Dutty nasty big p**y claudette you ugly and dutty just like your basement that don’t have no bathroom neaither kitchen…. you deh a mad over treez and treez don’t wan’t you look how you f**king ugly…. You shape like when shopping bag no pack good… Move on with your life because treez don’t want you big p**sy ugly f**k…. You can never walk in the shoes of the gal them that treez a f**k….. Look on your face you look like when dog dead inna sand gal you look like a walking dead not even jancrow don’t want your meat fi naam lol karma is a bi*h.


  1. Good morning Met and all…what does sender mean by, Claudette cyaa walk in a treez ooman dem shoes? Wasn’t she one of his woman, Sender :nerd?

  2. Wats up wit this treez or wah him want name, is how him full a ooman suh? And all a dem know and like it, no man!!!!!

  3. Make sure you all using condoms cus base on the comments that I read early this week they said him like f**k raw,you bitches need a life, you all a mad ova a man that don’t none of you all him want his to f**k you and take you bitches money, and take a few photos with you bitches to show the world that he’s f**king you all, I’m sure he don’t give u bitches money, his money is to buy clothes and shoes and go to party stupid bitch uno.

  4. Sender you sound ridiculous
    Bitter salty bad
    Beauty is in de eye if the beholder
    How yuh expect ppl fe look when dem ah sleep.
    All tru wah ah little careless
    Weh have de whole uno like gig
    Ah run round him
    Fe wah if him ah slap har
    Who is yuh fe seh de man nuh
    Love de slappins
    An how yuh know har whole big
    Are yuh ah doctor yuh examine har?
    Come on my girl grow up man
    Trezz ah laugh while who wan bun up bun up
    Every gyal weh de man ah f**k
    Hurt yuh take yuh numba an join de line
    An wait till yuh numba call
    Wasted energy fe ah pree out de man life.
    When cock wan hen him crow loud
    Cant stop dat
    De man ah service de commuinty
    An why woman choose fe be community property
    I will neva unda

  5. It’s Funny When I Read These Comments And I hear people talk bout community cocky and apparently from reading different stories on jmg that this is true ting people can talk. These community cock men should be ashamed of themselves going from one bed to the other just nasty.I wouldn’t trust no man that says they are from new York I would have to go with him to get examined before I deal with him… but real talk these women need to stop argue and or fight ova these community cock it’s not worth it and stop putting up pictures of the other females he has dealt with or still stilling with because from the other post about him he love him some of Claudette so wait ur turn… he needs to put all these women on a calender under the days his going to see him because it’s getting to be too many of then now lol smfh

  6. Sender plzzzzz. You maddd because treez claims him don’t want Claudette and . Den bap bap Claudette release the tex dem :ngakak :ngakak u sound very hurt how u know har pussy big and stink????? Well mr. Treez a beg har fi some a the stink pussy hope your own clean and tight :ngakak :ngakak

  7. Trezz you really need to stop everybody know that is you doing this you are so desperate to do anything to this girl because the girl let people know that you are lieing on her you are a big man not working do not have a life that is why you have all this time to go up on pink wall she’s sleeping so what I can see that you are hurt Trezz now I can see that you is the problem not her you even let somebody put up Kendra picture and u want everybody to feel like its Claudette doing it but guess what trezz all of the dirty work u are doing its not working they still talk and leave Claudette out of your pussy mouth because all you good for trezz is to suck pussy and beg money just leave them alone and move on with your life you where in a relationship with Claudette over 5 years and no matey is going to have this picture trezz u remember how much time you use to call my phone and ask me to talk to her beacause she not taking your phone call look how much woman out a roadgo find one, go find a job because they tell me you not working now remember trezz what goes around comes around everybody knows its you yor trying everthing but its not working

  8. why are all these girls fighting over trees? clearly Trees is playing all of you the sender sound like one of trees woman or maybe trees himself you all are big people deal with your problems off social media. If Trees would but up kendra picture just to cause war between claudette and kemdra that is wrong thats a straight pussy move Trees need to stop f**k down the place and go find a Job and stop using all these women to buy him clothes and pay for him to go inside the party. Everyday picture of all trees girls keeps going up and only one so far look decent stop the f**kry and gang up and beat trees ass.

  9. Jeez, dem haffi find the worst pic fi send een. Di poor lady look like shi hab di flu or summen. So what is wrong with a humble girl having a crush? I doan know these ppl, but if all the senda can cuss bout is that she have a crush on this guy what is wrong with that? Get a life!

  10. treez you have anything to do stop making trouble with the lady. u really must not working this is what your going to do take some money and buy some clothe and stop wearing them Hollister sweatsuit u clam you a starboy not even my kids wear them no more .lava f**k u up the other night him call u pinkwall king and u laughing u have no shame .I see that lady and she is not ugly ,but because she run u a up r up on pinkwall u too bad treez ,all the woman them most put u on blass u r really a big nasty pussy,i saw all the text a u want r and u mad because she don’t want u take my advice and move on with your life and Claudette learn from this and when that nasty f**ka try to come back run because him is not a good man he is shit…

  11. boi the way the man a talk in a him party him must feel like shit is a good thing she had them text else me would beleave him, treez I never see that girl repeat yet ,a treez them most call repeat king .man your life sad y you do this now u not getting anything money,pussy,and a next thing stop bleach,, your face white and your body black man not suppose to bleach leave that to the woman them ,what happen to the girl that a walk and a tell every one u breed her and u a tell her she must dash away the belly boiii your life really sad mi brother…..girls protect unuh self aids is next…..

  12. A we wey a dog dem out a go feel bad when de two a dem hook up back secretly r someone spot dem some wey.

  13. wata bloodclat gal ugly treez u stomach strong, r you most bag her face when you a f**k her lol, noe sah one gal fi ugly but nuh suh claudette you days done, leave treez alone him dont want u ugly f**k,and them frenzy stinking wig wat you have on pon you head a tight time inna the party everytime you pass the people them ofto cover them nose the way you hair stink dutty gal go clean up you self and you dutty BASTMENTRAT WIT THE RAT AND THE ROACHES them .claudette you nasty. leave the man alone him dont want you.anytime me see you me ago hold you and pop off the dutty stinking wig off a you head and light it a fire. R maybe me might wash it for you nasty gal because is only two wig you have DWFL

  14. From what I can see, all of these dancehall MF Man have no real job, a walk and beg women for things and these broke pop down bitches a post off like dem have it to give and does give dem. ALL of you ppl need to stop and catch a flipping clue. Get some education and real self esteem. Is it because unnuh come from such a poverty stricken place, that all unnuh think about is things and likes? REALLY!!! Unnuh walk around and would sell unnuh madda front fi bags, shoes and clothes to post pics on FB, IG and in the end unnuh pon foodstamps, and section 8 or live inna basement. Grow the f***k up. Stop wasting my tax dollars.

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