dun long time….sir loudy need fi hang himself and stop f**k kirk go yea dem a f** …i like jason..mikey u need fi give social media a break..a it a mash up u

  10. Ugly top heavy loudy nuh stop tek the ppl them man an mash up the ppl them love life. I swear him favah Chrissy the dancehall King.

  11. Wait deh! suh unu mean fi seh Sir loudy and Kirk go out deh???? Isn’t kirk with kay goodaz.nobody nuh like shit up, top heavy, ill shaped loudy. Mikey yuh did too hype and see it deh now! Jason mek u shut up. Jason a god bless yute di ppl dem love him..mikey was his downfall

  12. It’s sad the friendship had to come to this, most of the time when you hear about Jason its tagged on to Mikey for something crazy and childish. I guess Jason had enough and everyone gets to that point right Mikey should humble now and realize that it’s time to be an adult and not a dancehall child trying to walk in the shadow of his fadda. I never been a fan of loudmouth either and the poca girl is a nice girl. Kirk….I hope its not true but anything is possible. Mikey its time to do a self search and realize you da problem hon. U will be all by yourself if you don’t change cuz ur lil white man aint gone love u the way ur friends do…condo or no condo.

  13. Jason n Mikey were sweetest gay couple in dancehall even tho ppl were being naive. I just wanted to know who was the top & bottom.

    1. … Mike nuh mine him faddah or him family him bloodclaut selfish yu f**k!!!! An mi nah lie r tek up fi none a dem dancehall f**ka but dah one ya nav no truth inna it… wheel and come again

  14. Well, I know many women whey a madd ova mikey mention, lolol….MET, mi have nuff nuff things fi tell unno bout the canada dancehall life…… yuh have one ole ooman whey nuh pan nuh knock whey shi nuh deh….and she run bacca di sound man like a puppy dwag….lolol….i poppying the stories real soon….stay tune…. lawd it cold up here.

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