Hey Met and readers, it’s true what is said about T— and D—- marriage. He married her because he needed papers. The funny thing is that due to a past altercation involving them and an old friend (The woman she befriended and unfriended with the quickness, their neighbor) which resulted in them receiving a restraining order, those paper’s are now nothing but a dream for the time being.

16 thoughts on “MI CYAH BADDA…

  1. A trabass y’all talking lol I was wondering what happen to those people….unuh come dash it out….also does she still work at that place?

    1. No she no longer does, and for the longest too. She was fired because of her weed use. They do random drug testing for people in her position. So you can imagine how all those people on her snap notified her employer whenever she light up.

  2. You know what that likkle mash mouth vampire looking Deanne no know how fe humble her self to she too rass hype with her low self esteem self

  3. From when trabass and Deanne deh and all a now trabass can’t get papers ??? No really ? Lmao I’m glad that trabass shit died down tho it was getting real annoying

  4. To file for papers you have to have money, right? And I like these two but they seem extremely broke, like Trabass smoke out dem little income. Deanne don’t have any clothes and she seems miserable most times.

  5. T did have him green card. You all remember the woman D expose on IG with the “dirty” home, the one D said married her husband to get papers? That’s who give the restraining order to both T and D Because of the restraining order it has hindered him in getting his papers. Why you all think they did try to apologize to the woman and them. I have so much more to share these people let social media get to them head.

    1. Spill the tea senda. I always wondered what happened to their neighbors all of a sudden. Nah lie, the woman sexy bad and har food always look good. I wonder if Deanne was intimidated by her. All Deanne madda hot like 10 fire side.

  6. What I mean by did have? U mean th etemporty social & ish u get b4 ur interview? If u a run the tea run it and stop with the bs

  7. Trabass seem like an undercover gay to me, I said that on Lincoln page and they both blocked me….lol. Me and my big mouth, always getting under people’s skin lolololol

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