Stacey yu b*********h yu God a beat yu hard from Sadamite to man and him jus dash yu whey so……tash get flop but Crissy tek the man clean move in lef yu wid belly,but cause yu a ediat caw yu cudda neva tink fi keep dah bwou deh caw is a crew a licky licky man dem ,Sophia a mine Dow Sherfa a mine Jim so Romie haffi falla inna the leader footsteps but Crissy smart caw she send him go sell (Edited) a Scotland Romie Dow mouth lite everything yu tell him gone global my girl mi rate yu Mek him wuk fi the things dem yaw….Stacey yu heart suppose to a hurt yu aabbbaayyy



  1. Stacey was sucking p***y for yrs. so when she get back c***y it trick her bout she go ketch belly an now a she get flap. Sad sad story pickney can’t whole man. She better continue thief an mine d pickney cause dah licky licky Bruk pocket boy Deh can’t help himself much less d unborn dat ah if it’s his. DNA test??

  2. Crissy u f**k out…d about a man f**k yu out in dance…yu pussy wab redt now….memba a yu look romey . u caan hype pon nobody inna yu higher purchase jeep…. Romey nuh want u is only a matter time…. as soon as you stop mine him.. him lef yu .. Crissy start real bad… Crissy yu tuff and hard an look like iron donkey… yu neva stay gud…. all yu face hard fi a young gal ….. Yu come out a hype wid Romey… all stink mouth Stash wah nuh like ppl tek her man a encourage it .  Wait unno go hear bout it… sasha mi fren nah stop tek Stash Milli… him want her up.. Stash yu and yu fren dem neva look good yet… Granny Jukka yu need clothes an both… yu look like bruk down farin a ja… memba romey licky licky so we kno y him stop a yu…fi d tiefibg clothes an drug money…. Iron donkey mi fren stacey an her baby them caan suffer get that rite… memba romey nyam out stef an lef her.. iron donkey crissy a yu next

  3. @anoymous whey yuh seh DNA so Stacey did have next man Jesus if yuh nuh busy stop yah dash it gi wi caw she tek man and breed but think she just ha one man and hear a twin in a belly and the bwoy lef har standing so waan no who is the next culprit fi the belly caw it look like a big raffle about fi gwaan in a England wanda if a it y Romey run?????talk up anonymous Please

  4. @badass listen Romey licky licky an him love chat ppl fe hype up him fishy mouth self. Dem Seh him left cause she & her whoring friend weh she walk wid no stop mek man in a big car trick dem & carry dem weh go f**k dem Me thinks dem would learn by now.. Anyway a twin d confused gyal a have an Ronnie don’t want no part of it. Dat pic weh dem send in with her an him is d only pic around that 30second buss him give her an drop her off. Stacey ave a daughter weh she not even walk wid a road bout she gone breed fe man she just know 2mnths. She shoulda stay humble she start hype tru him did beat d gyal dem outta d dance fe her but as they say. It’s who laugh last an it’s not she

  5. Lawd it muss hurt well we will have to wait and see who di Pitney dem fava caw she muss soon have baby now but she in a hiding from when but she muss come out ………So Romey Neva live nowhey move in wid tekka Crissy aready like him did desperate but him love likes him and him fren dem so nuh really surprise Seh him run fi Crissy range…….Stacey get the raffle bag ready the people dem a bawl fi DNA!!!!!!

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