To the girls who are on IG selling under sikes , some a uno need fi tek uno fus payment and guh buy some sense.
Im not calling any names because uno know unoself…Im talking the ones who sell in groups because uno walk ina click and sell neatly. Act very stoosh and uno looking fi the richest men fi mine uno..Do you think yall ready for that?

Apart from having a pretty face and a nice body, what else uno have?
Fact still remains 95% a uno cannot cook a decent plate a food.And yes a modern time but woman fi know how fi cook and run a house same way. Looks alone cannot do it ina fi uno case cause di looks tek out di smarts so cooking and running di house a fi uno back up.

The click a uno planning pan man pockets yet uno fraid fi ask fi di money and a dat uno want di man fah …Selling is selling so jus ask and done. Stop tell uno fren dem seh man a gi uno a bag a money and uno not even a ask di man dem cause di man dem a talk…

Some a uno lef uno baby father and go breed quick fi married man uno know unoself…….Di man wife tell uno whey day seh di man cannot comment pan yuh picture dem no more so uno delete off and claim a pinkwall a watch when a di man wife give orders…Yuh have baby now so yuh gone back ina di selling click acting like a love yuh deh deh fah and a money..

Stop pretend selling and jus sell…pretty face, body and rub out pumpum cannot hold di man dem cause uno cannot cook suh dus put up a for sale sign pan IG and done


  1. Are u kidding me ? Lol bwoy dem pretend well eeh man????

    She go a Florida guh have the baby and a stay in a hotel a so dem did wa FORRIN baby? Mi rass not even at a relative yard ? No miss dat nuh Mek it

  2. i love who send this in… big up u damn self. Longtime dem fi stop gwan like dem can afford fi buy di stale bundle or gucci slides cause all know dem no work a day ina dem living life. Dem young gal yah need fi logoff a di internet & go seek ambition as hard as dem seek out ppl man cocky

  3. I dont think Micah is married, he would not be posting her on his social media..and he is still leaving comments..so I guess the so call wife failed at her request.

  4. Ugly girl, cooking nah hold man again either cause dem still a eat out. Literally and figuratively ha. You sound bitter AF. Sender, tell me this…dem selling pay your bills or stop you from eating ? Mind aneurysm darling. Hate causes cancer and ulcers so mind we have to start wear pink ribbon for you ok?

  5. Cotinued…
    These women are in their 20s and 30s, grown. Don’t you think this is counter productive? Go to the many girls homes in Jamaica and mentor the young teens there. It is not too late for that age group. That is Where this chatsiment or so called upliftment is needed. I’ll never understand why people put other people’s lifestyle pan dem head at THIS level. Epistsles. Shut is weird man. You’re weird.

    1. Wi nah go stop talk eno because dis location pan di www is about talking di tings..Aint none a uno deh pan people head…If uno a sell jus sell and stop the merry go round

    2. Mek a whole heap a sense. Dem gyal ya big and old now. No amount of talking nah change dem so if yoh wan dem stop hide di selling too bad. Shet yuh eye and worry about your own life. Dem anuh yuh sista or no relative. Uno don’t know these girls so why mek weh dem a do aggravate yuh. Gi we d likkle tea mek we belch and left off the holier than though attitude cause the whole lot a yuh wah love run come pon uno tongue a talk bout bible and morals a fornicate , lie, gossip, red eye, cuss neighbor puss and dog and the list a sins go on. You not blameless. Dem gudda sell dem punuash likkle more till it tun ashes. HOW DAT STOP YUH FROM enjoying your life ??????? Is a serious question because It really doesn’t. Carry on. Baxside.

      1. This comment and your comment at 5’54 show that u have stake in this and its your feelings that are hurt so u come here a sikes comment….There is no issue with the selling dem fi put the money to use but u wouldnt get that because u a one a dem and only can see one way like somebody cut whey uno eye corner

  6. Just adding to the tea, the new Babyfather is a man the previous Babyfather use to par with, it don’t look good miss ktw and guh war with the man if him car a suh unu plan to live lmao

  7. YassTiffany go sell pussy with her friend dem a Florida and nah get nuthin but SALT. Stop chat up Kim and her friend dem

  8. Mi don’t understand this post. Because that man still post up on her page. And he look like he taking care of her and she running a business. And if I was that man wife I would be more than shame. Lady that man have zero respect for you. Take whatever pride you have and move the f on. I wouldn’t wish this level of disrespect on no human being.

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