1. Met what a piece of mixup… Damion and Michelle a F**K!!!! After she and Heather in style a friend she go tek the man. Then walk and talk bout them no friends. Michelle stop lie you and Heather is/ was friends. Remember you use to stay a the girl house.

    1. Thanks darling. I was about to ask the same thing. Nuh just weh day them say Damion and him girl mash up and her name wasn’t Heather. Lol.

  2. Damion please leave these poison alone & take a decent woman out of the dancehall . Those are fck box every single last one , come on u too young to be playing with these chucky dolls .

  3. Damion thomas is cute who is Michelle she look alot older than him. whats wrong with these young jamaican guys picking up old woman lol he need some soft lickle young gal dem dont match

  4. Suh YM really guh tun rebound? according to what I’m reading him and his woman is on a break that’s what I call it now shi feel sey shi can come play wifey bout it jus happen bitch please you’re nuting but a mercy f**k!!!

  5. Yes him and Heather In style was F@$!# last year. Michelle what kind of friend are you that you use to cach a heather house and you turn around and a F@$# her what left

  6. Oh please everyone in England know Michelle story, she always end up tek her fren dem man. Her husband Spikes is a prime example, he was her fren baby father a Michelle eff him away from her

  7. Michelle go and see a doctor regarding that ass that looks like its INFECTED. YUCK!!! Yuh sick bloodclath stomach ole dog shit

  8. michelle is a dutty gal from in a the 90s, Michelle remember when yuh did f***k jackie Ramsey son micheal(RIP) who was child molester and yuh run go ATL go live with him. And sun yuh reach a England, i remember when Michelle was Black and ugly, and ah ugly michelle she did name. Suh when shi get so hype. Michelle have low-self esteem, that why she gwan suh! Michelle yuh telling people you and heather wasn’t friend but she did put you up,when goldie diva kick yuh out har house cause yuh want wear panty round her husband, An heather Instyle have to put you up inna place ole wick bitch michelle. That why yuh batty hole a rotten. Damion Thomas was not with heather he was her best friend. heather may upset because she though she and michelle was friends and michelle should have tell she, that she had feeling Damion. knowing the history she(heather) and Damion had, plus damion yuh wicked too should tell yuh friend heather. yuh did want f*k ugly michelle from longtime.

  9. @good gal oh please yes damian and heather was f**king under the low but heather never loud it up cause she always have more than one man but all her close friends know bout it. So Jackie Ramsay son was a child molester? Michelle yuh love the predators dem soh cause your first baby daddy from parkside was a rapist too and did time in prison for sleeping with a minor.. What is wrang wid yuh Damian a use yuh fi some free goods and attention from Nicky trim! Yuh Neva see smoke widout fire that’s why Yankee mich and Damian cousin sadamite bleach out Chaka a spar now 2 old sucky box dem! Yes heather run di ungrateful gyal weh a chat yuh say Damian only f**k yuh 4 time bout she in love and Damian only start sleep wid har 1 month now. Wat you gonna tell your next baby father in Jamaica selling your clothes? I thought that was your dream guy rotten batty jaw Yankee. Yuh need a doctor and batty rejuvenation remedy not man learn to go live yourself first. Neva put man over yuh friendship yuh cross di line heather fi beat yuh

  10. Ppl. Michelle can’t deny her an heather relationship cawh them use to sleep together when Michelle run wey from England and she use to stay a heather house. So Michelle tek the women and d man jus d same. Shameful low life classless bitch!!

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