Hi Met‎,

I overheard a convo with two warring “ladies” recently and I wonder if your bloggers can offer insight into such a mentality.

Ladies A and B were parted and the tracing began.

A: mi know a wha a bun yuh enuh Gyal a true mi cousin a f**k DON Tee* but WE nah stop f**k him dutty gyal!

B: afta mi nuh business bout unno crasses a me Tee* want a just s**k and Duck unno a get!

To which Lady A slap whey:

A: gweh yuh nuh have nuh f**king shame cuz a Don Tee” kill ur Mother and you really go tek him,move yuh Bloo*##t!

B: Mi nuh responce, mi a wife a that unno grudge me for cuz unno only a get hide and f**k.

Now Met tell me how,what,where,when and why!I’m aware that a girl will go sort out a bad man or even a cop to get her revenge against someone who wrong her.Whats the thinking behind being with a man who murdered your Mother??

11 thoughts on “MI NUH HAVE NO WORDS

  1. Morning, Met and Writer…TGIF as a matter of fact :selamat

    Now, writer it seems dog ‘B’ aided don tee in killing her mother…plain and simple. She not suffering NO psychology issues such as Stockholm syndrome.

    What’s the chances don tee a phuck her from she underage :think:

  2. Sender? You sure it’s not just curse words? Memba say enuh, We Jamaicans will cuss you to oblivion and say things that really don’t go so to hurt your feelings, If she really with a man who killed her mother then yeah, something wrong with she.

    1. Yeah, but no one’s going to respond in an affirmative on that kind of accusation. Believe it or not nuff garrison murders evolve with females.

  3. Come sender…..what type of kill you talking although I couldn’t be with a man that assisted in any way in the death of my Mother.
    Jamaica full up ah bad man, she could have chose Marvin “bedroom beast, rachet wheeler ” over Don Tee

  4. The mother was cussing against the murder of two construction yutes who took shortcut thru our area.just as he did the two men,don tee and his bredda blew lady c marrow.lady c dawta who is lady b was just 8 yo in 2001.

    1. Poor lady c spirit mus regret the day it gave birth to that whore of a demon gal.

      Only phuck don tee would a get from me a de set up phuck fi tek him life fi dat of me mother.

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