whitemax07Word boss some people is so narrow-minded it’s unbelievable it is 2016 and some of them still don’t get it them it’s very slow
samoyaknowsFamily first over all things! #f**kadem
puddonplussweetMy favorite ppl
trophy_kxnqTeacher uh nuh Ez
jayresurrection@vybzkartel #Lessons Well Professor Class Is In Session!!!!!
danielambiiah2Hater’s get trick . World Boss always have something for them.. @vybzkartel @shortboss_muzik looool #gazanation
godbless_toya_bingo_rr_nov4#family #gaza nation#
tashellewisMad dem work boss
theezambisousgazakidsparksWicked mi boss
danielambiiah2Well well well well well well well.. Your a f**king Boss .. Rate you sooooo much . #family1st @vybzkartel @vybzkartelvines @shemarmckennon @wbt_empire #gazanation
danielambiiah2Lool. That’s so true.. I was so speechless.. And heart broken.. I felt it.. Glad it was just a trick for the Hater’s. @dr.sharmaine
andrewilliams3517Real talk
oneiljervisMad ting!!
roshellesweets😂😂😂😁😄😙😙😙love unuh badddd @vybzkartel @shortboss_muzik
oneal_gaza😂😂😂😂😂 u no easy @vybzkartel
tyrese_impossibleBig up to the family nuff love gaza the thing deh yere up up
ordingodanLol gaza don
reneann_happy_lifeGaza till casket love yuh to mi heart mi dj @vybzkartel
kay_unrulykidA who d fuc trouble dem? #FamilyFirst #GazaRunDis #gazanation🌏
amashika_gazaLove my Gaza family💞💓💜💝💖💚
young_kvnGaza fi life gaza still death all family’s
mr_bleach_chinnDem can’t stop di boss
gazarickFamily first GAZA 4 LIFE
addi.7Had a feeling it was a trick hahaha
dean_sparta_Lol u trick them big time g
audrey_dawkinsLol Addi mi a seh a wah new song u a cum wid eno @vybzkartel
look.jojoWho trick him😂
devahmusicNuh time them hater naah si dat..#gazanation..
phretti_pinkTrue ya me teacha
money_mi_a_preeGaza mi say up mi general
shadine_imag3😎🙌🏽❤️👫 #worldbossnshortboss #relationshipgoals mi happy like a Christmas I cried last night but now I feel like a weight have lifted off my shoulder, I love your family together. ❤️
shaqxo_@jada_kw mi did know
garytolan36Dat dem nuh wah see but that them ago forever see … #FamilyFirst
damo_teafam@vybzkartel guess dem never hear when yuh seh, shorty sneak out pan bobuss old bicycle weh naa nuh seat 🎶
187castro@vybzkartel d real #gazanation troops will never allow that to happen.. #kartelshorty forever
terri.booSame suh boss
schemeunitrecordsDem get trick EZ daddy
conroymcdonald777Kl nuh teacher up move
naughtygyal_juju321Maddddddd Loveeee , Gaza Till Me Die , It Ah D Baddest N Gives Offf The Sweeetest Feeeeelinnngssss .
millz_illaAh dat mi tell dem enuh dadz as dem fwd wid dem **kry told dem it was bare lies. #FamilyFirst #FcukTheRest
jeepers4x4lifeRumors will always fly but that can’t ya king #family
be4utifullttBlessings to the #One and #Only @vybzkartel
shuniqueeCtfup 😂🙌🏽🙌🏽💞♥️❣️
iamtheunrulyrassWaaaa who nuh waaann c dis #familyisamust #familyfirst #GazaFamily
iam_jarju4When i first saw the post @vybzkartel i was devastated i couldn’t believe it but good to know is a trick @shortboss_muzik
mizz_unruly_legendaryMi know say a lie kartel did a tell
tashafosterhairempireGaza fi life❤️️❤️️❤️️
kissez4smilezSmh you a sample! ….
dr.sharmaineBetter! cause mi did shock couldn’t even comment. Up up up family first
stainlessautoandtransportationTeach dem.


  1. Negro please, we already don’t see that. When are you going to accept your number in the statistics line up ???? You do not have a family. You have children you have never met. You do not have a wife and you have approximately seven children with four women. The woman you really “wife” up does not have any children. You need to accept the fact that you are a village entertainer with an uneducated following. Next …..,

  2. family first??? if this man cared about his family and kids he wouldn’t have done what he did to get him where he is, that way he could be around to help raise them. he would’ve been an example of a real man by marrying and being loyal to their mom, thus showing their sons that real men are really faithful to one woman, and all his children. Walk and drop him seed all over the place, and sling him prick indiscriminately.

  3. Everybody family dynamics different….whatever him and her arrangement is me nah judge, cause di pickney dem always look clean and dem seem fi a grow good….a nuff a play di “perfect family” but hypocrite behind closed doors….

  4. How does he have so much internet access locked up in prison? What kind of prison is this where he has time to mix it up on instagram?

  5. Kartel is the preferred D.J. of choice for every waste man and trashy gyal. If you ah deal wid a girl and she maad ova kartel you know she’s a THOT…. If you hear a man declaring that kartel is his D.J. and arguing with anyone who tries to talk down about kartel, you know this man is a waste man, who smokes weed 24/7, buys puzzy, is a male gossiper and goes to dance 7 days a week. That’s Vybz Kartel fan base. Bounti killa still has the most male groupies though by far.

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