6 thoughts on “MI SHAME FI YOU SIR

  1. She needs to report him to the police serious this old man is getting out of hand… And he needs to be put in jail if he doesn’t stop harassing this young girl… These men can get really out of hand if they can not get what they want and I will hate to hear he tried to hurt her so with that being said I would stop talking and get the police involved before something happen that no one can come back from…

  2. Mek she move her BBC she think d man did have money ah dat fi reach dis hype gal Kmft wack as fck !

    The nigga is wrong don’t get me wrong but she knew what she was doing she fck d man fi try buss too bc bad bitch

  3. Even if she sleep wid di careless wutliss bwoy cause she think him did have money, she nuh want nuh more ah him small soft hood. Old bwoy leave di gurl alone and guh romp wid yuh size. Which young gyal ah guh waste time wid yuh:marah

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