One man cant satisfy her big stinking whoreing claudia thanks to u fren debbie u business stink a road..u dis u baby fada fi some waste man weh cah do nutton fi u but f**k u out and gi u std a dat u life come to..every body knw seh u a f**k deh man from stars among stars weh run d restaurant all d ada day u get ketch ina parking lot a f**k kirk chin d same parking lot pan main st weh u get u hair done smaddy pass an c u..ediot gal a dat unu life come to d man a fuck debbie an u wat a piece a mix up an a u an har par wen unu go road..u claudia dem seh u have a nursing liscense dat mean u have likkle substance so how u mek DEM f**k bwoy deh a f**k him a f**k dung to u hair dresser Wendy a so unu share everything lawd jeesas a who a your baby fada cah nuh baddy nuh knw him an fi him name nah call a road a DEM quiet man deh u fi want ina u life mi knw seh u knw dem waste man deh weh u a f**k cah do a ting fi u cah dem not even straight ina farin an look how long DEM deh yah u smarta Dan dat or so u mek ppl tink watch u fren weh u keep dem mout a straina! 


  1. Yes people know is who unnu ah talk. Claudia Smith is her name on Facebook. Yeh she whoring an sneak an fuky fuky type ah gyal shi be. She ah fuk off dean from stars among stars long time. Her baby fadda did hang out wid dem 1time but he mussi ketch on to ar whoring ways and try kill ar off nuff time.she waan dean for herself but di man already twine up wid him master chef big Viv old Rass An di way how viv buy him out him nah lef dat. Plus dean have nuff ooman ah jerzee. Claudia how yu ah gwan suh man. You is a big ooman wid decent degree unda yu Have some pride man! Ah high time yu Stop fuk off people man. This post should ketch front page. Air out ar dutty life.

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