Disturbing breaking news. Turkish military staging a coup as military forces sweep through the streets in the capital of Ankara. For much of the last century, Turkey has had a long history of being a stable secular democracy, and I feel for what its people are facing in the uncertainty of the moment. Turkey is of course an important partner for the US in many realms, including in the fight agaist Isis and as a pathway for those seeking refuge from Syria. US/NATO bases in Turkey are a major presence. Turkish stability is important to the world. News reports say that no one saw this coming, although this is the fifth such action since 1960. As MSNBC reports it, the military has often seen its role as countering civilian governments from becoming too anti-secular, in this case in moving towards an Islamic state. President Erdogan has been elected by wide margins and yet his critics say that he has become increasingly autocratic. Internal divisions in the military are part of the picture. Still a story very much in progress. These are all random observations. The perspectives of those with more knowledge would be appreciated. Stay tuned.


  1. Mi cruise was to make a stop there later this month. I have a feeling di itinerary gwine change.

    Every weh having dem distress wedda great or small. No weh nuh safe again. Start stockpile non-perishables, keep unno lamp full a oil, it starting. Who have land space plant up, who have land space build a bunker. Unno prepare best unno can. Who already connected to divine energy ramp up unno connection cause unno will need dat fi carry unno chu. Di worl is on fire, ain’t no hell fi unno worry bout, di hell is right here, it getting started.

  2. Interesting weekend for me, counting in that POWER starts Sunday :sun:

    So far, hasimi (PM senior advisor) talking fart.

  3. Mi figet fi mention getting off the cards, wedda debit or credit cards. Have a good mount a cash stored in the house, a minimum of $500 fi every member of the household, more is ideal, but I understand everybody situation different. If is ongle $100 cash you can set aside do so, anything betta dan nutten.

  4. yardielovthug you are correct with your argument about the “water-war,” believe it or not this coup to sone extent have something to do with that same “water-war,” there are 2 water-ways 1. the black sea and 2.the Mediterranean Sea and 2 ports 1 in turkey and another 1 strategically located in SYRIA, whomever control both strategically located ports do hold some sway in what comes in and goes out of the region thats why SYRIA & TURKEY is of strategic importance in the region! RUSSIA annexed CRIMEA for this same reason because before UKRAINE control acces to the black sea which interestingly dump out in the Mediterranean Sea, SYRIA’S & TURKEY’S ports are strategically located in the Mediterranean Sea which means if RUSSIA controls access to the black sea and SYRIA controls access to the Mediterranean Sea through their port where do you think that would leave TURKEY? a supposed NATO & WESTERN ALLY, remember supplies have to go to ISIS in SYRIA it sure aint gonna be through the ports of bashir assad’s SYRIA! so what you see playing out or about to play out in TURKEY is something sinister, there is a lot more to explain but pinkwall can’t manage it, it would crash LOL, there is also a plot for LEBANON but I’m not going to get into that part yet either, note the timing of this coup also, not 48 hrs after the attack in FRANCE but 4 DAYS AFTER IT WAS MADE PUBLIC THAT FOR YEARS SAUDI-ARABIA & __☆__ WAS HUGGING UP IN THE CLOSET(most likely to the behest of the USA) AND THEY FINALLY COME OUT TO ANNOUNCE MUTUAL CORPORATION BETWEEN THEM SELVES AS THEIR COMMON ENEMY IS NOT ISIS BUT ,,,,, I-R-A-N ,,,,,, again, there is a lot more to play out.

    1. this is somewhat coming from ghaddafi’s plan and so the US had him killed as his strategies would have strengthen the middle eastern and african countries to gain more economic and world power over the US and they weren’t about to have that.

  5. also look out for MUTINY in the TURKISH ARMY(giving that some elements of that same army were used by who was behind the creation of ISIS to arm, train and provide logistics to ISIS), don’t belive for 1 second that coup wasn’t orchestrated! ,,,,,,,, FROM OUTSIDE AND NOT FROM WITHIN THE ARMY ITSELF!


    1. Would the orchestra conductors name begin with A and I and finalized by F during the night? :travel

      Alphabet motherphuckers busy globally.

    2. You notice the advisor a ramble on cause They neeever saw it coming. But all I know the people not behaving like Tivoli :hammer

      Any government stifling the press ought to be careful because it’s a sign of deception in the works.

  6. Seemingly the last great war is about to commence. Europe and the rest of the world is at its most unstable/uncertain state in my lifetime. Reading the tea leaves tell me that we are on the verge of eschatology…

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