Dear Met,

Everyone in Jamaica’s legal circles are having a good laugh at this confrontation involving Jamaica’s top Real estate lawyer. The lawyer lady pick up herself gone a the white lady house fi mussi take possession of whatever. However that is bailiff work so one piece of Mess and we all thought the lawyer lady was stoosh plus tax.Met when she posed for the picture mi drop buff a grung!Down to the Judges a laugh like wow and asking lawyers if them see the video, yes Your Honour mi seet!


    1. Messado! “pose fi de camera” in a *video man voice* :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

      Foreign gyal sound like that one pon de stage play ‘I’ve got your man’ lolol

      1. pp yuh hear how the white lady blowing a gasket and the lawyer jovially Ansa her phone “hallow”…..yuh see how she lie, the lawyer Neva push Pon har at least I can’t see that. I know her type. Privileged. Belligerent. Dramatic. Loud.

        1. :ngakak :ngakak Damn damn way Marie. Messado go “hallo” Canadian lick :hammer

          Me ignore Ms. Bucket she bout she a push gate :ngakak

        2. U are right abt privileged! Belligerent and dramatic!!! Is it possible I can deem her racist by how she speaks?! :nohope she sounds racist! Messado gonna mess her self on her death bed! Never take pleasure at one’s down fall!! She need to remember the recent rise and fall Harold Brady!! (Lawyer as well)) Messado she is obnoxious!

          1. Messado and Harold Brady is two different league. That is Bush Football Vs. Champions League

            Messado is known as the last one to ramp with, and nuh ramp fi tell ppl bout dem parts.

            Most feared Real Estate Lawyer in JA, not my cup of tea but haffi rate her

  1. The sender definitely don’t know Jennifer. Anyone that’s in real estate knows that she’s the devil and one to be feared… she is nowhere near stoosh or pretend to be. She is seasoned and very good at her job. You know how much big money man projects she Mek affi stop because them nuh have correct documentation. The biggest and baddest affi go in a shell when dem hear Messado name.

  2. Messado has a long history of Real Estate shenanigans. My brother, an attorney, worked for her briefly and very unethical in her business practices. I wonder how many people properties she has separated them from. Her reputation precedes her, if you know what I mean. She has been doing real estate law for over 40+ years. She needs to go away quietly, as she doesn’t need the money.

  3. White lady shudda have a shot gun for that bully!! We need the full story cuz this is not good! It can happen to the best of us!

    1. Yu nu hear say de landlord de pon de scene? Lololololol. A mussy him de cross the road a laugh.. Lololol

      Messado *Hallo* :ngakak :ngakak

  4. Jennifer does these things like she has no sense. Them want to disbar her bad bad bad. Eventually they will, I don’t know why she continues. I like her very much as a person but I can’t understand her, God know.

  5. DWL – IS WHAT THE WHITE LADY NEVER PAY HER MORTGAGE? Bad gyal Messado, I am going to use you for my next real estate purchase! You bad plus tax.


    1. A di ppl dem parents look like dem did live there … but when dem stand up a do gate ..dat funny because if den have eviction notice dem fi walk right in . This lady is very hard to crack they robbed and shot her bout 8 years ago and she still at it

    2. Messado is no phucking “woodrat”! That you should know before you even plan fi go that route.

      De white bitch have an eviction pending. If it waa a black person getting shamed you would have style dem say way you a style Mrs. Messado. Go learn har maiden name before you come a style de oman.

  7. Wait did Messado just sey” yes yes that’s perfect” to being called a criminal! !??Mek mi go listen good again cuz the white lady basically sey she knows Jenny from the block a clock di teefings.

    1. She was walking and she was also robbed. Just to kill off what you intended wid dat 1/4 news…lolololol

  8. Nah this is not funny. There are channels that should be followed and this Messado is out of order. This is why Jamaica is so lawless, these old school people are used to keeping up slackness then wonder why our young people don’t respect the law. Lately many people have been exposed and knocked down several pegs so this might be her turn,

  9. Why do these people keep renting these ridiculously priced homes?! Wat really transpired to cause this?! Dem owe mortgage or wat?!

  10. These posts are ridiculous and shows who is the real criminal minds. None of you really knows the full story, however, most you of are styling the lady for doing her work and siding with the wrong doer. This type of mind-set is at the core of Jamaica’s demise and disrespect for the system.

    Renting a property is a business and like all businesses, you are in it to make a profit. If she owes money for rent none of you knows if she missed one, two or three payments to summons the bailiffs and lawyer; We all know, it is a process that must be exhausted to reach this stage, but many Jamaicans a yard and abroad always want to rent and when they can’t pay rent they behave as if the landlord is the one renting from them.

    If this was your property you would want to retrieve it as soon as possible because you might also paying a mortgage or simply need to the cash to pay your bills.

    It is disgusting to hear many of you who are women describing a woman that could be your mother’s age or what not. I will refrain from looking at the fact this liar is a white person because in business there is only one colour (di one on the money).

  11. A one a the hardest thing inna Jamaica fi get a Tenant out a yuh house whey naw pay rent the lawful way, mi whaa hire tha lawyer lady deh…..

    1. Lololol me wan know if Messado worst than the one whey hire de car wid de speaker. A dat de oman want all 9 a clock a night a gate :hammer

  12. Afternoon Met. Mi nuh get why people are commenting on the lawyer and not the ooman who think because of her colour she can stay in people place and not pay the rent. It is the second time she is doing it!

  13. @ markUpt- well I didn’t wanna rejoice about the white lady Cos I know that type of s**t can befall anybody- including myself- but I couldn’t help simile a little inside. The amount of time “they” look down on Black People and quick to be the ones throwing us out of somewhere or the other; well, shoe’s on the other foot now.

  14. @Cassie, nothing is wrong with what you are saying but this has nothing to do with anybody’s race. Jennifer, as the lawyer, should NOT be there. She has no business being there. She is there to serve/enforce the warrant of possession, fine, but the bailiff of the particular court does that lawfully, not the lawyer for the landlord. As a lawyer she cannot afford to get into any “mix-up” that even has the appearance of impropriety because they will disbar you for that shit. Legally only the bailiffs and maybe the landlord can be there but the lawyer should not be there, I hope you understand.

  15. messado is not afraid of no one..we as a people need to get colour blind..everything good white everything bad black..poor we. the problem is she is evicted and obviously dont want to she try being pgysical and try slander..but the funniest thing is pree the bredda wey a hold the gate.if the white woman move she get f

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