10 thoughts on “MIKE AND HIM TINGS

  1. This is how all the old long time developers them stay. You have one breeding up Jamaica and nah give the goal them not even an apt to live with the kids.

  2. So a Greg a sue her on behalf of the company? Rich people know the ropes enuh, cause if MM sue her she could say it was all gifts, and Mike would seem like he’s holding a grudge.

  3. It was a Personal Settlement Agreement for the gift etc regarding dem private life. A neva him n di Directors and Company she did dey wid. Kmft so it didn’t need 2nd Directors signature as in the Sales Agreements for property sold on his behalf.

    She right fi demand settlement separately for legal fees he used to wuck fi him Company. Mek the Alligator looking man gwey wid him bitter self. Like him own di gyal. Him supposed to know is him MONEY dem love not him wid him demented self. No wonder him a walk up n dung di place like him a loose him mind

  4. Met after me a send you message bout Kitty this morning, in the middle of writing it, I see your name change to instagram user, I’m wondering if you were getting a ton of message at that time

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