Di girl seh she mek video seh smaddy did smell ina di party and Michiboo tek it up suh she done har…Michie were you smelling?????? Ah mus you did a smell oo..Why yuh tek up di argument and di girl seh she neva call no name?


  1. What a gal ugly an stay bad? A really somebody this? Roy please fine a seat on go sit your none reclusive self down. You is a great disgrace to humanity. Your family members must disown you. Leave the woman alone. Age is for all of us. Have some respect for your elders. Michieboo pass the time wey you reach an a boast about. Give God thanks for her contribution to you all of dancehall today. Michieboo made it possible for you to be able to go to clubs an clean the dance with your Roy body. Thank and bless her. Not cuss words

    1. Go sit your cu%t licking self down! Horse mouth only made it possible for JAMAICANS to look bad a England.

  2. Sansan me and Tash a nuh friend but move you nasty blood cloth and gwey. You just comment bout Michi boo make it possible for the girl to go dance. Possible how? Please enlighten me. So what true Michi Poo can thief clothes she mussi get diss. So if a gal a tell you say she a go pist in your face you not going to react. Bitch get the f**k out a here

  3. Mitchie look like some lumpy lumpy porridge bout touch a surgery. And you tash gwaan too f**ng hype with yuh man looking self..the two a oonuh look like shit……

  4. This He She who gets f**k and duck daily. This same tranny who was hyping about she uh f#ck Buji “correction” you were sucking of his buddy to ketch a hype. Anywho, shes really cussing in her Iceland uniform! Mind you loose your job honey

  5. Sansan please have several seats mitchie didn’t make anything possible for anyone are you for flipping real
    I don’t think you understood what you just wrote it makes absolutely no sense
    The only person who I’m aware of that makes things possible is God if lick out batty mitchie make something possible for you pls speak for yourself

  6. Talk all u peopke want to talk.. Tash know who she is. . An be mindful nothing you people say about her can hurt her… when people look good black people always find a way to put them down.. but all i can say. Mitchieboo cuss her for no reason. An she answer back someone video it off her snap an send it around. This is one girl i know she dont fraid of no one man or woman but people she her as a target…. but she aint one u can throw easily..

  7. Mi luv Mi watch it again all if she mek 50 video she caah come back from dis tuh bloodclawt no sah. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :cd jah know star Mi stawt weez shit.

  8. Move unno bloodclat.. michie cuss d girl first an she reply she an mitchie talk it over y unno still a chat…. D gal never f**k buju si get d story straight.. d gal ever look good a dats y u ppl dont like her… reasons y i stop go dance.. cus u ppl love to bring down ppl

  9. I hear say she had to apologise to Mitchie Boo, and she did it over the phone…

    @Annonymous stop tell lie about she looks good. She either cheap handmade clothes or cheap market clothes. She needs to ask Kerry to give her a make over real quick and stop wear that blond wig because she’s way to black for that.

  10. grandma mitchi boo who pussy sold out no man nuh want you so stop ring up the dancehall man them and beg. You ah go fisy fry thursday night and not even have a dime and call up man to buy you fish who not even deh deh aat the place. When ur car bruck dung u ring dancehall man fi come HELPP your bloodclart… sour ole haggered woman touch of surgery u wan file fi compenstaion and gwarn go unda di knife again

  11. go sit yourself dung 1st commenter about mitchie boo mqde dancehall possible .. whoring out urself dont make nothing possible apart from give dancehall girl a baddd name

  12. Anonymous 8.18am tap tell lie bout apologise to Michie weh di receipt deh u a gwan like Michie a summadie u lie eh sii

  13. Michie Boo has a horrible smell tho. So it could be her after all. Eww michie YOU STINK !!!

  14. I don’t know these woman, but I’ve seen videos with both woman inna it and I can simple say from the observation the one everyone call Michie Boo love to hype up herself, she wants to make sure everyone sees what she wearing from top to bottom even to her hand bag, saw her and her daughter at a boat ride and she hype up more than her young daughter, to me the daughter was looking at har like calm down already… Now I’ve seen Tash in plenty of videos and she always looks nice and her makeup is nice as well, she is not a ugly dark skin woman and the good thing about her she hasn’t bleached she love the skin that she is in, I do not see her having a problem on getting a man and from her page she has a man… I don’t know the reason why she has so much haters and her body is nice… She’s at the parties alone… The hate is real that’s no doubt…

  15. @ ocean breeze oh please hi Tash you wrote that you don’t look nice your clothes are cheap I’ve never seen you in anything that look good yet sack your dressmaker your body maybe like a man but your clothes make you look worse yes mitchies clothes are nice but they suit her from head to toe Tash clothes look cheap nightie see through with breast showing look at the white fishtail dress the long black dress you wore New Years terrible you are just a nasty attention seeking whore you start to run down those guys going for something to happen well it won’t everyone knows that look how much man your name is called up in because you like hype men from Buju to now this new one then you have the cheek to make video stfu

  16. Ah wha duh dah yam yah man all the try she try mi just caw seet this bitch just look horrible an hoodratish all the time foot ever look rusty an yamish

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