1. Shannon is a washed up dirty hoe from xpose days, that Bitch done took nuff cocky in atlanta. She had to look a old man to take her.shes a pretty girl with low self esteem, and also a nobody.Shes looking hype in the club scene , but all the people a do is using her and laughing behind her back.

  2. To see these people comment with nothing of substance simply tells us unoo drinking a big ole cup of haterade. Unoo not coming wid something she did, said or anything, just nuttin. Unoo need fi find a bridge a chiuck off cauz is real badmine and waste a space thing. The worst unoo can come wid is she a take a old man? Sooooo? Atleast somebody own har, who owning unoo?

  3. Has anybody ever stop to think that this girl has way too much going on to even give a f**k about what you people think all you can do is bring up things from her past and shots and believe I highly doubt there is anything wrong with her self-esteem she’s a very pretty girl and Good attitude to match unluke some f**kin dunce bat Shannon is such a no money but yet you’re taking the time out to talk about her f**kin eeeciat unu

  4. Shannon is mean. A few months ago she was posting things about dancehall people dont have a life. Her rantings on FB made her appear to be a great working (Costco) class single mom that doesnt party. Now she is married, its all about the party and alm8st all her pix is with this cooley guy….. (har ol boops). Shannon is simply fake.

  5. Anybody that said Shannon mean is a f**king lie that girl made a lot of things a rite from her last show ….and she literally look like she was about to collapse i saw that girl at work her ass off you people are so evil and wicked, like comment before she is one of the youngest and baddest and she is a female so unu waan hate she run her shit straight and narrow and ATLANTA is so mad. Come on ppl give credit where due Shannon ting up Deh right now and alkaline showed up and shell Di place now what the road haffi seh?

  6. Watch Shannon answering back as “really” Dwrl girl u lame bitch who happens to get a come up from the old man that she keep wishing him soon dead so she and her man goody can take over the poor man riches and you think she nuh wicked

  7. foodie that same fat coolie boy I hear Shannon no stop rob the old man and ah give it to him he talk it all over you see dem face just watch the sneaky gal ok don’t be surprise if u hear something happen to that man , Shannon has lived here for 10 years almost and I’ve been here for 12 have you ever none of her to be this friendly to ppl it’s all an act this girl is putting on because she wants to be relivent to dancehall ppl but at the same time she always says she can’t stand yall

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