I dont know what yuh not eating but di sender seh yuh curdling and I must agree..Vinegar was added to your milk…….and it a cruggle up a likkle too much fi di people dem liking….I dont know if this weight loss was on purpose or di weight fled by accident but it mekking yuh not look so bright Milkzz…Club Famous stress? Eat up Milk because we want you to look like the big manager that you are over Famous..We doe waa yuh look like yuh a di clean up ooman no ma’am…Cornmeal porridge lamp oil and a small amount of butter..
Thank You~

0 thoughts on “MILK~

  1. but all hair round milk mout dis is beyond mi den she brown already nd really a bleach…she betta tap tress oba kartel cuz not even shawty luk’n along wid the eat well cornmeal remdy c if yuh can add likkle lasco tuh it sass

    1. She nah stress ova Kartel man she at peace wid dat mi a wonder if smaddy dash sumting pan har..She really look like she fretting or stressed…Mi like Milk

      1. she a stress…from she loose the music count down work she nuh cum back 100 a de chuet nd she knwz it

  2. milk yuh haffi guh tek a suck hood break cuz de wans yuh suck’n actually suck’n awf on de inner u,perhaps tics inna dat milk nd it nah help ur milk..a doah knw but it nuh luk gud mama dont only DRINK guh start eat

  3. Milk need fi change ar name to MAN….DEM HAND A BEAT MI BAD …mi cah manage di hand pon di kimbo …dem hand look like dem come out a di first movie weh Elizabeth Taylor do ….mi not even know weh fi seh bout man …dat cah mix again

    1. I always wondered the same. I dont see nuttn wrong wid her at all . Every baddi mussi a sap up d remedy dem a share gi milk & a glow too rass.

  4. Den simply n met mi nuh say it already from di tape buss it changed her in every way possible. Just look at her behavior prior an after the incident, from the men she associated with, to how she carry herself, doing whatever to be accepted ..it cant be easy for her.

    1. not at all but maybe it peak now? they served her a raw deal there ..no support for females and she had her son fi go home to wid di same ting…a nuh like di gyal dem ina kartel ting whey did glad fi pose wid di cockey ina dem mouth…hers was leaked dem shudden do har so bad

    2. a badmind dem badmind de gal ouuta har work fi tek buff teeth gal candice weh a gwaan like har shit doah stink nd a feel a dat batty bwoy him send out de video a try hype pon de gal nd den from deh it cuz de b har job suh dem label har as wan thing nd she seh mek she c if she can ride it tuh de bank while she can

    1. not contaminated milk doah jus like de admin sey vinegar as find it way in dis yah wan..plz a beg yuh lowe me comments dem tonx

  5. No man eh look like ants inna dah milk yah, or more like 1 jumbo cockroach?! As stated in d above-mentioned comments from d tape leaked har career tek a nose dive and all til now she nuh fully recoup n recover, come on girl kim k turned her lemon into lemonade, u r a woman, be strong if not for u, for d sake of ur child & tek back control of ur life, cauz dis is certainly not a good look, dont look like ur in a good place interms of health n happiness right now. Mi nuh know just my view, I’ve seen her looking way better than this back in d days, just saying….

  6. Simply….it r dyeat and exersize mi gerl use an slim awf, yu is a badmine. Milk, mi nah gi dem noooo chance in ya tideh.

  7. I agree^
    it seems as if she is trying to be sexy..doing too much. But how does one bounce back from such misfortune?? Kim K didn’t get successful because of her tape, her beauty propelled that. The tape just set the stage for her fame and riches,not to mention se has a strong family that’s very supportive and with that unity anythig is possible.

  8. I love it…I love it… BUT…Mi likes to sink mi likkle tings in a fat punny too. Did i tell you I loves it?

  9. Looks like she’s hitting the gym hard, nuttn wrong with a little muscle on a girl….unu just badmind, unu fi stop it…..girl power man damn!!

  10. Need a before pic caah she just look like a slim person to me… when mi hear cruggle up, mi check she har kin did look oats porridge ..but her belly kin clean… ah Just har judging clothes wan change really…. Need a Before pic fie undastand!

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