31 thoughts on “MI LIKE MARLON

  1. me say whoring yanique played herself with this one. Ladies this is what happens when you think sexiness, looks and front can hold man. Marlon can get wateva his pick of women but him run up ina big-hole yanique who walk wit her front pon her forehead. Me blame marlon too cause a true yanique a “hotgal” mek him fk her, but di big ediot gal did a look hype afa him. Yanique musi no tired fi a fkk ppl man yet claim say she single, her life wah sortout, not any example for her young daughter. Yanique tun laughing stock, no man nah tek her serious afta this fiasco.

  2. Kiss mi raasss!!! Wooooiiiee!!! God plz help! Tek the case and give mi di pillow! :batabig the man serious to raas!! Met this one needs a rhythm to go with it. Watch the two big people dem a tek themself mek poppy show. No sir, the plastic part bad!! :tkp

  3. A wonder if him did naked in this video lord god him na done now . Look like him feels hurt over something she said about . Him not stop entertaining us on Instagram .

    1. Yanique try bring him down and he dont know how to handle it…I dont think this right here mek him look bad mi like di laugh

  4. Why ppl keep saying the man hurting? The man just clowning her and being petty..my kind of petty if someone first try to bring me down. Gwaan keep me entertain Marlon. I love this one.

  5. He stupid as hell, playing right in her hands…when you guilty and try your hardest to beat it off…Cho…dem both nyam each other like grow up he is n social media more than yanique….look on YouTube he does more videos than her…. No man sure him no fish…

  6. this geezer is a big mess hes too much i’m so disappointed in his behaviors lately don’t he knows about the guy name karma he needs to slow his roll and act like a man its obvious that he’s hurting but he should know that it is impossible for a man to be victorious in a verbal confrontation with a female unless your name shebada..

  7. I really like marlon .marlon boasy but him hot what it takes to show off suh mi caan knock him.

    Marlon, really like yanique, and him did want her.

    Yanique , think marlon ,cheated on her with ishawna ,thats why yanique started to ignored him and then started to style him and that is went the wild wild west war began.

    Marlon get over yuh love feelings for yanique now. Yuh love all the plastic bag and fake pussy yanique have because you talk how great you use to treat her .so stop now marlon.

    Yanique ,did want marlon also but yanique ,fraid fi have freaky ishawna fi a mate.but yanique yuh rail up too quick and start war marlon and ishawna and him nuh dey it was just a song and a innocent video they did.

    Marlon finish now. You very entertaining and i love how you are a great father.

    I love how you help the unfortunate.
    Dun now marlon yuh win.

  8. I like this whole circus. Marlon the ringmaster and yanique the clown. Met try get a space so the tent can pitch and space fi the rest a cage cause more acts deh yah fi run een pon da circus yah. I wonder a which role ina the circus Ishawna a play? No this is the biggest circus in town!!! :ngacir2

  9. If you know Marlon aka Tuts aka ICON, he is use to people trying to bring him down, he is use to back stabbers. Also if you know him then you also know him nuh have no shame whatsover. So people seeing him now, and think he acting hype because instaboy and the Yanique fiasco, well unuh wrong. This man stay the same way from he was 15 year old. Him hype from day 1. As far as him being hurt, I dont think this man love anybody except for his family, thew few friends he keep and his dogs. Yanique play with fire and she get burn.

  10. Hahahahahahahaha mi nuh care wey nuh baddie seh him funny tuh backside! Mi laugh til mi weakkkkk ova da one yah! Di man tek it fi joke and so should everybody else unless you are one of his cricket sponsors. My youth gwaan laugh bout it yaw, in this life yuh damn if you do and you damn if you don’t. I prefer you clown out this whole thing than take it serious and send hitters after her. Right track yuh ah meds, live and laugh yaw. If yuh did angry, cross and miserable dem woulda cuss yuh said speed! Get through this situation how you see fit. Dis mek mi buss a big dutty laugh!

  11. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Mi ago need help in yah dwpbrcl (bawls out like sketel) no sah dis need justice :ngakak :ngakak why dis miss go provoke him fah.

  12. She affi stay een an lock di grill like when yuh madda seh doe come out… Caah fi man style yuh hole undaneat yuh, weh inna all har head she a seh a good hole.. as scandal bag! ano wah good sumting.. she probably waah use di same scandal bag an bag har face.. an a di black scandal bag tuh not even di white one. Miss ie nuh look good. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  13. Me say Marlon mek me laff so till..
    That’s exactly what Yanique fi get, she too hype and boastful..

  14. Why ppl keep saying hurt him or whatever. If unnu Know Marlon unnu know him really nuh have no shame like dat and this is his persosnality, hype, show off love to make gimmicks. he likes to fight fire with fire, him nuh have no chill. just his thing.

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