3 thoughts on “MICHIE IS WHERE DIS?

  1. This was not at the Balenciaga Store. This looks like a warehouse, further more knowing what this woman is like she would be able to show the label on the dress also the receipt for it, as it apparently it is the only one that was available in the UK. This is made by a seamstress the material is not the same quality as the original Balenciaga dress,nice try though. She apparently spent how much thousands on the whole attire and does not even own a house in the UK or abroad. These wannabe celeb replicas are a joke. This woman is always saying what this outfit cost,boots bag the lot she spent this that her man spent this that no substance in the stories we want proof. Every year it is always a drama about badmind really, this back and forth on the gram trying to bring each other down is not on, me personally seems like there is no life after dancehall for her.

  2. According to the world wide press houses Balanciaga is now black listed for PEDO activities 🤣🤣🤣😂😂
    You shameless rats will still wear it, though 😩
    Hi MET ❤️😉

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