As I said last week..many emails were not posted because they were stuck in this system..This is Michelle’s side to the Romping Shop saga


Message Body:
Morning Met…lol… Them know I would’ve answer
Eventually. A dat the ppl want. First of all any real mother f**ker who know Me First Lady “Mad” Michelle know that I don’t start trouble that’s one. Two Old Bloodclot Granny Plaza Shop come inna mi face talking bout why me a out wine her friend I said everything good we was all just having a ball with the one drop. Now true Granny a look a hype cause her party coming up she figured she should pick pon me, however she pick the wrong mango. I tried to talk it out I asked the Granny Plaza “are you joking with me” not once or twice approximately 5 f**king times. I don’t f**k women and Granny plaza had her stink mouth in my face til her nasty lip touch my mouth so I boxed Granny Plaza. And gave her bout 6 head blows. She ran for a bottle and I waited but my arms was getting tired because she was taking forever to break this bottle. Now my mother always told me don’t let your opponent ever come anything beyond fist length and Granny Plaza dirty lip touched my lip so I had to defend that. now mi hear Ugly Janet Storm a pop off her mouth so I will lay away That bitch. Look at my history I f**ks with no one but these MF drawn that rudeness out of me I’m tired of playing Ms. Nice Bitch so after I do my check off list I’m throwing in the belt with the party life. And to the hater that said I ever look broke n hungry u know that’s a lie along with everyone else. I need to start partying back around civil ppl and I won’t have to worry about being psycho…LMFAO..Met if u believe in a person stepping to u and a war all up in ya face and about to attack u and u feel it is best to walk away because u in someone party then more power to you. War a war if my enemy approach me for war I don’t give a f**k where Iam it could a be in the Presidential House I’m going in….
To conclude I’m not going to make that bi**h lock me up however I will see Granny and Ugly Janet Storm one away. P.S. Don’t Get It Twisted I hide From No One; I Fear No One But My God; But I’m not Going To Jail For These Waste B**hes… War A War …,Why go to Police if You a Bad Gal? “DON’T START NO WAR IF U NO MEAN IT” LOL! LOL! HA HA…..


  1. Michelle we Jamaican nah hype yuh bitch. Guh get a life yes yuh always look dirty. Don’t worry we will fix yuh up nice mark my word.

  2. But mi swear seh this man looking bitch did guh police station and report china fabulous afta shi attack har from behind (mi confuse bad) :bingung :bingung :bingung :bingung

    Michelle NYPD soon ah guh buck yuh JUSS wait and see bout you ah lay wait ppl yuh sick inna your head ole Johncrow!! :batabig :batabig :batabig :batabig

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