0 thoughts on “MESSENGER

  1. Him is like every other licky licky bx man.. want up di tiefing goods n hype life but nuh wah di ugly gal, & ar fren dem well n kno him nuh inna ar dem way deh. dem fi stop it. yes dem go pon vaca she put up one bag a pic wid ar an him all now him nuh put up no pic wid she or big ar up pon him page. di ol a dem fi guh siddung

  2. Dis bwoy is a worthless bwoy. All im duh is walk a eat and f**k di gal dem fi get likkle money and clothes, all because him nuh waan work. Him mudda deh a party every night tuh, and see dem ting yah an it ok wid har, she wutlss tuh. She have one young bwoy weh day, yuh fi si dem inna train station a hug and kiss whole day. Him (Dwayne) a look fi get inna hype life from weh day, suh dem licky licky till man start f**k dem. Him have one nurse gal weh have a Lexus truck, ah dat him want har fah, she know dat, all him do is up an down inna di truck wid gal. Him have one nex bald head gal wid a black lexus truck tu, ah dem a mine him. When gal ah mine u yuh caan duh as u please bwoy. Ah dem ting reach u, lokk like u jus a learn, u young

  3. Every thing UNO ppl pon pink wall talk woman a mine man WEH Sally have fi mine Dwayne cum on nw unno be realalistic and stop talk shit bout the girl the whole world know say Sally no cute so unno stfu

  4. Yesterday Shelly cook breakfast Dwyane reach round there Dwyane u no fi eat eat so u a man ugly sally comment under the picture bout u see him on his phn sally u friends them clown u out

  5. Sally go sit ur ugly ass down bout u put up on ig bout u want give we fat shot me want load a gun with beauty and shot u ugly rass with it

  6. Sally clothes/money cant hold Dwyane, Dwyane u stomach Strong fi fxck sally eeeewwwww I see why you disown her

  7. Den Dwayne did a f**k one gal name Humma Body, u fi si she!! Dem bwoy yah stomach real strong, him an him fren Prince. Dem seh dem have nuff gal, but if dem have ten gal, the ten gal dem nuh add up to one. FOH!!!

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