1. How do people come pan people website well early..run wid dem post and den come back fi di comment dem and mek post? Uno nuh tired…damn

    Anyway, the level of deception is terrible, the baby mother seh di man is a good father and name di baby spencer before she even reach here..At no point she eva gwaan like she have a next man suh………

  2. dem crusify judas yesiday seh him too fass and him fi low ppl business, horse dead and cow fat.

    speculation turn into reality

    how mi nuh si dem a run dem tiolet mouth now a seh nuttn now.

  3. I notice all the comment from this website gone pon other website something with ja. Me think a you met have other site. What a bare face story thief. That mean they won’t have no story unless it reach a groupie. Lo

  4. Aye Met you know say the night when you post the thing about Konshens brother I didn’t read it right away I was heading to the comment section with an “off-topic” question. I saw where the said individual made a post about you (Met) and two other girls that went to BVI to dig up her files and prison records etc. I don’t recall if you’ve ever directly address it/her on here as you probably don’t feel the need to, but obviously your name inna dem mouth.

    1. It likes to concoct stories to look important because it knows just how much of a rat and gutter slime it is. Mi nuh know why it nuh go eat poison and dead.But seriously, it been looking for a shout out from me ever since it began , ina Job it seh di punishment of the wicked is stored up for their children because u have some people who do so much wicked dem cant repay those sins in their lifetime. That is what will happen . Because people stupid enough to think anything about it is in prison fi believe it. It fi talk who it send Feds pan ina dance etc and what it did fi come a road. No one has to go to the prison to know that, it is a fridge a so it chat a so people chat it back. It is tormented , mi have fi mi site fi keep up to date and read mi nuh have time fi waste pan it.

      1. It has fixation issues but because its dimbo bat and a dummy it thinks the fixation a guh mek it better when it never won and will never win. Mi not even like call it name di way mi want it nyam a batch a poison and mi nuh feel bad fi dat.

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