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Ummm..miss met, breath remedy please please

Submitted on 2013/10/04 at 7:31 am

Met…ummmm i kno im late but what can be reccommended for bad breath


  1. A lot to things contributes so you have to find out the source 1st by going to the dentist. I know someone who smoked for years and when she stop she had gum disease that contributed to her bad breath and the dentist had to treat that. Some people has bad teeth; some don’t clean their tongue; some might be the food they eat and some the smell is coming out of their upper stomach. Regardless you need a dentist to find the source before you can get treatment

  2. Dentist is the best source, because it could be from gingivitis and it could also be from your stomach.
    Dentist is very expensive also not sure if you have insurance.

  3. Start by FLOSSING!!!!! flossing is the most important thing you can do for your oral hygiene. When you floss try to reach up in the back and floss back there too. Brust your teeth properly, spend at least 2-3 mins brushing, getting all up in the back in the crevace and corners, brush the top (roof) of your mouth and your gums, drink plenty WATER!!!! NEVER EVER go to bed without brushing. If that doesn’t help go the dentist, you might have a cavity or other gum related diseases.

    Take a wash out…eat yogurt (live cultures) to help keep the bacteria in your digestive tract healthy.

    YOU are going to have to take better care of your oral hygiene. But trust me start doing the simplest thing such as flossing and drinking water and you will notice a big difference.

  4. If u floss , brush twice a day including u tongue as that’s where the bacteria lies and generate the odor , and use mouth wash and u breath is still unbearable then u might have halitosis so see advice from a dentist how to treat that

    Also watch ur diet certain foods cause bad breath

    Also do an occasional colon cleanse or wash out as if ur system ( stomach) is ” backed” up as we say surprisingly it finds it way to the breath and mouth

    Good luck

  5. Tonsil stones are also a contributor to bad breath, so please check for them. Dem smell real awful because they are bacterium lodge in yuh tonsil. Goggle with salt water three times daily, and use yuh toothbrush to massage the area to get them out.

  6. Hi Met & All

    Wonderful product name Thera Breath-Oral Rinse
    I use it. It is so good that after using it & waiting 15 minutes to eat, after you eat, yuh breath still smell good. And yes I use it, everytime mi go a road.


    1. I know it. Love it too. I have OCD for clean mouth always brushing and I don’t have breath problems.. I just have a great smile and want to keep it that way-:). There is a product call “eat whatever”comes in a package that looks like gum that I buy in NYC for whenever I go out to eat things like seafood or garlic stuff. It’s a 2 step where you swallow a small spearmit gel and then suck on a small mint candy and you could eat whatever and never smell it. You could garlic and talk to someone and never smell it. It’s fab. It’s what some people buy when they go to eat and drink at conference and crowd mixings so they don’t have to worry about about their breath while talking closely

  7. morning met.mi kno u put up dis imfro b4..brush u teeth 3 times a day ,scrap u tongue with a tongue scrapa and mek sure us some cinnimom podwer with u tooth paste and drink some cinimom tea pon a regula.hope dat help u.

  8. Observer please don’t be insensitive obviously the person has brushed their teeth and still has that problem. Just remember that everybody is different in the way they experience and go through different ailments

    1. a lot of time bad breath doesn’t come from not brushing your teeth.
      If you floss or brush your teeth that is a sign of gingivitis.
      Senda let me know if you have insurance, or keep us update if you do visit a dentist.

  9. Senda a liver cleanse might be useful as well…. also there are certain foods that should be avoided but u have to look it up….good luck please let us know after uve tried the remedies what eventually worked for u

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