Jojo u did look really nice fi u earthstrong weekend but a u seh pretty Girl fi par with hugly girls. Jevon an tami the body ah seh 2 but the face ah seh 0. If mi laugh mi dead to bl*********t! Lmfao

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  1. the young ladies look nice. some diffrant face and body pon jmg.. but whats the story. just birthday pics of some yung girl stepping on new soil.

  2. Mi a wait b4 me drop my 2 cents…. Sender u nah lie but a so jojo stay must be the hottest Inna the group

  3. Den a weh Junior P deh. I saw the pics and was wondering if him had to work or babysit why he was absent. I like JoJo but I’ve seen her look waaay better in pics that she took on an average day. Dats what happens when you dress up on a regular day, going nowhere and tek pics put on social media. When the occasion arises for you to go all out….u just look reggla.

  4. Jevvvvvvvvvvvvvon you start go out more now fi try compete wid your LA matey ????????????????????????????????????????????????
    mek a bitch know

  5. Hi tami lee (waving) wey hype like there ain’t no tomorrow n still live with yah moms, mmmh u a RN yet or nah? Or u still sexing da woman husband ? At da rate u going with ur underneath u should av been well set all own a lil condo. ……..but no designer clothes , shoes pocketbook n hype more important right……JoJo when did JP made u is lawful wedded wife boo? Kmt more like man clown caz he stay sleeping with my friend. Yall dnt even live together . Funny how yall female will put up a front just for social media…… Forgetting yall av ppl on er dat knw da bizz

    1. Den JoJo don’t live wid Junior P??? Just goes to show dat looks or pickney naw mek dese men behave. Dem koki roam same way. Cause looking at JoJo u would think he was happy and settled. Smh.

    2. wait a min outtta a few jo nd junior doah live?!?!? afta all dese years a phuck’n well a wonda if more while she seh a betta she did stay wid Mr.three thousnad+one cuz she doah luk happy like b4

  6. Waitttttt deh Likkle jojo and dem gal yah a fren especially the one whoring tami lee whey f**k out di whole a JA she and shashane. Tammy lee where is sashane????????? Ugly man baddy Tammy!!!!! Dis thiefing gal move from fren to fren mussy a look one a di jojo shrimp looking man fren dem fi sleep wid. Likkle gal all over the place from LA to Atlanta to JA to NYC.

    1. @Bubbleup is JP Tammy have her eyes on heyhayyyyyy some gal nuh ‘heasyyyy’. A dem seh fuxh dem fren man unda dem noszeeee

  7. Jojo u is a pretty girl but mi nah lie. The nose too big fi u face love. The odda 2 mi sure seh dem man bag dem face when dem a tek d buddyyyy dwrcl

  8. Mi hear seh tami pussy nah ave nuh bottom! Dat mi fren tell mi seh but mi nah call nuh name pon this. Jojo and jevon fukky fukky from back ena d days. Ah just chu dem find man an cool off the pssy Likkle bit but dem use to be party whores. Every pan knock u si dem, all now mi can’t believe seh man a wife dem

  9. Jevon mate wah live down ah la hot yuh fuk! Mi nah lie, mi kno bout 3 man wah ave dem eyes pon r but mi nuh wrong dem caz she nice

    1. mi wah see a picture of the mate in LA the streets seh she hot
      jevon just need a nose job cause her body not too bad

  10. @it is are here, You may be right bout dat one cawh shi Nuh partial man..and shi spar wid every crew like shi still a go chew stages…

  11. U can si seh g luv d girl ah hellhay doe an dem a role good while ya now. A bae kissing and huggin wen u si dem 2 deh although mi nuh kno how sum gal fi kno seh r man a fuk a next gal an gwaan like seh is nothing bad. Mi too greedy! Mi cannot share my sweet sweet buddy an anyhow mi find out seh my man a f**k a next gal mi gaan! Dem gal deh nuh ave nuh behavior! All d one tami mi hear seh Brady dem a dodge r dem doe want r bk a hellhay. Dem seh she is a stalker

  12. Ah d same girl wah Flippa mafia did a look a Bready party bout 2 years aguh and g give r some rass lick inna the party lmao yes g fuk r up fi mi! Mi doe like r, dem girl deh gwaan like seh dem shit don’t stink! Toniesha she name

  13. How jevaughn could Eva compete when she a one of the mate from long time? G have several baby madda including jevaughn and woman state to state. She say she nuh business bc him buy har Benz and range but the girl a LA and MD nah suffer either.

  14. Mi nuh kno bout nuh gal a MD wah him ave unless him a hide r because him well upfront with jevon an the brownin from la and the range wasn’t for jevon a fi him it an it sell ya now. The girl a la drive a Lexus. Mi love how him do him ting doe because him nah Mek one live betta than one. Right ya now mi need a new car g beg u a car nuh? Lol

    1. so whapen to the babymother dem – apart from jevon – in NY ?
      dem a live good to
      a how much babymother G have suh lol
      dat cocky aint loyal

      1. All live a ny . He is a very good father still and make sure them steady play together. J can’t dis none if them a she haffi give them $ when him in LA

  15. Yes baby mothers taken care of…. Yes I know range was his but liad j did say a fi she. So he give har Benz and he upgrade to Porsche. Md was fling but u know dem gyal a money glutton dem nuh care who him wid long as money a run. After robbery Weh day and j get black eye she did frighten but money talks

  16. Uglivon is a man mascot… She use to look like one hungry lizard back in the day a g tek r up an wash r off now she look 0.1 percent betta. She run guh breed chu hellhay ave g heart but lil do she kno, picnie doe hold man

    1. Hey she upgrade from glue wig to lace sew in wid closure. Fr 18″ to 30″ hair. She come a far way.

    1. She used to live in a fringe or bang as u say. Her hair stylist used to kill the bang wig if har but now she official baby mother miggle part a dweet.

  17. @anonymous the one tanisha doe want nabady! She gwaan like seh g addi ongli man Ina d world! Tell dem man dah fi doe waste dem time

  18. JOJO looks excellent she changes up her style alot if she wanna look simple one day it works for her some a unnu look like some bloodclaat christmas tree when unnu come a road and stop tell lie pon di people dem unnu too wicked!

  19. Yall big pussy bitches need to get a life mi bloodclaat goodup friend jojo and har man happy di people dem live together no gal to him ting stop making shit up fi people have shit fi say bout dem and G dutty big pussy condemn hole baby modda dem come offa di gal name unnu f**k dung di whole tri state area and a worry bout di people dem go worry bout ur pussy and stop watch other people own

  20. Hi tami lee @10:19pm (waving) so y u had to wait till er body n deh momma sleeping to comment ? U sound hurt or nah? Wait so was f**king da woman husband fr brooklyn , nico fr Bronx n da next woman husband a LA all at da same darn time so who is da hoe boo? Come again . Oh do u wanna tlk about how u shed tears for da ppl dem husband last year or do u wanna reflect on da beating ur brookass got fr nico bb moma , come let’s choose one .tamilee are u there boo? Caz If I was Met I wouldn’t even wast time putting yuh man looking ass on da pink wall ,caz yall a wast of space set of bitches!

  21. You People are the bestest. You all have to make negative comments about everything and everybody. The girl have her party and she is a beautiful girl (unu have to comment that her nose is big). At the end of the day she is pretty and her nose is part of what makes her beautiful. So it is irrelevant whether it is big or not. As for her friends, nothing wrong with how the girl them look.

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