1. No sah me vexxx . Full time now somebody :bola :batabig cause him too bad and always a fight woman :marah

  2. Batty man mikey mention a get out of control now….every weh him go, him walk wid him likkle gal self and wah fight woman and him likkle so call posey then is all the same and them is big ppl. Nelly celeb a u so call bredda tlk to him. Somebody go f**k him up good one day,and it might cause the ppl then tht hang out wit him there lives. Mikey y u nuh go fight the batty dem weh u a f**k, like jason or sir loudy, oops u nuh wah loudy. Lol

  3. Seriously though, what’s the real story here? I know of both these people and I find it hard to believe she’s a victim. Something not right!

  4. She’s is a victim regardless if he is a battyman like everyone is saying here he is still a man and he shouldn’t be fighting with a women rgardless if he act like one or not… I would put his punk ass in jail it’s as simple as that some dude needs to thumb him inna him mouth!!

  5. Canada boring eeh. Anyways Met a she did ina tings with dirty poca the other day. So probably that’s why Mikey don’t like her. Dem did all expose poca…pumpum/ titty , multiple man ina har phone , hood pictures (including that of ugly Shelly belly). It was a disgrace Met! So a mus deh suh feelings a carry from and yu know big pussy Mikey would have to involve herself. On her Instagram she said him seh she wear di red hair too much Mek him fight har.

  6. Omg this is too funny! But met her and her man were at the party how did he get so close to rip her clothes?
    I am starting to believe that mikey mention is bullet proof. How does he get away with this . Forever fighting women! Met when have you ever heard he’s been in a fight with a man or a mans woman and his ass got beat? It cant be that he can fight soo good…

  7. Everybody a talk bout mikey a battymon, why dem naw talk how prima a suck gyal fi cotch a dem yaad? and prostitutes her body to buy her wigs and clothes to go dance. kmt. Prima deserves everything she gets. she steady looking fame from social media. with her half naked pics on ig and fb. she need fi go look a job or a damn education at least. my God! if its her who help the girl them teif poca phone and exposed her pics, then good for her. she deserves more than a beaten for that. God a save her if thats all she got. she should be grateful.

  8. I don’t know this girl personally but met what I do know for sure is that she was fighting with Poca and that’s when Poca phone fell. If Mikey wasn’t busy jumping in the fight he would of seen her phone and took it up for her.

  9. Primas little gang don’t realize that she’s snaking them behind their back. Yes she made it known that Cora’s sister works at the court house and that’s how info about people’s cases gets leaked. Their sisters name is Tessa Beverly. Funny, people think they know Prima they have no idea who or what she really is. That girl is smarter than all of them. U guys don’t notice how sneaky she looks, always take pic with friggin eye close

  10. Oh give me a friggin break. Prima a so bad you a beg fi followers pon IG? Begging friend from everyone and asking them to put post your crawny body on their page isn’t enough for u? You know I really wish you would do something more constructive with your time. Bcz in case you haven’t realized 5000 followers equals $0. No wonder yuh muma nuh like yuh. No damn ambition. You just eat, sleep and breathe mix up. Met I really wish you would stop posting this shit pail and her drama on your page She a crosses.

  11. It’s funny that people are talking about Prima being a victim b/c she’s a female they claim. When she and her 5 gang members jumped the girl at Fluxx; the big male fish Travis was there pulling hair and scratching the girl like a gal. Should we excuse him b/c he only pars with girls and starts fights with girls, GTFOH.

  12. @ wow the difference is that travis is an openly gay male who does not pretend to identify with any other gender but female. Set aside that you and Mikey are friends for a second. Would you respect or rate a man who only fights women? We never hear of him fighting men. Why is it that he is forever in a woman problem? A woman problem that seems to never involve him and that woman being in a lovers spat? I think if he is sick of people calling him a fish or gay, he should stop acting fishy and gay. Unless she puts her hand on him or physically touches him in any way i dnt see why her mouth had him come into a dance like a brawling female to rip the pocket off her dress.
    I also dont think shes a victim in her beef with poca but poca isnt a victim either… but once again thats girls business. We as women always in some cat fights. #IJS tell me what im saying isnt factual.

  13. Wat a ting, good thing I read all you wrote, the end no problem. R u saying if a man declares himself gay and hangs out with females he’s really a female and has the right to mix up in every gal business? So if a female is gay and hangs out with men is she a man

  14. No not at all i dnt think any man should hit any woman unless sge hits him first. but its expected of him to act fishy and feminine. Are you saying its not fishy for a man to go to a party and rip a woman who he’s not f**king clothes? Its not even a domestic. All im saying is if u are a girly man own it and be that dnt pretend. It must be exhausting to not be yourself or to not claim yourself as who you really are.

  15. Wat a ting read what u wrote. Your very specific, about gender. I have to say I’ve never heard this theory before. I saw the video of Travis. I haven’t seen a video of this. I wasn’t there, and I don’t claim to know what went on. I know that sometimes things are not all they seem. Just because an individual runs and posts quickly does not make them innocent. Actually, I am surprised Prima isn’t here time lining the events. She has a love for anything name social media. And she’s usually very passionate about JMG and events going on in Toronto

  16. All im trying to really say is if he doesn’t want to be classified as a ghetto ass girly man he shouldnt act like one. Regardless of the fact of the night , mikey has once again graced jmg and its not for anything different than any other time. Fighting women. That is why his name is always called in gay argument. My theory -as you called it – about travis being feminine so in turn you will see him in fights with girls is not to condone his actions at all. Its just to show that travis the fish is doing the exact same thing as mikey the straight man… there has to be something wrong with that picture.

  17. As a side note I will be doing research tomorrow on understanding the privacy provisions of Ontario freedom of information and protection of privacy act of Ontario. Because what Tessa Beverly is doing is definitely a violation.

    1. Even though this is a long time post im just seeing this comment. So It’s a regular thing for that bitch Tessa Beverly to violate the government’s privacy act?! Her cousin who is my best friend (not known in dancehall, very quiet girl) came from Jamaica couple years ago on a visitors visa) and the girl got married. Tessa knew someone who works in the Immigration Office who gave her all of the girls information, client # everything and then she Tessa Beverly inturn write back to immigration telling them the girl marriage is fake. That girl is a wicked – the half has never been told. She will get what is coming to her. Dont worry God not sleeping.

  18. If Mikey did hit prima he has all right to. she call him name to police in October because she was upset that he wouldnt let her gang rush into the fight when it was she and poca and tell lie say him did a fight har. the video is out there to prove it but its funny how she nvr send that into met yet. but she find time to send in all other videos and pics.prima is a wicked likkle gyal. her own mother will talk it say she fraid a har cz she so lie and vindictive. prima yuh too careless fi a likkle gyal. travis on the other hand has no dealings with poca, as a matter of fact even after Mikey beat his ass couple years back he was still friends with poca. after he come back from the jamaica jail for attempting to smuggle drugs into the country is like the devil release inna him to rass. the girl dont do none a dem nuttin, dem just friggin bodmine and wicked. but GOD naw sleep so mek dem gwan.

  19. There is nothing wrong with what she doing cause anyone can go to the court house and get that same information that Mikey went to court and said his openly gay and that’s why the girl don’t like him. Did he not say he did do that on his big break out interview lol

  20. This tired big lip bitch again. Faranique aka prima is toronto beaten stick for. Every dance Faranique go she get beat and call police. She love chuck war on computer and put on a show for her viewers and when shit gets real she run gone a station. She all get beaten inna the adult Emery school she used to go cz she always a Tek ppl Mon.all har family members man and baby father she tek. yes prima mi see di video of the girl wet f**k u up at the school. Di gyal nearly kill yuh when she chuck yuh dung a dirt like the trash u are. All prima know fi do is f**k fi tings. All food dah gyal yah f**k fah. A fame she a look. This girl only been going to dance for 2 years and her name done already. She need fi go back under the rock she crawled from under. Cz nobody no wan see har spotty body.

  21. The whole of toronto heard that interview you just make yourself look dumb by writing that comment. They ask the man if hes gay and he said no. but what i wanna know is why you guys care so much? whether he is or isnt is that putting any money in your pockets? is it gonna affect your future in any way shape or form? unnu batty argument stale out. come with something new.

  22. No sah never know say story duh nice a forgn mikey n his crew are ways to much and I don’t know why mikey can only hype because him know Jason a guh fight fi him if prima want sell her pussy a fi her business Poca she need fi stop get flights n use some of Di money weh she a brag say she have and guh fix up herself look tiad and stop leave her pickney fi guh look fi man all these crew hyping and none a dem can’t mek 1 a bare who nah try design clothes fi inns hype to who a theif clothes mikey a walk n a box ppl gal pickney him soon fine the right something fi him ass Jason nah duh a good job if yah batty man low Di gal dem problem or guh tun tranvestite is the new look ehnuh prima have her issues but she nah walk n trouble ppl or drop word fi ppl a wah dem jealous ova her little body none a dem can’t mek one so cut the hype miss mention just never meet the right gurl yet

  23. First and foremost Mikey mention did not beat Travis at Lloyds dance couple years back. I was there front and centre. Mikey and his mumma tried to rush Travis on the dance floor but little did they know Travis did a set fi dem bloodclot. Travis pepper sprayed them and the entire dance was done. Travis and Mikey started fighting on the dance floor but nobody really won because they did just a hold up hold up eachother, no real punches or kicks were thrown. What real man loves to box box up gyal? Even if Prima said anything about Mikey everyone knows a woman’s strength is her mouth. Why don’t Mikey try box box up di real bad man gun man dem and see what happens to him.

  24. Primas own mother will tell you say all Faranique do is walk and cz trouble all bout. For someone’s mom to disown them you know say dem terrible All Inna di Emery school wey she a go to find bout 5 years now just to keep collecting the welfare money she go and cause trouble. Brownin you clearly don’t know Faranique so pls just stop talk. You look dumb cz my cousin did get her a little job couple years ago and he was so embarrassed and shame bout faraniques behavior in there. She come there, start sleep with one of the girls man and turn the whole workplace against the girl till the poor girl couldn’t take it no more and quit. Prima a walking crosses. Everywhere she go she mek trouble, everyone she come in contact with and start badmind she cz trouble for them. Faranique a di living devil.

  25. Prima, people don’t really know who you are. They look at your social media pics because you post all day, and everyday God put on the earth. I guess they’re judging you on a very superficial level. Girl if they only knew you. You openly criticize people and what there doing as parents and how they’re raising there children. You wrote about the girls long dry breast. Remember your not in a position to judge anyone on their parenting skills. When some women have babies and breast feed that’s what happens. Prima, what did you do with your first born when you were pregnant. Gal stop talk about people parenting skills/body. Because you threw your fetus in the garbage. Enough of you and your self righteous fake self. Even if someone is only giving 5% to their child, them beat you by 100%.

  26. @superstargirl clearly you are Travis friend because I was front row and center and yes Travis did pepperspray the party like the real bitch he is but prior Mikey did beat out him clatt. Talk e truth.

  27. But I have one question, If Prima was there with her new man/victim why him never help har? If a my man as we reach out a door me and him ago war. But then again Prima ain’t worth fighting for anyways so I’m not even gonna blame the guy.

  28. Hey prima you need to stop worrying about people and start taking care of yourself as a young girl because it doesn’t look good that everyone a says your mouth stinks and your pussy is infected. If you want to be a prostitute that’s fine. Who am I to judge on how you get your money, but baby girl make them dudes wrap it up. Your pussy should not have that kind of odour coming from it and neither should your mouth. Fix it Jesus please.

  29. Today, prima as you hail up ig, and send out one of your prayers for protection. Beg father god to bless your mother. She’s been hospitalized 3 times over the past 6 months, all now you don’t cast you eye on her nor speak to her one time. But you’ll post things about family. You a big fraud, I”m saying it again your followers have no clue that your just a young black heart girl growing into an old black heart woman. She was there for you when you aborted because you had to, because you had no idea who the puppa was. She did her best. I know even you have to agree with me in private. Let me quote you’goodbye ig’ fool fool gal.

  30. I find it so hilarious that prima shits down everyday worrying about peoples lives when her life is shambles. She don’t have a chick nor a child cz she flush it down the toilet. Bitch I notice your begging for althetic followers now so you pick up the gym life but my girl that permanent pudge you isn’t all weight. Its your dead babies remains sitting in your gut. Prima pretends to be a student at the University so she can rent a room in the houses that rent to the students. She don’t have no money to even buy herself food that’s why she has to steal the other students food out the fridge. Well that was before you got evicted. Have You found a new place to stay yet careless gyal? Prima your forever stuntin for the gram when you manage to f**k some poor sucker and they buy you an outfit. Your so quick to post pics of yourself in the mall a shop but we know you just f**ked for whats in the bags. You claim to be so smart but yet at 23 years of age you still didn’t have a high school diploma. Do you have one yet big pussy gyal? Yes mi can talk bout Yuh big hole cz my friend f**k you say Yuh deep like sea. Bitch get your life cz it sad like funeral!

  31. First off, whether mikey fights a man or a woman yall gonna chat shit…. Did prima tell everyone the real reason why Her head almost get kick off! NO! She started it. Knowing the type of person mikey is and he’s a person thats not gonna take disrespect nor bad up from nobody, she should of never try her bullshit. So I don’t feel sorry for the bitch. Same shit she did to Poca and Poca beat her ass 3 times! The bitch only caught feelings cause she try bring bullshit to mikey and he block her ass on Instagram and Facebook so since then she is carrying feelings. Oh plz

  32. I don’t know mikey from nowhere but when I do see him in parties and if he gets in any fight with anyone it’s never him that start it. Prima herself sat in my hair salon I go to and said she’s gonna pick fight with mikey and Poca til she gets them locked up. This bitch last November was 2 months pregnant then claim she had a miscarriage when her own ppl tell me she had an abortion. Now she is apparently breeding for some man that’s engaged? Whoring prima who love to live out of motels and rent rooms to pimp out her body to lesbian and gay men need to go take several seats and leave ppl alone. Olewhore

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