1. A pure ethos she talk up inna the video. It shot. All nw mi a scratch mi head. Him all a wear har clothes. Him a mamma man longtime. She sure she not infected. Cause it look like she worried bad… ppl all a beg har fi stop cause it sound deep star.

  2. MET it aint just notnice, a lot of these so call dancehall celebrities r undercover homosexuals. Perfect example this pretender SAM GOTTY, we had sex abt 3 times an he always forcing it on me an even have his own lubricant 2 use on me that he travels with which i found weird. But they hide an do it a lot dats y mi fraid a Jamaican man now, biggest hyprocrites

  3. A longtime notnice a batty man fr Campbell town till now always a carry news and love sleep all bout pon ppl floor me never no u carry it a farring star

  4. I realize these dancehall man all r nasty and don’t like bathe a nuff girls have pictures with them dirty clothes no star they need to get here act together but a though them love gal mind them woman make nuff a them eat and do the things

  5. Nana not so proper leave the man alone is because you jealous why you a do all a this to the man ,him dump you high and dry and find a next woman, you need to go and wash your stinking ass take some more care of your kids living off the government and can not file for your kids in Jamaica all because of handout from the government you should be a shame of your self doing video about this man that you used to lockout is ass?

  6. The video sound like she jealous. She kept going back to the new girl a call her fat. But if thats the girl up top Nana that girl a look good gal fi u

  7. So nana tek f**k inna batty then? Look how long she deh wid him . .In general if him is all those bad things.,why she neva leff him longtime? nana self esteem low low

  8. She’s to disgraceful & Nanna proper f**k gal hard also and so if him a batty man she’s sadamite but no one wants to talk up . Nana fck gal hard it’s a perfect match it bun she sey the man move on . She really cussing ppl about weight ‘ low the man cause you used to suck & f%#%# the shit up cocky . Too disgraceful and called your self a mother of children .

  9. Dirty Nana why u being so bitter against him now ? When y’all was together why u didn’t come tell the world he is a batty man smh bitch u need to go tek a bathe u look stink in that video# get over it on move on with ur big sad life u look stupid for this

  10. Everybody a batty man. Ppl easy unno self. If you never see it with your eyes then don’t publicize. Some a unno need fi check unno self first. If a mAm lef a woman him a batty man, if he trying to date first before f**k him a batty man.. Makes no f**g sense. A man a lube n a rinse your ass does not make him gay. Unno too mix up

    1. I was with you til you said ‘a man a lube and rinse u ass doesnt make him gay’. Haffi bail lef you desso.

      Btw yes.it.does

  11. Nana look so bad in the video she look stress how could you diss some body you use to be in the party world with it seem like she’s jealous over him and his new woman good for her fat ass you never no say him a batty man when you did a f**k him you nasty too bitch me shame for yo yo look bad you same one say him move you out a Brooklyn so you look like an asshole..

  12. Notice member u use to f**k me a me poochie say dat from Dunkirk mi use to mine u batty man him can suck dick real good but him dick little doe

  13. Poochie from dunkirm you lie nuh blood cloth y you Neva talk up the things dem when the man a the big pussy lied gyal did dah hmmm? You is a next blood cloth one too nuh wah hear the shit wag come from you nor the gyal lied blood cloth suck pussy mouth go blood cloth dead and lo the yute smh you goodly all one a the gyal friend dem to

  14. From a nana NOT propa nuttn can’t be true yuh see how she big and fava hawk and spit she Fi memba she have son to and if him fuk batty hers is not virgin to him dick caz she been wid him so long and now because him tiad of har big uncomfortable body she waan disgrace the youth,Nana baby germs soon kill yuh memba you noh easy fi fuk caz yuh have too much humps bumps and lumps wen him dig out yuh ass then yuh suck off him dick and consider it tasty.And as fi fi dirrttyy batty man poochie AIDS soon kill him caz ah fi dem sickness dat nana yuh ole have maggots

  15. Nana propps stay bad maybe her pussy deh weh har batty should be,him gone wid har heart go see how she thief and mine him she look lik dung in ah Sadom and Gomarroh

  16. Oh wow, well I knew him 10 years ago, never showed no sign of being a fish or f**king batty. He wasn’t dirty smelt good and clean. Times must have got hard now. At that time he was on point in all ways. I heard he was beggy beggy, never experienced that neither.

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